Happy New Year

We have now left 2015 behind and have moved into 2016 according to the Gregorian calendar.The true keeper of time on planet earth is marked by the movements of the planets of our solar system and on an “energetic” level the energy of a new year would start with the first New Moon of the year.

2016 is getting off to an interesting start on a planetary level. The first New Moon of 2016 is on January 9th in the sign of Sagittarius. Additionally, Mercury will go retrograde in the friendly sign of Capricorn on January 5th and the Nodal points move into Leo/Aquarius on January 8th. As we all know we are living through historical times of change along with all of the challenges presented during pivotal time periods. The history is not yet written for these times but it does seem as if 2016 is offering its changes early in the year.

As we return to our daily “after the holiday routine” the energy of the New Moon along with Mercury’s impending retrograde motion may cause our physical and mental energy to be lower than we would like for the beginning of a new year. It is best to not overload our days and to move with the slower energy because just as we can’t reverse the tides of the ocean we can’t really change the energy of the motion or placements of the planets.

Mercury being retrograde simply means it is closer to earth and there is no reason to panic or expect the worst from the retrograde. The energy of a retrograde planet is felt the strongest around the days of the beginning of the retrograde (the 5th) and the end of the retrograde (the 25th). It is those few days when it is best to avoid signing contracts or ignoring the possibilities of travel delays as we set up travel plans or appointments.
Mercury is well-placed in Capricorn and with Saturn making an aspect from Scorpio onto his own sign of Capricorn the period from the 5th to the 25th is excellent for editing or reassessing plans and contracts.

The bigger news is the switch of the Nodal/Eclipse points of Rahu/Ketu from Virgo/Pisces to Leo/Aquarius. The eclipse points change approximately every eighteen months and tend to have a fairly large impact on the world as well as on individual lives. Rahu and Ketu play a role in our karma and tend to bring changes, surprises and confusion into our lives. They work along with the planet Saturn to uncover the truth of our being much like the pressure that is brought upon carbon as it is being transformed into a diamond.

Rahu and Ketu are leaving the signs of Virgo and Pisces on the 8th. Those who have charts with either of those signs prominent have experienced challenges and changes in their lives in the past eighteen months. Ketu has been in Pisces the sign ruling ideals, religion, oil, drugs and media. The past eighteen months has seen challenges and changes to our religious institutions, our news media has reached new levels of distrust, oil prices continue to plummet, America has been forced to face up to drug addiction in “respectable” communities and far too many people have lost sight of higher ideals. Ketu can be harsh in handing out truth.

Rahu has been in Virgo the sign of health, retail sales and detail. While Virgo rules health in general it is also specific to the intestinal area of the body along with a secondary influence over digestion. As we reach the end of this time period it is notable that the general public is being advised that the digestion system is important to the immune system and more attention is now being paid to keeping one’s digestion strong and in balance.

As Ketu ripped away the veil hiding the fact that addiction is not only a problem of urban areas we are witnessing Rahu introducing society to the need to move away from jailing drug addicts and looking for ways of treating addiction as an illness. Rahu and Ketu are influences of technology and we have, of course, seen the retail world grow even more through internet sales rather than store fronts. We have also seen the retail world start to correct itself a bit as stores chose to give their employees off on Thanksgiving Day and we’ve seen the beginning of public opinion shifting against the craziness of “black Friday” shopping.

Virgo is detailed orientated and those with strong Virgo in their charts can often find it hard to let go of the details and their minds will often replay details over and over again until anger or outright fear takes over the mind. The saying “can’t see the forest for the trees” is perfect for the sign of Virgo and this tendency has made life difficult these past eighteen months as more and more people became focused on the details that were important to them and the ability to compromise or empathize with others lessened. It will be nice to have the emphasis on this sign shift and hopefully, people will simply be in a better mood as we move through 2016 and minds let go a bit of petty details.

I strongly believe that every planet and movement has a positive side to it. As we’ve moved through these eighteen months in which our ideals and beliefs were so challenged along with the heightened worry brought about by Rahu in Virgo I’ve noticed a shift in the attitudes and lives of many people. We’ve become aware that our institutions need to be changed and along with the insecurity inherent in these times of change we become more responsible for our own health and balance. Many have been forced, due to the influence of Virgo, to take steps in diet, exercise and stress reduction. As our institutions seem so unreliable we’ve turned inward and found security within ourselves. We’ve begun to take chances on our own dreams because the stable no longer seems so stable and therefore pursuing our dreams no longer seems so unsafe. Every planet and movement is good for something.

