Surrender is to surrender your concept of
separateness, your ego. Surrender is to
submit your stupidness, your wickedness,
to the will of Existence. That’s all. You
must surrender like a river discharging
into the Ocean. Surrender is to discharge
your river of separateness into the Ocean
of Being, losing your limitations, and
allowing to happen what happens.

– Papaji



Lunar Eclipse

I recently watched an interview with a NASA scientist during which he explained that satellites are now able to study and observe the atmosphere of earth. He went on to speak about the earth having an electromagnetic field which serves as a protection for this planet.

It can be fun to watch modern science use terms that astrologers, psychic healers and other mystics have used for years – – the same terms which were often used as “proof” that those of us who studied metaphysics were nothing more than kooks. It’s good to keep in mind that it is positive for some of the terms to become used by the more accepted world of modern science. It is hopeful that modern day science is every day proving these ancient concepts and moving along towards the reality that we are all connected to the entire universal creation.

Scientists are learning to watch the electromagnetic field of the earth in order to learn how to keep it strong within the spectrum of changing climate as well as the constant change within the solar system itself. They are hoping that, by being able to plot these changes, science will help us to keep the earth’s “aura” strong for the protection of all who walk upon the planet.

Astrologers have done the same for thousands of years as they observed the movements and patterns within our solar system. Through their observations, they were able to study how certain planets and patterns affected the daily life on earth. They observed times of stress, ease, calamity, and good fortune. What they were looking at was the energetic radiation the planets emitted to earth. The systems of India combined the study of the planets with their knowledge of yoga which worked strongly with the “unseen” energetics of each person’s electromagnetic fields. The combination of Jyotish and yoga created a full system of being able to maintain balance and harmony by keeping the individual energetics strong.

The “prediction” part of astrology became part of the teachings because every person’s birth chart is influenced by the planetary movements, and the “house” system provides the place where mundane events will be highlighted. It, therefore, became possible to be able to warn someone that a particular planet was about to project a negative radiation in the constellation that, for instance, ruled one’s health. This knowledge would help a person take the proper steps to protect her/his health. Prediction became an important part of the science of astrology but, at least in Vedic Astrology, it was assumed that a person would become proactive because s/he knew the “planetary weather” was going to be stormy.

Unfortunately, over the years people became more passive about their own responsibility toward the cosmic weather forecasts and have looked at the predictions as a guarantee that certain planetary forecasts would bring them exactly what they desired. Predictions were easier during times when human beings had little choice in how they were going to live their lives. Today the world is more complex and the options are many which, in my opinion, renders prediction as not the most valuable of astrological insight. If the weather channel predicts rain, it doesn’t predict that you’ll not get wet or that
your significant other will not be held up in traffic because of the rain – it simply tells you it is going to rain.

Eclipse patterns tend toward having a more negative energetic effect. The eclipse of the 20th happened to be on the day of the Spring Equinox. The days of the equinoxes (as well as the solstices) seem to produce an energy of intensity which appears to be making the energetics of the solar eclipse more emotional and stress-filled than usual.

The eclipses are taking place in Pisces and Virgo. Those who have planets in either of those signs will feel this eclipse energy strongly, but each of us have areas of life affected by the eclipses since each of us have houses ruled by Pisces and Virgo. The energy of the eclipses will play out via the area of life ruled by the houses containing Pisces and Virgo. If one happens to have Pisces ruling the 10th house of career and Virgo ruling the 4th house of home, the eclipses could bring challenges between career demands and responsibilities. Rahu is currently in Virgo and, if the fourth house is ruled by Virgo, there could be surprises, stress, and extra activity on the home front while Ketu in Pisces in the house of career could result in the home-life causing one to miss days at work or other co-workers could be distant or absent. If there are no natal planets being affected, it can be a challenging time which will clear up quickly. If one has planets in those houses, it could result in bigger challenges which last a longer time.

The eclipse of the 20th was the “solar” eclipse which tends more towards emotional turmoil on an inner level. The eclipse of April 4th is the “lunar” eclipse which means it is the “full Moon” side of the eclipse.Energy and activity tends to be stronger during the times of the full moon, and the tendency for outer expression is more amplified than usual during the lunar eclipses. This expression of emotions can easily be set up by the wounds and issues which simmered during the solar eclipse.

The important thing to remember with eclipse energy is that it can be very irrational. Eclipse energy can bring up emotions and subconscious patterns within each of us. If we could all be alone and use the energy for internal healing and spiritual practices, the effects of the eclipses could be positive and even enjoyable. However, that is not the way of life, and our responsibilities need to be met, so often – – as we try to take care of our day-to-day lives – – we all have to deal with others who walk through life living through their egos and their desires which makes things even more challenging. Those who are conscious and awake have the responsibility to remember that the emotions and thoughts during this time period are highly emotional and can even border on irrational. Restraint is strongly advised until the eclipses are finished.

