Mars takes approximately 18 months to go through the entire zodiac which means that every 18 months he ends up the sign of Cancer which is the sign of debilitation for the mighty but often grouchy Mars.

The sign before Cancer is Gemini which is where Mars is currently located. The challenge here is that Gemini is a light and airy sign which does not handle the heavy and fiery Mars energy well. Gemini is also the angular 7th house ruler of the United States and the influence of Mars in Gemini is often violence, gossip and very frayed nerves. The media will often give in and lose common sense and can become sloppy in their reporting. Mars takes 6 to 8 weeks to go through each sign and when he hits the Gemini/Cancer constellations life can be filled with unpleasant surprises, anxiety and bubbling anger.

We are now at the beginning of this cycle which will last until he enters Leo on July 19th. Of course, every day will not be awful and we can all take a moment to be glad that Mr. Mars is not going to go retrograde during this time period.

Mars is energy which means this is a good time to physically engage the body. He also, despite his aggressive nature, has a great sense of humor which indicates that funny movies along with outdoor activities are favored at this time. I’m a mantra person because mantra has the ability to override our negative thoughts and soothe the inner beast. Specific to Mars would be Om Hum (hoom), Om Krim (kreem) Kum (koom) Kujaya (koo-jaya) Namah. Breathing through the left nostril will help to cool down the body. Remember to laugh, eat well and remember that this energy will shift by July 19th.

Sun in Pisces

Early this morning the Sun moved into Pisces which is the most emotional sign of the Zodiac. The Sun is considered, in terms of energetic strength, to be the strongest planet and in general is known to rule the ego.

Every planet has a positive and negative side. The Sun is also an indicator of our soul, higher self or, whatever term, one relates to when thinking about what lies within us that is beyond the physical body and mind. In its highest expression the Sun can shine brightly for the benefit of others. In its lowest expression it cares only about expressing its ego.

Regardless of how one uses the solar energy today marks a 30 day journey into a higher level of emotion being felt and expressed. Pisces is known for music, art in general, altruism, healers as well as self-pity, helplessness and even delusion.

Given the year that we’ve had it is important not to fall into the self-pity trap or to focus on personal loss. Most of us will feel more emotional than usual in the upcoming days and we can take some time to explore the emotions without getting trapped by them.

We can also use the emotion to help heal our badly bruised planet. One of the best ways to do that is through a technique I’ve mentioned before: tonglen. I found a good link to explain this simple but powerful technique:

Happy Sun in Pisces – the astronomical heralding of Spring.

Mars and Rahu

Mars is now moving closer to Rahu in Taurus. Expect the unexpected for the rest of the month of March.   Expect the unexpected for the rest of the month of March.  March 18th to the 26th is when this energy will be the strongest.

A Rare New Moon

Thursday, February 11th at 2:17 p.m. eastern time, will be the exact New Moon for the month of February. Many of us are feeling the intensity of this profound New Moon. This New Moon is also the Chinese New Year which marks their lunar beginning of 2021.  That we are experiencing such an unusual New Moon is perfectly appropriate given the nature of 2020 and the challenges which we face in 2021.

Every month we have a New Moon which is indicated by a conjunction of the Sun and Moon according, of course, to the sign occupied by the Sun.  The New Moon cycle gives us all an opportunity to choose between working with the cyclic lunar energy or fighting against the energy.  If we work in harmony with the planetary cycle we flow with the low energy of the New Moon and use the time for rest and contemplation.  Those who prefer to always be in the “ego-illusion” of being in charge can choose high activity and can then be disappointed or even angry at cancelled appointments or the customer service representative who can barely suppress a yawn.  Choice of reaction is always within our own personal power. The New Moon is the day of the birth of a new lunar cycle and, similar to a nesting mother to be, we can plan and prepare for the next lunar cycle.

This New Moon unique and intense because every “visible” planet, except for Mars, is in the sign of Capricorn, the sign of this month’s New Moon. Mars is strongly placed in the sign of Aries and by being outside of the unusual conjunction taking place is powerful in his singularity.  Additionally, the New Moon itself is in the Nakshatra of Dhanistha, which is ruled by Mars. 

