The Correct Way to do Sitali Breath

The above post regarding the fire in Gemini contained a breath technique.  Written in haste the technique was not written properly. 

The correct technique:

To perform Sitali, sit comfortably in any meditative posture.

 Allow the tongue to draw out and comfortably fold it up from the sides to form a tube.

Slowly inhale bringing the air through the tongue and feel the lungs expand completely.

After the full inhalation, withdraw and relax the tongue. Close the mouth and then slowly exhale through the nose.


4 thoughts on “The Correct Way to do Sitali Breath

  1. vosss2013 says:

    Thought I was uncoordinated the way it was written. Tried this and it works. Thnks!!!


  2. Samadi Martinez says:

    Good article

  3. annaicenter says:

    I realized the lack of coordination after I wrote…lol.

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