2016 is going to bring a focus on the “fixed” signs of the Zodiac because Rahu and Ketu will be in Leo/Aquarius both fixed signs and Saturn will continue to be in the fixed sign of Scorpio and aspecting the fixed sign of Taurus. There is stability in the fixed signs along with stubbornness. This emphasis on the fixed signs indicate that for society, as well as individuals, the changes being forced upon these signs will come with great resistance. Rahu is going to be in Leo the sign of big egos and the ego hates to be wrong. Leo is also an indicator of leaders so it is safe to expect that many political leaders will feel justified in not backing down from their own beliefs and desires. (Here in the US both Trump and Sanders have strong Leo influences in their charts – stay tuned .) On a personal level those with Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio and Taurus planets placed strongly in their charts can expect to be forced to learn to be flexible and to give up control of their lives along with more than a few cherished and righteous beliefs.

The positive side of these nodal placements in the fixed signs is that the fixed signs offer stability and slow but sure growth.
Ketu has a strong influence over science/ technology and during the past eighteen months Ketu has revealed just how dark the dark side of the internet can be but as he occupies the sign of Aquarius the inherent nature of this fixed but humanitarian sign will seek to find ways to slow down the darkness. There will be fights, of course, as society struggles to find solutions to the darkness of the internet but whatever solutions are finally agreed upon should bring long-lasting and stable changes. As Ketu affected the oil industry he now moves into the universal and expansive sign of Aquarius and new industries will appear along with an improved picture for our energy needs. Again, because the fixed signs are all involved the changes will be solid and long-lasting.

It is obvious that across this planet far too many of our leaders are greedy, power-hungry and corrupt. Now that Rahu is moving into Leo many of these leaders will face strong challenges and even more shocking revelations than what we’ve seen so far. Rahu can have a far-reaching sphere of influence and it is very possible that during this cycle we will finally see change that moves beyond cable news and gossip websites as Rahu removes the old and creates the space for the new. Of course, it will seem confusing and even frightening to some but no one can deny that change is required. The recent lessons learned through the nodal points being in Virgo/Pisces will serve us well as we take responsibility for our own health, well-being and peace of mind.

Saturn will continue through 2017 to occupy the sign of Scorpio where he will continue to challenge those with strong placements in Taurus and Scorpio. This continues the lessons of the other two fixed signs of Leo and Aquarius to be open to change, to be flexible and to not be so concerned with control – a control which was very much an illusion anyway. Scorpio is the sign of secrets and through its rulership of the second chakra influences the desire nature. We can expect that, with Saturn aspecting Rahu, secrets will continue to be revealed in personal as well as public lives. Saturn will continue to refine the desire nature so that more people will begin to understand that the acquisition of material objects does not really satisfy the need for inner-peace and security.

Finally, a reminder that Vedic Astrology uses “sidereal” time which is the same time used by NASA and therefore the movement of the planets will not match what is designated by the more well-known Tropical/Western Zodiac. Strong planetary placements in specific signs will require a chart to be calculated but everyone knows their day of birth and while not necessarily the strongest indicator of placements in a sign the Sun will be significant. In the sidereal system: Taurus is 5/15 – 6/15; Leo is 8/17 – 9/16;  Scorpio is 11/16 – 12/15 and Aquarius is 2/13 – 3/13 if you were born in during these time periods you are about to enter into a significant time period.


New Moon Eclipse

Solar eclipses do not generally get as much attention as Lunar eclipses.  A Solar eclipse occurs when the Sun and Moon are conjunct, and the New Moon is considered to be the darkest night of each lunar cycle.  The New Moon marks the end of one lunar cycle as well as the beginning of the next lunar cycle.

On an energetic level, it is an important influence as it marks the lowest point of available prana, but also indicates the beginning of the building up of prana.  Each New Moon represents the opportunity that each of us has to shift gears, if we need to, so that we can begin anew.

This New Moon is more intense because it is accompanied by an eclipse.  Eclipses do not have a physical body but rather represent a point on the constellation belt which will obscure the Sun, Moon, or both during an eclipse cycle.  The eclipse points (Rahu and Ketu) in a natal chart will often indicate karma, talents, ancestral qualities, and mental quirks.  During an active eclipse there are unexpected events taking place in the world and others, as well as ourselves, can be more emotional than usual.  The eclipse energy often works with the garbage stored in our subconscious minds.