Capricorn is an earth sign and connected to traditional business and entitled, old wealth.  As the natural ruler of the 10th house Capricorn is concerned with power and ambition.  I am a fan of synchronicity and it seems appropriate that the 2nd impeachment trial should start under this cycle as we are all about to witness the power struggle between democracy and plutocracy. 

We have no control over the drama in D.C. but we always have control over our own reactions, intentions and personal goals.  This is a good time to go within and look at what makes us feel powerful as we walk this journey of life.   Does our security come from the size of our bank accounts, the current nature of our personal relationships or does it come knowing our own true self? 

Given what has happened since the last February New Moon in 2020 one would hope that we’ve allowed ourselves to grow and begin to understand that the old American dream was an illusion for far too many people and is not the only dream we can have.  Capricorn is generally concerned with status and hanging onto that status at all costs.  That attitude of entitlement was shattered during the pandemic for many people who, for the first time in their lives, experienced food insecurity and worry about meeting their financial obligations.  Certainly, the events of January 6th should have shattered the belief that living in a democracy only requires occasional voting. The apathy of those who “have theirs” and refuse to see those who have very little bear a share of responsibility for putting our democracy in danger.   

Capricorn is a task master energy and those who refuse to take a break from their pressing material needs will not make easy progress while also losing the opportunity for some quality self-reflection. The next couple of days will give all of us moments of contemplation as we begin to see the end of winter approaching and we plan for the upcoming Spring. It’s okay to choose to not make a frustrating phone call and choosing instead some quiet time. 

In addition to the action nature of Mars involved with this particular New Moon is the fact that both the Moon and Sun are in the final degrees of Capricorn.  In the teachings of Astrology, they are considered to be old planets.  It is no accident that we have inaugurated the oldest President ever to serve in our White House. The status quo is a main feature of Capricorn but the fact that both the Moon and the Sun will move out of Capricorn and into Aquarius indicates that the old will be forced to move over for the new.

We can already see this necessary change in the way the federal government is now working to get more vaccinations to states like New York which Trump shorted. New York, like other states, are working to get the vaccination to their teachers, transportation providers and other essential workers as quickly as possible even if that means younger boomers have to wait a bit longer. The attitude of taking care of the lesser of us speaks to the energy of Aquarius. 

As we move from the focus on the belief that money and earthly power are the only way to be safe on this planet and always deserving of preferential treatment, we are being pushed into the energy of Aquarius which is much more innovative and humanitarian in attitude.  Aquarius is not as quiet as Capricorn even though (in Vedic Astrology) the sign is also ruled by Saturn.  Aquarius is a sign of science and the Saturn energy assists in taking a scientific idea from the stage of inspiration into workable plans and innovations.  Aquarius moves more quickly than Capricorn and I suspect that those people and areas not adhering to the common sense of medical science will see their infection numbers will climb quickly. Hopefully, when Florida once again hosts Spring Break, there are enough vaccinations given that last year’s super spreader will be less than that of 2020.    

Aquarius is always concerned with humanity in general. The economic policies required to offset the economic damage of 2020 will take into consideration the people rather than corporations and the stock market.  There will be complaints from people who experience a temporary downward turn in their 401k’s but anyone with, even an ounce of common sense, will realize that even a healthy 401k won’t do much good if repairs are not made to the economy of the average American.  Hopefully, the compassionate among us will champion help for the “others.” 

For some the changes of this New Moon can be unsettling but innovation is often perceived as unsettling. However, change is one of the absolute universal laws.  There is no growth without change.  There is no true inner peace without the realization that none of us is really any more important than the next person.  Losing that sense of self-importance can be unnerving but is an important part of becoming a better human being. 

It feels appropriate for all of us to take a deep breath and set our intentions as we near the end of the winter and welcome longer daylight hours. As the sun finally sets on the destructive craziness of the prior administration and we can see a light at the end of the pandemic tunnel it is a good time to assess what we’ve learned and how we want to see the future for ourselves as well as our fellow human beings.

Mars is a player in this cycle so it can be positive for us to include a plan of action as we move forward. For some it might be important to face our fear of change or a limiting belief of an inability to make our lives secure.  The symbol for this New Moon is a drum which indicates that listening to music in the next couple of days can work well especially music that is strong on percussion while encouraging movement or singing along.  For the oldsters,  rather than being “ok boomer” folks,  perhaps time spent with Janis or Jimi might shake the cobwebs of fear of the new out of the emotional mind.  For others,  perhaps just experiencing the joy of music,  might be exactly what is needed to welcome the newness of a different world.

