Gradual building of energy.

Human beings tend to be impatient as well as idealistic.  I just want to take a moment to emphasize that we will not feel the positive impact of the three benefics being in Gemini right away because they are still at the beginning of the sign and need time to develop.  We can start the process by working to be aware of feel the faint stirrings within ourselves of a lighter energy. We then apply patience to the process.  This process can be compared to a warm day in March – it’s not time to put away the jackets but that doesn’t mean it is still deep winter.


Jupiter, Venus, Mercury in Gemini

Tonight, May 30th, at 9:27 pm Jupiter will leave Taurus and start his year long stay in the sign of Gemini where he will join up with Venus and Mercury. 

In Vedic Astrology having these three benefic planets together is a form of a “Saraswati Yoga.” This yoga (union) favors communication, learning and creativity – especially music and writing.  It is also considered to be a configuration of good fortune in many areas of life.

We all do need a break from the fierce nature of the eclipses which involved not only the eclipse points but Mars and Saturn as well.  It is possible for us to see a lessening in anger and aggression though given the fact that Mars is still primary ruler of the chart of America and the times in which we are living are times of change and challenge it is not that we are going to see our problems melt away in the summer sun. 

Planets, like everything else on the physical plane, have stages of growth and age. At this moment all three of these planets are new in the sign of Gemini and like a newborn the strength of these new placements is not yet mature but as these planets move along they will continue to gain strength.  Just as we can enjoy a baby even before she can speak we can enjoy the lessening of the fiery nature of the past few months and begin to allow our creative activities to have a place in our daily lives – it doesn’t matter what that activity is but  know that during the month of June it is appropriate to find time for beauty, creativity and better communication with others.  Now is a moment to drop the worries and to give our minds a rest from worries and enjoy life.  It is what Mercury, Venus and Jupiter support. 


Moving Forward

The 3rd eclipse is over and some of the shocks and turmoil of the past 4 weeks will begin to fade away.  The Moon is still in Scorpio, his worst sign, so we may still be feeling discouraged or negative.  By 9:30 a.m., eastern time, on the 26th the Moon will move into Sagittarius and many will begin to “feel” the shift away from the eclipse energy. 

Moon in Libra

As we know the eclipse is early Saturday morning.  Yesterday, I didn’t mention that prior to the Moon moving into Scorpio he will spend some time in the sign of Libra – at the moment both Saturn and Rahu are in the sign of Libra – in short, there will not be a break before the eclipse and it may feel as if the energy is already problematic – it is just that.

Third and Final Eclipse for Spring of 2013

Saturday morning around 12:15 am, eastern daylight time, will be the last of the three eclipses for the spring of this year.

The first one took place on April 25th and as promised the world has appeared crazier than the usual normal crazy of these historical times. 

This eclipse is the “lunar” eclipse which means that it is happening at the time of the full Moon.  Emotions may be higher than usual and since the Moon is in its sign of debilitation, Scorpio, there could be anger, frustration and emotional miscalculations. Given the tragedy in OK, the on-going scandals and just the every day pressure we have all experienced it is not surprising that emotions will be running high during this eclipse.  Fortunately, the eclipse itself is happening during late evening into early morning depending on the time-zone of your location.

Scorpio can be a deeply intense energy as well as a creative and healing.  It is best to not act on the emotions but to try and use the energy for healing from some of the shocks and disappointments of the past four weeks. 

The opposite sign of Scorpio is Taurus which has an influence on banking, taxes and finances in general – there could be some news in the next few months regarding Taurus matters.  However, neither Scorpio or Taurus are nervous signs, and this eclipse can help us all to push past our fears if we use the energy in a healing manner.  For those into the energetics of the chakras this eclipse will affect both the 2nd and 5th chakras – desires, sexuality and communication are highlighted.  The use of sound, breath and color can be helpful in making the best use of this eclipse. 

Best of all is the fact that June looks more positive and we can all exhale as we move beyond the “Spring of Eclipses.