The eclipse will take place on 2/15/18 @4:15 p.m., Eastern Standard Time.  During this eclipse the Sun, Moon, and Mercury will be closely conjunct in the sign of Aquarius.  The sign of Aquarius is known for forward-thinking, a universal attitude and high energy;  these qualities represent an expansion of our minds.  As we approach the new Lunar month, we should all be seeking a more inclusive and hopeful attitude in our lives.

Since the eclipse points do not have a physical form, it is not always easy to define the nature of the eclipse, but we can use the nature of the New Moon to give us information on the energy of this eclipse. This is a powerful New Moon because of both the eclipse and the conjunction.  The conjunction itself is aspected by a powerful Scorpio Mars which indicates that there is a strong Mars energy associated with this eclipse.  Mars can be a fussy influence to contend with during eclipses and New Moons.  Eclipses can bring out the subconscious garbage which leads to over-emotionality, and the New Moon can have the same influence.  The New Moon is an influence of lower physical energy and often represents a few days when the body and mind will be more restful – Mars pretty much takes away the restfulness. An eclipse will often bring up the old hurts and resentments which fuel the overly-emotional state of mind that can be observed during an eclipse time period.

There is a strong connection between the teachings of Vedic astrology and the esoteric teachings of yoga especially with regard to the energetics of the chakras and meridians which often represent the “unseen” causation of physical and mental situations.  One of the ways to decipher some of the unseen energies is through the understanding of the “Nakshatras” which are a fine-tuning of smaller sections of each zodiac sign.  The New Moon is taking place in the Nakshatra of Dhanistha and is ruled, of course, by Mars.  At the most basic level it indicates that the lunar month which starts on the 15th will have a Martian energy.  This lunar month will last until the Pisces New Moon of 3/17/18.

Dhanishta is located between Capricorn and Aquarius in the middle of four stars named by astronomers as Alpha-Delphini, Beta-Delphini, Delta-Delphini and Gamma-Delphini. The symbol for Dhanishta is a drum.  Dhanishta translates as “the wealthiest” or the “most beneficent.”  This nakshatra, when strong in a birth chart, has a reputation for bringing luck and assisting in the achievement of goals.

The drum, as a symbol, indicates music and hollowness.  The hollowness indicates receptivity to outer influences.  In its highest expression,  it helps one be receptive to the higher influences and can aid a person in becoming an instrument of the universal mind without the ego interfering with the process.  The same hollowness can also leave one open to the lower influences surrounding society which can lead to a selfishness and even ruthlessness in achieving one’s outer goals.  This particular nakshatra is a placement which has the ability to harmonize the divergent energies of Saturn and Mars.  It falls in both the signs of Saturn, Capricorn and Aquarius, as well as being the place where Mars is exalted.  It has the ability to bring wisdom to the actions of Mars along with being able to use time in a constructive manner as indicated by Saturn.

As we move through this eclipse energy it can be helpful to recognize our own disappointments, impatience, and even anger so that we can process those emotions and move into a greater receptivity of the universal flow.  This is possible even during difficult times.  Mars is well known as the planet of war, anger, and aggression but his finer qualities of focus, music, creation, and courage are often ignored. This eclipse and New Moon gives us all the opportunity to move our consciousness from angry constriction into a more expansive expression.  Mars is the ruler of the third chakra which is not only the core of physical power it is also the seat of both laughter and positive outlook.  No other planet can focus as strongly as Mars, but it is up to us to choose and direct our minds towards the positive expressions of life.

Exercise, laughter, and restraint of anger works well with Mars energy in general but since we are looking at a New Moon Eclipse, I thought I would offer something more.  These techniques will help with both the personal process that eclipses bring about as well as having to deal with the high-level emotions of the many unaware people we deal with on a daily basis.

The simple mantra “Om Ram” chanted 108 times will work to harmonize the energy of Mars within the energetic body.  It serves as a protection from the negative energy of others and can help to restrain ourselves from uttering words which will be regretted later.  There is a simple meditation known as “Tonglen” which comes from Buddhist teachings.  If you are feeling pain, anger, frustration, or fear simply inhale the thoughts and feelings deep into the heart and recognize that those feelings are also being felt by millions of other people and, on the exhale,  project compassion for the sufferings of all.  Finally, music is very much favored right now and is a good time to use music to heal and expand the higher frequencies.

We are surrounded by drama, deceit, and suffering as we go through this time of change and it is often easy to miss the positive side of change which is waking people up and expanding horizons.  Eclipses heighten all of the feelings, but the Nakshatra known as Dhanistha will work with us toward the more positive aspects of this time of change.