If you like to chant this is a perfect time to chant “Om Ram” as that will strengthen the core/third chakra and bring up enthusiasm for the new.  For those who allow fear or disappointment to close down the heart taking some time to chant “Om Hum (hoom)” will open up the fourth chakra known as the heart center.  If your weather calls you outside walking is a good way to approach this cycle as will cooking and watching funny movies or reruns if you are housebound.

Regardless of how you choose to work with this energy know that change is coming and try to have an attitude of being open to change.  The point of where we are going is not to rob anyone of their security but to try and give that same financial security to the millions and millions of people who are food insecure and even living in their cars.  Change has to happen.

Happy Solstice!!!!

Across the world we have a few New Year celebrations that differ from the January 1st Gregorian New Year.  The first is celebrated by the Jewish faith in September, followed by the 1st day in January, the Chinese usually sometime in February and Hindus recognize theirs on a date in the middle of April.  Someone with a penchant for celebrating New Years could celebrate throughout the year.

I’m partial to the one that I think astronomically marks a new year.  The Winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year but it is also the day which marks the Sun beginning its march towards its summer peak.  Daylight begins to become longer, in increments, from the Winter to the Summer solstice. 

The majority of us are truly happy to see 2020 coming to an end and I’ve decided for myself that the 21st of December is going to be the last day of this awful year.  Each year can be seen as an astrological birth and a chart can be calculated to indicate the planetary positions of the upcoming year.

The chart of 2020 (12/21/2019 @11:18 p.m., eastern time) had a fiery and ego-centric Leo rising.  Interestingly enough the ascendant of Trump is also Leo.  He certainly ran the country according to his egoic desires, fiery temper and need to create a constant show for himself.  Leos are drawn to politics and entertainment which means that there are also very competent Leo leaders in the world.  Of course, Trump was far from competent (which is a blessing in its own way) but a Leo rising is not enough to have caused the year 2020 turned out to be.

The Ascendant is always an important factor in a chart but the Moon is equal in importance. The 2020 chart gave us a Libra Moon conjunct Mars.  The Moon is an indicator of the general population as well as one of the health indicators.  Mars is an indicator of infections, viruses, doctors, blood and aggression. No one can dispute that the conjunction of the Moon and Mars was not a good position for Covid.  That the conjunction took place in the 3rd house of neighborhoods, offices, public transportation and hit the 9th house of international travel added to the quickness of the spread of this disease.  Having a fiery ascendant only added to the levels of inflammation and the obstinate stupidity of Trump’s administration.

The Moon/Mars conjunction also added to the levels of anger among citizens as well as the ignorant refusal to take common sense steps and put individual selfishness above concern for others.  This conjunction even affected education as the 3rd house is the house of lower education while the 9th house rules higher education.  The stage for Covid was set in the natal chart of 2020.

Venus was in Capricorn in the 6th house of health which was not a good placement for the gentle Venus. However, in many communities throughout the country people became aware of the sacrifices of health care workers and Venus helped with the swiftness of the vaccinations that are quickly becoming available. Venus has an influence on the vascular system and I’ve read that many patients experienced vascular problems as a result of this disease.

There was a stellium of planets in Sagittarius in the 5th house consisting of Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, Ketu (south node of the Moon) and the Sun.  Sagittarius is one of the so-called “lucky” signs and the 5th house is considered to be a benefic house.  However, Ketu and Saturn are first rate malefic influences, which rendered the benefic nature of the 5th house non-existent.  Some of the influences of the 5th house are children who have experienced an isolation which is harsh for children.  Celebrations, vacations and live entertainment all fall under the domain of the 5th house as well.  The only strength in the 5th house was Jupiter and he is the ruler of the GOP and many of them, along with their wealthy cohorts, did benefit from the suffering of the rest of us. 

Now we are beginning the astrological New Year of 2021 and we have a new birth chart.  This chart is different in many ways from last year’s chart.  Of course, we can not expect the mess we are in to immediately be fixed but there is an improvement on the horizon.