These particular eclipses are affecting the emotions (Pisces) and the nervous system/health (Virgo) which can “up” the emotional reactions to life. For those of us who cannot escape to an island during these times of energetic intensity, it becomes paramount to take care of our bodies and minds. Pisces tends towards escapism while Virgo tends towards stress and fear which can often cause problems with how we choose to escape – poor food, lack of exercise, or unhealthy substances can ultimately cause physical problems. It is much better to use the Pisces energy for spirituality, enjoyment of music and uplifting entertainment. Because of the inclusion of Virgo, this is an ideal time to go for massages,
acupuncture, and nutritional advice and to enjoy good food eaten at leisure and in a positive setting.

We can take charge of our own reactions, but we really cannot do that with others in our lives. During this cycle we should not be surprised when others choose to vent their frustrations in our direction.Restraint can be important to avoid big and unnecessary blow-ups. In addition to using the alternative nostril breath there are a couple of quick techniques which can be helpful. One is to silently use the mantra Om Aim (Ay-mm) as we are thinking of our response since this will help us choose our words carefully. The other is to picture a rose between your face and the face of the person to whom you
need to respond – this will help to keep the conversation positive. (Thank you, Janice Siebert, for this technique.)

There is a geometric influence in how the effects of the planets are determined.  The angles for Mars indicate that this planet influences the 4th, 7th and 8th signs forward of his constellation placement.  Currently Mars is in the sign of Aries strongly influencing the relationship sign of Libra.  Because of the intense energies of the eclipse it can be very easy for us to take out our frustrations on partners and loved ones.  Because Mars aspects both the 7th and 8th signs there is always a long stretch of time when Mars is active.  Until May 4th Mars will be influencing relationships and it can be helpful to know when Mars will be most active during this cycle.  All times are given in eastern daylight time and will have to be adjusted to your own time zone.  From approximately 1:15 p.m. to 3:15 p.m. Mars is influencing Gemini – annoyance, heightened stress and impatience with day to day activities.  From approximately 9:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Mars will be aspecting Libra and Scorpio – the caution here is the influence on our personal relationships – it is best to practice restraint.  In some time zones it could be harder to get to sleep on some evenings.  The good news about Mars is that laughter along with physical activity are favored as a counter-balance to the fiery energy – anger is not required. 

Saturday – March 21, 2015

Today is going to be a fussy day – Moon conjunct Mars and still under the energetics of the eclipse – use a little more care in activities throughout the day.  Moon moves into Aries approximately 9:20 p.m., eastern time and the energy will become less fussy and combative.

Solar Eclipse

We are quickly approaching our first eclipse of 2015.  The Solar Eclipse takes place at approximately 4 A.M., “Eastern” time on Friday morning (3/20). The Moon moves into the sign of Pisces around 10 P.M. and the energy can feel dark and heavy. For those on the East Coast a 10 P.M. bedtime is appropriate and might just be the easiest way to experiences this eclipse.

A quick look at the news of the past week or so shows that the high emotions and confused thoughts which generally accompany eclipse patterns are active and causing even more chaos out in the world.  Until we get through both cycles of this eclipse the energy will continue to feel unstable and emotional until after April 4th.  The key for most of us is to not to give into the emotional reaction because reactions under eclipse energy seldom helps a situation improve.

If dark thoughts or moods appear it can be good to remember the illusionary nature of the nodal points and remind yourself that much of what you are worrying or stressing about is being magnified by the emotional mind and will not come to pass. Time is precious these days but we can all find a few minutes somewhere in the day to relieve ourselves of the negative thought patterns. One of the fastest and most efficient ways to shift the electromagnetic influence of the planets is through pranayama. We all have our “trigger” points and if you feel yourself beginning to focus on old thought patterns or events because of the thoughts associated with the trigger points a technique known as “alternative nostril” breathing can balance the brain very quickly. Find a quiet place for a few moments and sitting in meditative pose or on a chair keeping the back straight place the thumb of your right hand on the right nostril and the pinky of the right hand on the left nostril. Close off the right nostril while breathing deeply through the left nostril for a count of 4 seconds, then close the left nostril and hold the breath for 2 seconds, then release the thumb from the right nostril and exhale for a count of 4 seconds. Immediately begin to breathe through the “right” nostril for 4 seconds then place the thumb back on the right nostril, hold the breath for 2 seconds and release the pinky from the left nostril as you exhale for 4 seconds – you have completed one full cycle of the breath. It is suggested that this be done for 26 rounds in order to achieve the best effect. This will help bring your mind back into balance and will eliminate the growth of the negative thought patterns and/or will keep you from overreacting to others and/or situations you have encountered.
The use of this technique or any healthy technique for balance is the same as carrying an umbrella because it is raining. There is too much noise during eclipses but generally the noise turns out to be just noise and we always have the choice to react or to not react just as we have a choice to carry an umbrella or get wet.

Ramana Maharshi

Divine grace is essential for realization.
It leads one to God realisation. But such
grace is vouchsafed only to him who is a
true devotee or a yogi. It is given only
to those who have striven hard and cease-
lessly on the path towards freedom.

– Sri Ramana Maharshi