2018 Update

We are approaching the first eclipses of 2018.  The Lunar eclipse (Full Moon) is on 1/31 and the Solar eclipse (New Moon) is on 2/15.  As with most eclipses we will notice that the emotions run high and are often accompanied by ungrounded and fearful thought patterns.

These are the first eclipses to take place since the Nodal Points moved from Leo/Aquarius into Cancer/Capricorn and indicate that the energy of 2017 is finally changing and for many of us this is a welcome change.  (The eclipses in Leo/Aquarius took place on Trump’s ascendant and played a role in his election.)  The good news is that we will finally begin to see a change in energy for all of us and perhaps will stop feeling as if we are living in an episode of The Twilight Zone.  It will be more change, of course, which is never easy but at least the energy will not be as stuck.

The Nodal positions (sidereal, of course) are now in Cancer/Capricorn which will influence our sense of financial security and we may begin to see the first signs of the results of the decisions of this administration.  What is really important is that Rahu is in the sign of Cancer which is ruled by the Moon.  In Vedic astrology the Moon is the most important indicator of the quality of the mind.  In America’s chart Cancer is an indicator of the general mind for the population as a whole.  Rahu fosters change and this placement can be viewed as a challenge to all of us to allow our minds to grow in a more positive and universal direction.  Those who refuse to get the message are going to have a difficult time and we should be prepared for emotional and erratic behavior from other people.  Cancer is the sign of family and it is of concern that the fear of change along with the frustration experienced by the changing world will bring additional pressure onto family units.  It is a time to use every tool we have to stay peaceful, optimistic and positive – the dark side of negativity will have to consciously be rejected.

Mars is currently in the sign of Scorpio which is a good placement for this fiery and aggressive planet.  Being in a good position gives Mars power and, as usual, one needs to respect the power of the mighty Mars.  From his position in Scorpio Mars is currently aspecting the signs of Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus and Gemini.  While we should all try to work with the Mars energy through physical exercise, focused thoughts, humor, meditation and using herbs as well as foods  which are anti-inflammatory those with strong planets in the mentioned four signs are strongly advised to make an extra effort.  Mars will also aspect the New Moon/Solar eclipse of 2/15 – we can expect an uptick in aggression.  Mars leaves Scorpio on 3/7.

The transit of Saturn is, as always, an important placement and during the holidays I noticed on Facebook numerous posts heralding Saturn entering the sign of Capricorn which is “factually” simply not true.  Saturn entered the sign of Sagittarius in October and will reside in this constellation for two and half years.  One page belonged to a yoga teacher who was promoting a special class on Saturn moving into Capricorn.

I commented on the factual position of Saturn hoping to start a conversation.  The teacher, who is not a trained astrologer, replied by giving me a link to a page by a tropical (western) astrologer.  As someone who has studied both systems the page itself was meaningless.  I responded to this teacher with an appeal to take into consideration the advances in modern science which allow anyone to know where the current planets are actually located.  The teacher’s response was to delete the conversation and to block me from commenting again.  Of course, I can still see her page as marketing is marketing is marketing. I was not surprised but still disappointed that this woman did not have the desire to consider facts that might not go along with her “guruship.”

I am not someone who feels that she needs to be right and I chose to not contact her privately in an attempt to get her to open her mind or consider the possibility that facts matter.  However, I found myself really annoyed at both her ignorance and arrogance.  She has a rather big audience and it bothers me that she is disseminating bad information to people who are seeking answers to life.  I taught yoga for years back in the days when yoga was not accepted by the majority of people.  It was exciting to see yoga become accepted by the general population.  It was expected by us old-timers that many would see yoga as a means to improve one’s health and a powerful anti-stress system.  We did not expect to see yoga pulled into the world of the “secret” – a system to empower one to gain whatever they desire in the mundane world.  However, I also know that if a person is going to go down the true and centuries old yoga path eventually the gain of the mundane will fall by the wayside as the student learns what yoga is truly meant to be.  This woman, like many yoga teachers, is still young and eventually she will come face to face with the spiritual and esoteric rules of the universe. My concern is how many young people she will influence along the way.

I came to the conclusion that it was not an ego issue that I was experiencing.  Even the arrogance she displayed towards coming off as an expert in a field which takes years to master was not truly bothersome as no one enters the world of astrology for the purpose of ego status as most of us go through life knowing how the majority of people view our choices and our craft.  One enters the world of astrology because of a love for the subject. We appreciate the understanding the planets can bring to making sense out of chaos while giving definition to the “newly esoteric” view of time being non-existent.  The planets do define time even while one argues about the reality of time itself.