This chart (12/21/20 @ 5:20 a.m., eastern time) has a Scorpio rising which happens to be the same Ascendant of President-Elect Biden.  I have not done the research to know if this is typical but it is two years in a row in which the Ascendant of the Natal Chart matches that of the President.  That this chart has a Scorpio Ascendant indicates that 2021 is going to be a serious year with a certain amount of pain and challenge.

Scorpio is the natural ruler of the 8th house of institutional finances like banks, taxes and insurance concerns.  2021 will be a year of reckoning for the financial destruction caused by Covid and the Trump administration.

There is a Venus/Ketu conjunction on the Scorpio rising.  Joe Biden is a double Scorpio who knows the inner workings of government/politics (knowledge of inner workings is something at which Scorpio excel) which is very positive for this country.  Unlike the impatient and ego-centric nature of Leo the energy of Scorpio is methodical, quiet and patient.  (Scorpios are not without ego but they do like their ego gratification to come from actual knowledge and accomplishment.) There is a thoroughness to the Scorpio energy and the sign itself tends towards science. Venus conjunct Ketu is a strong scientific influence. We will put Covid in the rearview mirror but it will not happen as quickly as some would hope.  Importantly, we will see a scientific structure put into place to ensure that the next world-wide virus is handled better.

The ruler of the Scorpio Ascendant is Mars which is placed in the benefic 5th house in the sign of Pisces a friendship sign to Mars. There is a good chance that relief for college debt will be addressed with innovation of education along with a more compassionate attitude towards people in general. (At least for many of us.)

The Moon is in Aquarius is the same Moon as the natal chart of the United States.  The Moon is placed in the 4th house of home and real estate.  I think that we will begin to see more Americans remember the ideals that formed America and the push back against insular, white nationalism will continue to be supported by the people.  The Moon will support America’s ideals and hopes again.

The 4th house is real estate and keeping in mind that Scorpio is a sign concerned with finances the effect of 2020 on the world of real estate is going to require innovation as well as practical solutions.  I suspect we will see geographical moves and that big cities like NY and LA are going to have to change their paradigms in order to survive.Saturn is going to be a big player this year. In this chart he is at home in the sign of Capricorn in the 3rd house. Saturn does well in the 3rd house which is a house of determination and activity.  He is with debilitated Jupiter.  Saturn is the planet of the average person and the Democratic party while Jupiter is the planet of the wealthy and the Republican party. In this chart, unlike last year’s, Saturn is the stronger influence.  I see Saturn as that stern teacher who might have not been your favorite teacher but as time goes on you remember what they taught and continue to see the value in what and how they taught.  Saturn is strong in this chart and should be able to hold the craziness of the Republican party in check. 

Of course, Saturn being Saturn we are not about to take off on a pleasure cruise.  There is hard work ahead along with some bitter pills to swallow.  This chart shows that we can steady the ship and create a much better world for ourselves.  This will not be a year for whiners, non-producers or the selfishly unaware among us. 

So good-bye 2020 and with hope let’s celebrate the opportunities coming our way in 2021.

December 9, 2020

Mars/Moon opposition (Pisces/Virgo) for the rest of the day. Sun conjunct Ketu in Scorpio until 12/15 along with the approaching solar Scorpio/Taurus eclipse on 12/14. These are intense and emotionally charged energies which, because of the Virgo energy, can take over our thoughts as well as our emotions.

Try and use the energies for self-improvement – it does no good to keep focusing on what is wrong with others and the world. It will not stay this dark forever but, with effort, our own light can be uncovered to light the darkness. Breathe, walk, chant, meditate, cook with joy, binge watch funny movies, whatever works!

Eclipse 11/30/20

The current eclipses are taking place in Taurus/Scorpio. Both of these signs are known as “fixed” which indicates that those with strong planets in these signs can be inflexible, stubborn, tenacious, loyal and determined. It is up to each individual to chose the qualities they wish utilize as they move through life.

Taurus is a sign that is often stubborn and can tend towards a belief that a filled bank account is the only way to feel secure in life. Scorpio, as the natural ruler of the 8th house, is more concerned with inheritances and debts with regard to money and security.

The eclipses of 11/30 and 12/14 will be the first since the nodal points changed signs from Gemini/Sagittarius to Taurus/Scorpio. The changing of signs points to the financial fallout that we can all expect from the dumpster fire left by the current administration. We can all simply do our best as the world around us comes back from the Covid pandemic.