Saturn and Chakras a Vedic Astrology Perspective

There is no other planet as dreaded and misunderstood as Saturn. Even people who have only a passing interest in astrology often know of Saturn’s reputation as the cause of the mundane problems of poverty, illness, denial, depression, responsibility and relentless toil.  Saturn is not known for good luck, parties, unearned wealth and vacation time.

There is truth to all of the above but Saturn brings much more.  Saturn is the planet of truth, focus, spiritual advancement, inner peace, neutrality and just rewards.  In many ways Saturn is like a wise but stern teacher or grandparent who has the courage and determination to hold your feet to the fire until you get the truth of the teaching behind the lesson.  In my own observation of thousands of charts I know that a well-placed Saturn is unbeatable and that someone who is open to the higher teachings of this planet eventually achieves the best that the human experience has to offer.  I have also seen more lives brought crashing down through the misuse of Jupiter energy than a challenging Saturn.  Saturn requires the effort, the honesty and the patience to uncover the reward but the reward is generally perceived as well worth the effort.

One of the gems of Vedic astrology is the connection with the teachings of yoga.  Yoga works on many levels and one of the most positive levels is the techniques which focus directly on the energetic system known as “chakras.”  Chakras can be understood as wheels or spirals of energy that can not be seen by the naked eye and are the unseen causation of the manifested physical body.  The energy of chakras can be off-balance, over-active or seriously blocked.  The chakras can be the resting place for unresolved issues and energy healers will often focus on these spirals of energy in order to help someone achieve a balance of body, mind and spirit. Blocked chakras are often the missing link to healing the mind and emotions through talk therapy.  If the chakras still hold the residual of the original pain the result can be that no matter how much one understands the issue one never knows when that issue will be activated again therefore bringing back the pain of the issue. 

There are many chakras throughout one’s energetic body but the primary ones are the seven that run along the spinal column.  Saturn is considered to reside in the first or root chakra which is located at the base of the spinal column. 

The first chakra is the chakra of the earth itself and represents form and solidity. This chakra relates to our ability to be grounded, to attain material success and the ability to focus and manifest our needs.  It stands to reason that fear of lack of resources and an inability to function well in a worldly manner can be the result of a malfunction in the first chakra.

The delays, hard work and challenges presented by Saturn can often result in a person living in fear of lack or in resentment of the difficulties that life on planet earth often presents. When Saturn is strong in a challenging placement the result can be a block in the first chakra which will lower the basic energy available through illness, depression and even hopelessness.  Often people who commit suicide will have a strong Saturn transit present at the moment of the decision. While something as serious as a decision to take one’s physical life can not be laid at the feet of a blocked chakra I suspect that behind the mental and emotional problems that the first chakra, which is responsible for physical survival, is also seriously blocked.

Vedic astrology is unique in its approach to working “with” the planetary energy rather than being a passive victim of the planets.  A challenging time of Saturn can be approached through a variety of ways and many of the remedial techniques correlate to the techniques known to work of the first chakra.

Almost any form of consistent physical exercise will work to offset the negative misunderstanding of the Saturn energy.  Given that yoga relates directly to the energy of the chakras a strong yoga practice will not only unblock and/or balance the first chakra but will help in the practice of meditation which is a practice that is deeply enjoyed by the planet Saturn since Saturn rules truth, detachment and neutrality.  Yoga and meditation will also help one gain mastery over fear which can be a by-product of both Saturn and a blocked first chakra.  Any good yoga teacher should be able to advise on postures which work specifically on the first chakra.

There are specific mantras for Saturn which will help move forward the challenges of Saturn and balance out the first chakra at the same time.  Mantras need to be pronounced correctly and should be chanted only after being taught the proper pronunciation.  However, the mantra for the first chakra is a simple seed sound or bija mantra.  This bija sound is “Lam” with the “a” like a soft “a” as in “ah” – the “m” can be drawn out a bit longer.  This sound can be chanted while one is sitting in meditation or in a sitting forward bend.  The color red corresponds to the first chakra and seeing the color red while meditating or chanting is very helpful.  If fear comes up especially around money and survival concerns take a moment to exhale forcefully from the mouth as that will help to release the negative emotion.