What is bothersome to me is that we live in a world which has kicked the dogma of religion to the wayside.  No longer are people kept to certain moral standards because of a fear of hell nor are people afraid of the gossip of church ladies – all of which is a good thing.  However, we have also not made any effort to bring in ethics as a subject matter.  We are seeing a time in which atheists are as angry as those who believe in a vengeful god.  The result is far too many people are choosing cynicism with regard to anything that is spiritual.

As someone who is the grandmother of a beautiful young woman who was raised with the practice of yoga and who had attended countless satsangs and even spent time away from home at ashrams it can be difficult to watch her throw away beliefs because she has come to the conclusion that there is no god and that the feel-good moments of yoga disappoint because she has not become empowered enough to “make” life work the way she desires it to work.  Like others she even attended classes in which she came to the conclusion that karma does not really exist because of the issue of self-empowerment which eliminates the times when life is hard.  As she learns the fallacy of the new systems of powered yoga she throws yoga out of the window as well.

She was also raised with astrology and when she comes out of those cynical moments will come to me to look at her chart.  While doing this will not answer her time-honored quest for spiritual answers it at least gives her a sense of order in the universe and makes the current chaotic shifts on this planet less frightening.  My granddaughter, through the gift of a really good biology teacher, knows that there is a science behind astrology and that in order for it to be considered valid the planets need to be in their true/observable positions.

This is important because there are millions of young people in the world who are smart enough to reject the rewards and punishments of the babysitter god who are not getting truth and facts through our current metaphysical systems.  Until such a time that our society decides to teach some ethics along with real history and factual science we owe it to younger people to speak to them in truth and not to just accept an astrological system which is too lazy to correct the positions of the planets to match the actual skies.   Behind the chaos is an order that is higher than chaos that’s been created by human beings.  Don’t we owe it to our children and grandchildren to, at least, give them the scientific positions of the planets?

As discussed Saturn is now in Sagittarius the sign of the GOP as well as a sign known for being loquacious. Saturn, a planet of truth, has been busy revealing many secrets that were kept hidden during the transit of Saturn in secretive  Scorpio.  Sagittarius is also a sign of the law and we can expect the legal problems of those in power to continue.

Vedic astrology teaches of divisions within each sign known as a “nakshatra.” Each nakshatra is thirteen degrees and will give the deeper meaning of what a planet is working on within each sign.  Saturn is currently in “Mula.” Mula translates as “root” and is often associated with ancestral or deep-seated talents or urges.  A person with strong planets in this nakshatra can have a passionate desire to get to the truth and is good at investigation and research.  This nakshatra is associated with the Goddess   Niriti, the goddess of dissolution and destruction.

Saturn is connected with the first or root chakra located at the base of the spine known in Sanskrit as the “Muladhara” – signifying the root chakra.  Fear and sense of lack of security often lies in the root chakra and Saturn being here can be trying to help all of us move beyond our own fears, our own sense of separation and forcing us to question our own belief systems.  It can be an uncomfortable process but a very necessary one.  Working with this energy can help us release our fears and take responsibility for our own state of being – including our truth and ability to be peaceful no matter what the outside world brings us.

Physical exercise can be helpful especially those actions which work with the spine.  Meditation, as always, is good.  This is an excellent time for massage, energy work and keeping a diary of what it is that frightens us paying attention to the past which may be affecting the now.  Finding our spiritual center and truth can be helpful during this time of living in a culture built on lies.

Saturn will be in this nakshatra until 3/2/18 and really does represent a time of transformation if we utilize the energy in the right way.

Winter Solstice 2017

Many Astrologers regard the Winter Solstice as the astronomical New Year.  We are, of course, marking the first day of winter but it also marks the beginning of the Sun setting at a later time each day and slowly giving us an increase of daylight as we move towards the next season.

Last year’s solstice chart had the Ascendant in Scorpio conjunct Saturn in Scorpio.  The Ascendant in dark Scorpio with the heavy influence of Saturn was an indication of how negative and disheartening 2017 would prove to be for the world.  It was also right on the current White House occupant’s natal eclipse and, as usual, he was the primary news topic as he has managed to cause more chaos than anyone thought was possible.