These times are best used for personal growth and self-understanding because none of us have the magic wand or personal power to fix the mess individually.

Eclipses happen every six months and are often times of emotional excess, unexpected events, useless gossip and exposure of deceits. Additionally, as one of the chart indicators of karma, we can often experience old emotional patterns, resurgence of grief, cloudy perceptions or challenges that seem to appear all of a sudden.

The nodal points will stay in the axis of two signs for eighteen months and it is during the eclipses that the influence is felt most strongly. It is a good time to pay attention to the mundane challenges which are appearing now (health, relationships, career, etc.) as the eclipses will indicate it is now time to deal with the challenges. Given the magnitude of the mundane challenges it is a good time to pay attention to those random emotions which appear right now as they are pointing towards the importance of understanding and releasing the emotions which are a barrier to the freedom which comes from connecting with the perfection of our own self.

Every celestial event and planet is good for something and in terms of eclipses it is always possible to take a giant leap forward in personal growth. The next fifteen days is good for healing, growing and coming closer to the essence – we just have to observe and do the personal work!

Eclipse Energy

The first of the final eclipses for 2020 will be on 11/30/20 with the “exact” eclipse at 4:45 a.m., est. This eclipse is the Lunar eclipse which means it is a Full Moon eclipse.  The energy will be more upbeat and even positive.  However, it is important to keep in mind that emotions and fantasy might run a bit wild at this time.  This is directly on the outgoing President’s chart and we can expect that the misinformation and denial will be at a high level.  I do not know if he will concede or not.  The bigger problem will be that millions of people will believe his nonsense and we should all do our best to not engage with the lunacy of a Lunar eclipse.

The last eclipse will be the Solar eclipse which will take place on 12/14/2020 and be exact on 12:54 p.m., est.  The Solar eclipse is the New Moon eclipse (the Moon and Sun will be conjunct) and will feel very different from the eclipse of 11/30.  The New Moon is often lower in energy and this energy will be even lower because the Moon is also “void of course” as it moves from Scorpio to Sagittarius.  The Sun will move to Sagittarius on the 15th

Taurus, in my opinion, is the most stubborn of all the signs and we can expect lots of emotions coming from others without the “ah ha” moments of understanding or changing a viewpoint.  Scorpio can also be stubborn but the energy is more on a subconscious and emotional level.  Scorpios, unlike Taurus, can shift gears if required to but their emotions can often belie what they do in pragmatic energy.  Most of us will be feeling emotional and might have to struggle to be optimistic in the midst of the “negative mind” party the world will be throwing at this time.

It is best to focus within rather than trying to change those around us. Most of us do not like change and have emotions on a deep subconscious level.  Focus on those emotions with a goal of releasing and understanding them and try to not react to the negativity of others.  Breathe, chant, paint, cook, dance or binge watch positive movies.  We will see an uptick in mood once the Sun and Moon enter Sagittarius.

We have some changes coming

11/13 @8:20 pm Mars will resume forward motion. When a planet “appears” retrograde it’s actually closer to the earth which makes it stronger. It’s always a good thing when Mars loses a bit of strength.

11/15 @ 22 minutes past midnight we will have the exact New Moon which means that all of 11/14 will be New Moonish. This New Moon is in Libra NOT Scorpio. The Sun in Libra is debilitated and Scorpio gets much of the blame for the attributes of a debilitated Sun.

11/15 @ 9:22 pm the Sun moves into Scorpio which is a better placement for the fiery Sun. For some confidence will be better and for most of us the world will seem a bit less out of kilter.

11/16 @ 3:22 pm Venus moves out of Virgo (his sign of debilitation) into Libra his home sign. Relationships can improve and we can experience a bit more balance in our minds.

I am hoping that by Monday djt might concede but the Scorpio Sun is on his birth chart eclipse which means he’s going to be even more erratic. However, I suspect that we the people are going to be feeling just a bit better and the paper tiger will be seen as a paper tiger.

On a personal level this is a good weekend for healing, creativity and simply enjoying a long exhale.

Rahu’s Rocky Path.

“Rahu’s names include Swarbhanu, Minister of the Asuras (demons), the Half-Bodied, the Every-Angry, Persecutor of the Luminaries, the Horrible, King of Seizers, the Terrifies, the Powerful, the Fanged, Bloddy-Eyed, Indolence and the Big-Bellied.” (THE GREATNESS OF SATURN, Robert Svoboda). 