Finally, Saturn at this time is in the sign of Libra which is a good placement.  In the sign of Libra, Saturn is throwing his energy onto the sign of Cancer.  The Moon rules Cancer and the Moon is considered to be the ruler of the “people” and Saturn is the ruler of the “working people.”  During these times and this transit it seems as if all of the problems and challenges are being brought to bear on the regular people of the world. 

Saturn is the planet of delays and is in one of his best signs, Libra, the sign of the scales of justice.  Saturn is always pushing us towards truth, self-empowerment and inner peace. Saturn does not deny – he delays and often brings us more than we even hoped for originally. Now is not the time to give in to the hype, give in to the fear or to crawl into bed with the covers over our heads.  It is a time to believe in ourselves, to stand firm in what we know is right and to empower ourselves both individually and as a community.  It seems dark right now but the planets to keep moving and there are good placements down the road. 




There Is A Difference – the 1st in a series of blogs on Vedic Astrology

My granddaughter’s favorite subjects are generally in the fields of science; one of her favorite and most respected teachers was her biology teacher.  As one would expect, my granddaughter was exposed to the teachings of Vedic astrology and yoga throughout her childhood.  Her grasp of the dance of the planets and her willingness to pay attention to the nature of planetary placements have always impressed me.

One day she came into the house and with a sense of shock told me that her biology teacher does not believe astrology can be valid. The teacher claimed she knew for a fact that, according to western astrology, her sun on the day of her birth, was inaccurate because she knew from astronomy maps that her sun was in a different constellation than the sign mentioned in magazines and newspapers.  My granddaughter’s shock became greater when I told her that her teacher was right and that the more well- known system of astrology does not take into consideration that, like the planets, the constellations also move in the skies.  I then went on to explain to her that this is the reason why I’ve always told her that she is a Scorpio and not a Sagittarian.

Here in the west, the system of astrology is based on what is known as the “tropical zodiac” which calculates the constellations according to where the sign of Aries was two-thousand years ago in Greece.  Vedic astrology calculates the constellations according to the “sidereal zodiac” which is the same constellation placements used by astronomers and organizations like NASA.   In comparing the two horoscopes, the one calculated according to the sidereal zodiac would match the space maps configured by NASA.

There are many factors that go into an astrological consultation and the more well-known tropical placement zodiac can be insightful and useful. I, like many astrologers, started my astrological journey via the astrology of the west and the tropical zodiac.  While learning my craft I did come across the concept of the sidereal zodiac but, at the time, there was very little information about sidereal astrology available.  I tucked away the difference in my mind, and it was not until I was studying yoga that I came across the teachings of Vedic astrology and would once again be introduced to the sidereal zodiac.

At the time I discovered Vedic astrology, I was primarily interested in the fact that Vedic astrology came from the same teachings as the yoga I was studying with deep intensity.  I was especially drawn to the system of remedies for the planets which is such an integral part of Vedic astrology.  It was appealing to me that under this different system one was no longer required to wait for a certain planet to move in order to improve one’s self and life.   Vedic astrology has many techniques that can assist one in working with the karma and influences of the planets themselves. I was drawn to this proactive approach to the planetary maps and began my study of Vedic astrology or, as it is known in Sanskrit, “jyotish” which means “science of light.”

I began my formal training in this system and was required, of course, to have a copy of my own horoscope.  Just like my granddaughter, I had a moment of shock when I discovered that my sun-sign was not Taurus but, instead became Aries under this new system I was learning.  Throughout my life I had accepted the Taurus because I felt that my physical body matched the qualities of what had been attributed to someone who is considered a Taurus.  I would learn that my Moon sign had changed to the sign of Cancer and that my body type was very much like that described as normal for Cancers.  I would be lying if I told you that I was not a bit resistant to this new perspective but, upon contemplation, I would also be lying if I told you that I had not often wondered why I was so unhappy working in banks or why I was not more conservative in nature because, as a Taurus, I should have liked the banking world and made more “in the box” decisions.  Gradually, the Aries began to make sense.  Eventually I came across the term “sidereal zodiac,” and I remembered years ago how I had wished that there were more books available on the sidereal zodiac. 