Both last year’s and this year’s solstice charts have Mercury retrograding – last year Mercury was in Sagittarius and this year he is in Scorpio.  The Mercury retrograde from last year’s chart was in the 2nd house which is, among other things, the house of speech.  This placement indicated the amount of lies which would come from the current D.C. crew and the fact that it was in Sagittarius shows the complete lack of restraint with regard to the lying – it has been a year of them trying to tell us that “water is not wet.”  This year the Scorpio retrograde takes place in the 10th house which is the indicator of the government and shows the lack of forethought and honesty attached to the tax bill they were able to shove through congress.  Being in the 10th house it shows that the administration will take some ill-advised victory laps over this travesty.  The fact that Mercury is retrograde gives us hope that the bill, while being passed, will not have a very long shelf-life.  Interestingly, Jupiter the planet of the GOP, is conjunct Mars in this chart which shows the aggression and haste of this bill.  Jupiter conjunct Mars is often an indicator of hubris and I believe that the hubris is going to end up costing them down the road.

The Moon is the primary indicator of the people and last year the Moon was conjunct Jupiter in the sign of Virgo.  This shows how quickly and efficiently the people began to push back against the outrages of the current government.  As the conjunction was in Virgo it also showed that the sloppy details of the white house would push many of the actions into court.  This year the Moon is in Capricorn and conjunct Ketu. The placement is in the 12th house of secrets, hospitals and disappointments. Because of the 12th house placement the 6th house of health is affected as well.  The intention of ripping away health care from some along with pushing up the individual costs of insurance via the bill signed under this chart shows the complete lack of regard for the American people.  What is not being seen is the loss of the public through the determination to deny people affordable health care.  Unlike last year’s Moon/Jupiter conjunction which played out on the public stage this time around there will be action taking place behind the scenes to restore well-being to the people.  The conjunction of the Moon with Ketu shows that this administration is completely detached from the American people and the people now know this.  I think we can expect some surprises as well as a game change throughout 2018.

No general trend chart would be complete without taking a peek at Saturn.  Yesterday the internet was filled with postings about Saturn’s entry into the sign of Capricorn, which is quite simply, just not true.  We have good technology today and any scientist or citizen who is interested in astronomy will be able to state “factually” that Saturn is currently located in the sign of Sagittarius.  It appears that even in the world of astrology and other mystical subjects we have those who refuse to accept facts as facts.  I know that many of you understand that I follow the sidereal zodiac but perhaps many do not know that I also studied western astrology for approximately ten years and understand that system very well.  I appreciate how western astrologers brought psychology into their system but I also understand how often round pegs are being put into square holes to try and make the wrong placements of the planets fit.

Saturn is the ultimate teacher of truth. According to western astrology Saturn left Scorpio about two and half years ago and entered Sagittarius.  Sidereal charts had Saturn leave Scorpio in October of 2017.  Last year’s solstice chart had Saturn in Scorpio right on the Ascendant.  Scorpio is the sign of sex and Saturn the planet of truth.  Saturn had two and half years to uncover the hidden side of our sexual society.  Is it an accident that within six weeks of Saturn moving into talkative Sagittarius the lid was blown off of power and sexual abuse?  The positions of the planets matter.

Today Saturn is in Sagittarius and in close conjunction with the Sun.  The ruler of a country is signified by the Sun and as upsetting as this tax fraud bill was we should keep in mind that no planet really outdoes Saturn.  The close conjunction of the Sun with Saturn shows the eventual defeat of the ruler who keeps walking all over people because of his greed and childish ego needs.  Saturn moves slowly which means we may not see the shift we want to see quickly and there may be more outrageous actions coming our way but Saturn is the planet of the people and when he finally strikes he strikes hard.  Just ask Harvey Weinstein or Judge Moore of Alabama.

Sagittarius is also the sign of beliefs, philosophy and religion.  In our country Sagittarius is the sign of the GOP and as Saturn continues to move through Sagittarius they will either clean up their act or Saturn will take care of it for them.  I believe that we will be seeing more turmoil caused by religious fanaticism in the next two and half years.  Saturn’s push for truth will not be denied and this push will not just affect the well-established religions.  I’ve been observing trends in the world of yoga and other metaphysical disciplines which are gearing classes and teachings towards achieving mundane goals and self-empowerment.   I’ve even had clients who are telling me that karma does not exist and/or feeling guilty because they’ve run into karmic situations and no amount of deep breathing or mantra or head stands will make the situation go away.  It can be wonderful to do a practice which stimulates the higher chakras and brings in high frequency energy but it is just as important to understand that is only part of the journey.  I suspect that we will see some “gurus” fall by the wayside in the next two and half years.