“Rahu creates smoke, has a dark body, resides in forests and engenders fear; he is airy (vata) in constitution.  (Parashari 3:30)

“Rahu and Ketu are the two points of disturbance on the path of the Earth and the Moon and the Sun. Thus Rahu and Ketu are the two points on the ecliptic 180 degrees apart and in whose vicinity disturbed conditions prevail. They represent the cross-roads on the fields of force of the earth and the Moon.”(RAHU AND KETU Manik Chand Jain)

In astronomical terms they are the points on the ecliptic which mark the bi-yearly eclipses.

The above are a few quotes describing the North Node of the Moon which Jyotish refers to as Rahu. In Vedic Astrology great importance is attached to both the North and South Nodes of the Moon (South Node is called Ketu) in a birth chart. Even though they are not physical planets, their sign and house placements in a chart can indicate karmas, ancestral qualities, obstacles, mental quirks as well as talents, consciousness and spirituality.

At this point in time, Rahu is an important influence in America because of the system known as the “Vimshotari Dasa.” The “Vimshotari Dasa” is a system in Vedic Astrology which determines when a planet will have a strong influence on a birth chart throughout life. The entire sequence is one hundred and twenty years long, and each planet will have an assigned number of years when he will play a primary role in life. As of now, the majority of people will not live long enough to experience the entire sequence of planets.

Nations, companies, and other entities also have birth charts, and the Vimshotari Dasa will play out in those charts as well. Because nations, companies, and other institutions can last longer than one hundred and twenty years, they will often go through the entire sequence and will then go on to start the sequence over again

The most accepted chart of the United States (7/4/1776) is two hundred and forty-four years old and, according to that chart, the US is currently in its third cycle of Rahu’s dasa. Each Rahu dasa lasts eighteen years and will certainly bring about change and surprise during the eighteen years. The chart calculated, based on the historical date of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, had Rahu as the active dasa ruler. The nature of the planetary dasa ruler active on the birth date will often be a strong influence throughout the life of the chart native; in this case, the native is the United States of America and the active influence is Rahu.

Rahu, being the first influence of America’s dasa sequence, shows up in the personality and mores of America in many ways. Simple observation easily shows the ongoing influence of Rahu in the United States. Rahu indicates freedom, rebellion, innovation, impulse, entertainment, pleasure, drugs, mental illness, and uncontrolled impulses. It is assigned as the significator of politicians, actors, trust fund babies, wealth, medicines/drugs, slavery, glitz, deception, and the occult.  The determination to be free led to a group of individual states coming together to break free from a king, but the individuality of the states themselves has caused much ongoing trouble for this country as different states had different interpretations for freedom and individuality.

Rahu is always counterbalanced by the influence of the South Node, Ketu.   Ketu is a major influence in poverty and denial as well as having an affinity with science, music, spirituality, and separation. The placements of these two influences take place in the second and eighth houses which represent two of the three financial houses. The fact that the United States laid its financial foundation on the work of slaves, the sale of slaves, and the theft of land from its indigenous peoples is indicated by the influence of the shadowy eclipse points in the money houses of the chart. This  has created a difficult karma for this country.  Some of the karma can be seen by the unrelenting periods of financial recession along with the resulting poverty which is a result of the recessions. Rahu and Ketu play a role in the oil industry, and we see on a daily basis the karmic results on the environment caused by our reliance on fossil fuels. Additionally, as we move through the third round of Rahu ,it is apparent that this country has to “finally” address the issue of systemic racism. 

The United States entered into its third round of Rahu influence in the fall of 2015. Rahu, as a powerful eclipse energy, was responsible for the election of Trump – a man born right on an eclipse. Most of our lives have been upended by his ineptitude, and the constant drama of a dangerous con man has left most of us exhausted and unsettled. In the birth chart of the United States, Rahu and Ketu are involved in the houses related to death, and we are on track toward a quarter of a million deaths caused by a virus. Trump’s ego and malignant nature led him and his cronies to deny the science (Ketu) which could have saved lives and avoided the economic destruction most of the country is experiencing.