The western system of astrology has given us a humanistic and psychological approach to the planetary placements, and that knowledge has not left me; in fact many Vedic astrologers use this approach to our interpretations of Vedic astrology maps.  I feel that this approach adds greatly to the Vedic system which can be more concerned with the nature of the future and timing of events.

However, I often look around at the inharmonious and chaotic world in which we live with a sense of frustration because knowledge of the planetary weather could be a big help in our daily lives.  Many arguments could be avoided if people knew that Mercury retrograde is not the best time to have important discussions or that when Mars is strongly and negatively placed, there is simply the possibility of more accidents or violence.  At the same time, I am aware that while the world is becoming accepting of energy healing, meditation, intuition and other subjects that were at one time considered silly nonsense, the acceptance and value of astrology lags behind. 

Many astrologers have an interest in history and current events, and I am one of those astrologers.  As I learn from the past and observe current events, I am always looking for the charts that correlate to the events and the people involved in those events.  Most of the time, I see certain tragic events that could have been avoided if only those involved knew about the placement of the planetary patterns.  Of course, I am not in charge of the world and certainly have little access to the general population or the policy and decision-makers, but I still can’t help but wonder how different some of the challenges could be if people had more knowledge and acceptance of the science of astrology. 

When my granddaughter went back to her biology teacher and explained that there are systems that use a different zodiac, her teacher told her that planets placed in the same position as astronomers place them would make a difference in her own attitude towards astrology.  I realize that many of my own clients do not recognize that I use a different zodiac and, even after years of working with me, will still refer to themselves as an Aries when I actually see them as a Pisces. This leaves me feeling that I have done a poor job of explaining the difference.  I also think that the difference does matter.  Vedic astrology is different and I am going to be writing on these differences in upcoming articles. 



Fortunately the planets keep moving.

We all survived last week’s solar eclipse and have just the one on May 25th ahead. 

Venus is now in his home sign of Taurus and both the Sun and Mars have moved past Ketu which does make the energy lighter even if not exactly harmonious.  The next eclipse should be more energetic and much less hopeless as Ketu will not be holding all the planets in his grip.  The next few weeks will be more energetic but perhaps a bit on the crazy side.  Many people will be releasing the pent-up emotions of the past few weeks and, of course, there will always be those who react to eclipses with emotional imbalance and deep seated emotional dross.  The usual non-reaction to the emotions of others is best. 

Every Planet Is Good For Something – An Eclipse Event

My Vedic Astrology teacher always told me that “every planet is good for something.” Even during the most challenging of planetary patterns I have found that what he said is true.

As we work our way through this week’s eclipse the energy and events can seem to be nothing but heavy and negative.  But eclipses do have a way of breaking up old energy patterns and bringing about needed change.  Eclipses are also known for revealing secrets in what can sometimes be sudden and very public.

Last evening in Cleveland, OH at around 6 pm three young women were rescued from a ten year kidnapping.  They were kept in a house in the same neighborhood for ten years – the secret was so well hidden that none of the neighbors suspected that there was anything wrong in the house. 

I only have the birth date for one of the victims and do not have her birth time.  But her birthchart is of note in this situation.  She was kidnapped with an exact conjuntion of the transit Sun and her natal Rahu (north node of the Moon and one of the two eclipse points).  Given that Rahu was involved in the original crime it is not surprising that it was during the energy of the current eclipses that she and the other women were rescued.  Saturn is known for bringing karmic justice and truth to any situation and at the moment transit Saturn is close to transit Rahu and the impact of the current eclipse energy threw open the doors of this long held secret.  Additionally, on the night of her kidnapping Jupiter was exalted in the sign of Cancer which was in the 12th house from her Moon – the 12th house would be an indicator of capitivity. Jupiter being exalted there was a planetary protection working to keep her alive.  Right now transit Saturn is aspecting her natal Jupiter – it was time for freedom according to the dictates of the slow-moving Saturn energy.

Once again I am reminded that every planet is good for something even the malefic Rahu and Saturn.  The planets always set the table.