The journey will continue and this solstice does not bring a miracle but the chart is better than last year.  We have two and half years until Saturn enters the sign of Capricorn which will bring about some stability. In the meantime expect the tables to slowly turn as Saturn does his work in Sagittarius. We may have to remind ourselves during Saturn’s slow trek that we always have to ability to find peace in any given moment but being able to find peace despite outer circumstances is a freedom worth achieving.

Please excuse typos as I’ve moved quickly with this posting and did not have it edited.

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Mercury Retrograde/Full Moon in TAURUS/SCORPIO

Today, 12/02, at approximately 4 P.M. Eastern Time Mercury will go into retrograde motion until 12/23.  This will happen in the sign of Sagittarius and keep Mercury conjunct with Saturn until 12/11 when Mercury will slip back into the sign of Scorpio.

Tomorrow, 12/03 at approximately 10:30 A.M., Eastern Time will be the Full Moon.  This Full Moon will take place with the Sun in SCORPIO and the Moon in TAURUS.  No, it will not be a cheerful Full Moon in Sagittarius.  The energy of the Mercury retrograde along with the Scorpio/ Taurus energy of the Full Moon can make this Full Moon feel much quieter than the usual Full Moon energy.  It is best to flow with the energy and focus attention on quiet activities and healthy activities.

Jyotish speaks of a yoga (configuration) known as “Kala Sarpa” which means that all of the 7 visible planets are placed between the nodal points known as Rahu and Ketu.   When a natal chart contains a Kala Sarpa yoga it can indicate that the person who has the chart can have karmas which will have to be dealt with in the lifetime and/or a destiny that must be fulfilled.  There can be wonderful qualities contained within the Kala Sarpa as well as problems which the individual will need great help in solving.  It is not unusual for people with this particular configuration to confound and frustrate others in their lives because everyone can see the challenge that needs to be met and the solutions which will help but the actual person.  Once the person matures the natural abilities and positive qualities of the kala sarpa can manifest.

The world moved into a Kala Sarpa configuration on 9/15/16 and will be experiencing this until 2/6/18 when Venus breaks the pattern by moving into Aquarius.  (Interestingly, the election of 2016 was under a Kala Sarpa and elected a person who was born under an eclipse.) There will be an eclipse on 1/31/18 and another on 2/15/18.

If you feel as if at the present moment your life is stuck in a  repetitive pattern which plays out the same awful reel day after day after day you can look to the Kala Sarpa as one of the reasons why we are stuck in such an awful groove.  The pattern can shift after the mid-February.  We can begin to see some solutions, change and light at the end of the tunnel at that point.

Until then the journey must continue to be an inward one.  It is a good time to take care of health matters, important relationships and our own mental/emotional states of being.  We are endowed with the perfection of self. We can draw on the power of the truth of self to allow us to move through this time period in peace and harmony. There is a freedom in knowing that this is a moment when we take care of what we can and we can do so without the burden of anxiety if we just take care of ourselves and let the world spin in the orbit of the Kala Sarpa.


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Saturn Has Finally Entered Sagittarius.

Today, October 26th, Saturn finally left Scorpio and moved into the sign of Sagittarius.  He will occupy this sign for approximately two and a half years.

Saturn, along with the Nodal points, are the transits which determine the lessons, challenges and rewards of specific time cycles.  It is an improvement for Saturn to finally leave the sign of Scorpio but it does feel as if he is leaving behind quite a mess in his wake.

These are historical times and the challenges of these times make it almost impossible to predict with accuracy what is happening on the world stage.  I do believe that we all have the right and ability to find peace within the chaos. We always have the choice to focus within ourselves and leave behind the belief that our external circumstances must be what we want them to be in order for us to happy.

There are tools which can help us with the journey towards inner harmony and this particular time in history does offer us the opportunity to know the freedom of consciousness.  One of those tools is to understand where Saturn and the Nodal points have settled into our charts so that we are consciously working on developing our true selves and facing the world with the calmness of our higher being.

I am offering a report that is focused on where in your chart Saturn and Nodes are  located so that you can benefit from these long term transits. Please email me: annaicenter@verizon.net  for more information.


“Gandanta” is a Sanskrit word that translates as “junction.” In Vedic astrology it is a term used for a planet traveling through the final degrees of a water sign.

The final degrees of a planet’s stay in the water signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are considered to be degrees of malefic energies and sometimes can pose physical danger.  As discussed last week Saturn is finishing up his very long and difficult transit of Scorpio and is currently at the 29th degree. Saturn is therefore in gandanta and one only has to look at the world to know that these are both trying and dangerous times.