The first round of Rahu saw the United States emerging from being subjects of the King of England thus fulfilling the promise of Rahu’s affinity for freedom and rebellion. The second dasa of Rahu ushered in what historians refer to as a “progressive era” for America. The dates for this era vary, but the time period from 1895 – 1913 are the most common dates. The second period of Rahu takes place from 1895 – 1913. (We have only rectified charts for the US which indicate that the Rahu dates could be off by a few months.) The accepted dates for the “progressive era” are an approximation as, obviously, in order for the era to start in 1895 people would have had to be motivated and organizing before 1895.

“Throughout the time period of the last Rahu dasa it turns out that many Americans feared that their historic traditions of responsible democratic government and free enterprise were being destroyed by corporate monopolies along with too much big business influence in government. It was an era marked by gains in labor. Because of the inequities those protesting the conditions of the average worker became allied with a growing body of ministers, priests, and rabbis—proponents of what was called the Social Gospel—who struggled to arouse the social concerns and consciences of their parishioners.” “Finally, journalists called “muckrakers” probed into all the dark corners of American life and carried their message of reform through mass-circulation newspapers and magazines.”  (Robert M. La Follette, 1906. Courtesy of the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.)

“Despite initial differences among urban reformers, by the early 1900s the vast majority of them were fighting for and winning much the same objectives—more equitable taxation of railroad and corporate property, tenement house reform, better schools, and expanded social services for the poor. Even big-city machines like Tammany Hall became increasingly sensitive to the social and economic needs of their constituents.” (Geo. R. Lawrence Co./Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. (LC-USZ62-52728-9)

Teddy Roosevelt was President from 1901-1909. His first term was due to the assassination of McKinley who had proven to be too friendly to big business.  When Roosevelt assumed office, he was more inclined toward a progressive agenda. One of the first actions Roosevelt took was to activate the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890 which had lain dormant because both President Cleveland and President McKinley refused to sign it into action. 

“Beginning in 1902 with a suit to dissolve a northwestern railroad monopoly, Roosevelt moved next against the so-called Beef Trust, then against the oil, tobacco, and other monopolies. In every case the Supreme Court supported the administration, going so far in the oil and tobacco decisions of 1911 as to reverse its 1895 decision. In addition, in 1903 Roosevelt persuaded a reluctant Congress to establish a Bureau of Corporations with sweeping power to investigate business practices.”

“Meanwhile, almost from his accession to the presidency, Roosevelt had been carrying on a crusade, often independent of Congress, to conserve the nation’s fast-dwindling natural resources and to make them available for exploitation under rigorous national supervision. He withdrew from the public domain some 148,000,000 acres of forest lands, 80,000,000 acres of mineral lands, and 1,500,000 acres of water-power sites. Moreover, adoption of the National Reclamation Act of 1902 made possible the beginning of an ambitious federal program of irrigation and hydroelectric development in the West.” Geo. R. Lawrence Co./Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. (LC-USZ62-52728-9)

It is easy to see similarities among the dasas of Rahu.  McKinley, like Trump, campaigned as a progressive populist, but he was not. Once he was killed and Roosevelt became President, he proved to be the populist progressive that the people needed., Today, we are pushing back against another man who campaigned as a populist but who has ruled not only as a friend of business but as a friend to dictators who seems determined to bring down democracy.

The purpose of this article is not to proclaim the defeat of Trump (though I do believe he will be soundly defeated in November), but to show that it is the destiny of America to experience the ups and downs of having the influence of a strong Rahu in a chart.

Our first experience of the Rahu dasa resulted in a bold experiment in democracy which threw off the yoke of the monarch of world’s biggest empire. We went through the second dasa fighting against oligarchs acting like unelected monarchs and planted the seeds of a nation in which regular workers had the rights to a decent and free life.  We are currently in our third Rahu cycle and are once again having to push back against the desires of the uber rich to bring down democracy to satisfy their greed for money and power. This cycle is not just for the white working people because it is the right time for all people –  regardless of color, gender, sexuality, and religious beliefs –  to be able to live their lives protected by the just laws of this country.

It is time for America to take another step towards fulfilling its ideals.  We can do this because we have the innovation and creativity of Rahu on our side and, as long as we don’t let ourselves be fooled by the smoke and mirrors of those like Trump, we will prevail as we move in the direction of the ideals set out two hundred and forty-four years ago by the founders of a small nation seeking freedom.