Saturn moves into Sagittarius on October 26th   and will begin the journey towards a more positive and stable placement.  October 24th and 25th  will see the Moon debilitated in Scorpio and he will be with Saturn.  The days of the Moon being in Scorpio can feel emotionally dark.

It is best during the rest of the month of October for everyone to find some type of self-care.  Take time for meditation, breath, exercise, movies and/or good food whatever makes you feel positive.  Practice emotional restraint and know that none of us can control the events around us but we can always choose to pull back and not add fuel to the fire.


Behind A Tractor

As I write this, we are experiencing a Sun/Mercury conjunction in the picky, nervous, and detail- oriented side of Virgo. A Mars/Venus conjunction is in the fiery and egocentric sign of Leo.  These energies are personal and can definitely add to anxiety levels as well as tension within personal relationships. Given the powerful eclipse patterns along with the nasty summer we’ve experienced, it does feel as if salt is being applied to wounds.  By October 10th these conjunctions will be subsiding. Until then, it is important to take supplements, eat well, and use emotional restraint.


The eclipse signs have changed from Leo/Aquarius to Cancer/Capricorn.  The new sign placement should alleviate the determined, egotistic desires of the Leo energy and, at the least, will be a quieter energy.  The focus will be on family matters and finances.  The Moon, ruler of the mind, also rules Cancer.  Since Rahu is currently in Cancer, many of us will find new ways of looking at life under his influence.


For those with strong planets in the signs of Cancer and Capricorn, the next eighteen months can see dramatic changes in their daily lives; the parts of life affected will be determined by the houses which have Cancer/Capricorn as rulers.


An interesting historical side-note is the fact that the last time the nodal points were in Cancer/Capricorn, President Clinton was impeached by the House of Representatives and Newt Gingrich, as Speaker, managed to break the Congress and put us firmly on the path to the non-functional Congress we are witnessing today.


Since my last blog, Jupiter has moved into the sign of Libra which he will occupy for the next twelve months.  Those who have strong planets in Libra, Aquarius, Aries and Gemini should find that certain areas of their lives will become more fortunate for the next year.  Jupiter being in a sign of Venus can affect relationships in a positive manner and will give a boost to creative projects.


We should have begun to see a better flow of energy once Jupiter moved, but due to the position of Saturn, it seems that Jupiter has not been able to shine very much. In Vedic astrology there is a feature known as “bhava to bhava” which translates as “house to house.” It is a technique whereby planets are assessed by their house positions to one another.  Saturn is currently still in the sign of Scorpio which is second to Libra, and the result is that Saturn is currently blocking the energy of Jupiter.  It’s as if one is driving a really nice car on a one-lane rural road and, right in front of the car, is a tractor which is going 20 miles per hour. The position of the tractor slows down the nice car and, due to the nature of the rural road,  the car cannot pass the tractor which leaves the only sane choice to be one of patience until the tractor eventually reaches its turn-off point.  We are all waiting for Saturn to move out of Jupiter’s way.

Saturn will move “finally” into the sign of Sagittarius where he will reside for approximately two and a half years.  In an earlier blog I had written about Saturn moving back into Scorpio and how it would be like a final exam with regard to the long transit of Saturn being in the sign of Scorpio.  It truly has been a tough test.


Scorpio can be considered the heaviest sign of the zodiac, and Saturn is the heaviest planet; these two combined energies have resulted in a burdening of all human beings.  Scorpio is the sign of the subconscious and many people are operating from the impulses and stored emotions of the subconscious. Scorpio is a water sign but, being ruled by Mars, the emotions can be fiery.  Both Saturn and Scorpio are stubborn by nature, so it has not been easy to find light in the darkness.  It will be a relief for Saturn to take up residence in the positive sign of Sagittarius.  I’m not promising a rose garden but, with a little bit of effort, we will be able to see the sunlight breaking through the clouds.

An interesting historical side-note is that the last time Saturn was in Scorpio, America elected our first television personality as president when Ronald Reagan won the election.  Reagan was the man who encouraged people to blame everything on the government.  Donald Trump, another television personality, won with Saturn in Scorpio and, in addition, Trump is an eclipse birth with the eclipse taking place in Scorpio.  The question is, “Will we correct course or not?”


In summary, the energy will be improving, and we should begin to feel some of the improvement after October 10th.  It’s important to keep in mind that we continue to live in transitional times, and the only thing we can be sure of is that we do have the ability to choose our thoughts and to take care of ourselves both mentally and physically.  We can’t feel the improved energy if we choose to hang on to the fears and/or the past.