New Moon

The Moon enters Cancer on July 25th at 11:00 pm, eastern time which is the beginning of the New Moon cycle for the month of July. The exact New Moon takes place on the 26th at 6:38 pm, eastern time. The energy will be lower for this weekend – it can be a respite from the high levels of impulse, anger and fear that appears to have overtaken planet earth in the last couple of weeks.

Because of the effects of that Rahu/Moon conjunction many impulsive and stupid decisions were made during that time. Now, as Mars moves closer to its conjunction with Saturn the price is being paid for the decisions made under the impulsive and illusionary Rahu. We will not see good decisions or positive conclusions for the month of August. We should remember that the media is Rahu’s playground and the information we are receiving can be erroneous and will definitely be dramatic with the goal of keeping everyone afraid. We don’t have to follow the script.

Use this weekend’s quiet energy to release the fear and make a determination to not give into the drama around us – it really is not as bad as it appears.


Moon and Mars and Saturn.

Moon in Aries being affected by Mars and Saturn in Libra – it is under this energy that the negative people gain the upper hand – try to focus in a positive manner – its very easy to become angry and discouraged – but, we always have a choice in our perceptions.


This is astrologically a big weekend for planet earth, and the show starts on July 12 at 7:35 A.M., Eastern Time when the Full Moon is exactly opposite the Sun. It is known as “Super Full Moon” because the Moon is closer to the earth than is usual. Astronomically, it is known as “Luna Perigee” a phenomenon that is not all that unusual – but, the brightness of the Moon and the high tides along with the possibility of high emotions makes it a bigger Full Moon event than other Full Moons.

This Full Moon cycle also falls on an ancient Hindu holy day known as “Guru Purnima.” This holy day is held each July during the Full Moon cycle which takes place with the Sun in Gemini and the Moon in Sagittarius. (Please note that this system is based on sidereal time which does not yet have the Sun in Cancer.) This day is chosen because of the Moon being in Sagittarius which is ruled by the planet Jupiter. One of the Sanskrit words for Jupiter is “Guru” and can refer to either a physical spiritual teacher as well as to what some refer to as “guides, angels, spirits, soul or universal knowledge available through intuition” – the point being that we are not as cut off from spiritual essence as our egos would like to have us believe. It is a day in which we can all honor those who have assisted us on a path of consciousness and tune into the inner-knowing that is beyond the intellectual and individual mind.

One doesn’t have to be a Hindu or Yogi or Brahman to participate in the energy of this day. One of the benefits of days like Guru Purnima is that there will be many, many people throughout the planet who are participating in a conscious spiritual celebration and we are all invited to join in our own way – meditation, nature, chanting, reading something uplifting or just taking some time out to enjoy the beauty of the “Super Full Moon.” It is powerful because it is a day when the vibration of the planet is more positive. No religion is necessary – religion is not the same as spirituality and, as the planet struggles toward a recognition of our soul connection to each other, we can tune into the true meaning of the word “guru” which can be translated as the “dispeller of darkness” – it doesn’t really matter if the darkness is dispelled by enjoying the Full Moon reflecting on a lake or by watching What The Bleep Do We Know; the point is to spend a bit of time in the light of the inner being and to know for a bit of time that so much of what we react to in the world is simply false knowledge – we were not born to suffer despite how mundane life feels.

What is exceptional about this particular Full Moon is that at the end of the 12th at approximately 9:38 P.M. Eastern Time, the Moon will directly aspect the recent movement of Jupiter into his exalted sign of Cancer – it is what Vedic Astrologers would refer to as an “auspicious” moment in astrological time. This will help to activate the positive energy of Jupiter’s excellent placement.

The very next day the planetary march changes gears with the movement of Mars into Libra and the Nodal Points into the Virgo/Pisces axis. Rahu and Ketu move on July 13 at 4:30 A.M, Eastern Time and Rahu will be conjunct Mars in Virgo until Mars moves into Libra at 11:22 P.M. Eastern Time. The day may feel unsteady, there may be a few surprises, and we can be assured that our “leaders” will be making the news rounds with the usual nonsense – but it is possible to keep tuned into the positive energy we created on the 12th and tune out the noise which constantly covers the truth of existence.

I have discussed Mars so much that I think we all know what to expect from the fiery warrior of the planetary forces. He will continue to misbehave until early September when he reaches the sign of Scorpio, which is a sign ruled by Mars and, therefore, is strong enough to handle the Mars energy and focus it in a more positive way.

The big news of this remarkable weekend is the switching of the nodal positions, Rahu and Ketu. These points on the ecliptic path are very connected to karma, desire, transformation, disappointment, and spirituality and will often change the focus and activity of our lives for the eighteen months they spend in a specific zodiacal axis. For most of us, the challenges and growth brought about by Rahu and Ketu in the past cycle will now switch gears to the location of our Virgo/Pisces houses. For instance, if one has a Gemini ascendant, the focus for the past eighteen months has been on children, creativity, love life, and the challenge of keeping up with the activity of those fifth house concerns through Rahu while at the same time living through the sacrifices required by Ketu which was placed in the eleventh house of social life, personal desires, and money. Rahu always operates through head-strong desire while Ketu operates through denial – the goal is to meet in the middle with truth, balance and objective expectations.

In the past eighteen months, Rahu and Ketu were hammered by the discipline, slowness, and denial of Saturn. No matter what houses the eclipse points were placed in our charts, it has been a remarkably frustrating time because Saturn’s job is to hammer the impulsive nature of Rahu, and he’s done his job well. For all of us, the biggest problem was that the nature of the Libra/Aries axis (the signs not being vacated by the nodal points) is the inherent challenge of relationship versus individual needs. Many family, work, and social relationships have been under enormous stress – I don’t recall such a difficult time in the recent past in which even something as simple as going to the grocery store felt like walking through a hostile environment. I really do expect that by the time we move into the middle of September that the people-to- people energy will improve.

Rahu and Ketu do well in the signs of Virgo/Pisces and, for many, the energy will calm down, spiritual practices will be easier, positive health changes will be easier to maintain, and relationships will not be as challenged. On a level that affects all of us, we can anticipate positive changes in health care, science, diet, arts, and the environment. There is also the possibility that more people will drop their individual anger and begin to move into a more neutral state of mind. It is the 21st century, and we live in an international world – it is a good time to discover that humanity has more in common than in differences. No, the world will not become perfect – it is not the nature of the world to be externally perfect, but it can be the nature of humanity to discover that there is perfection to our inner beings.

Enjoy the Super Moon and take a break from the problems and unhappiness for the 12th; if you choose to stay in a negative world – well, there is always plenty of that available.

Keep It Simple.

Mars and Rahu are getting closer to each other as they move towards changing signs on the 13th. Many are feeling more stressed and certainly the mood of others seems more negative.

This is a time period in which the most simple of breath techniques works well. Try to find 7 to 11 minutes each day to sit quietly with some relaxing music, calming scents or outdoors in nature and just do the “complete breath” – inhale through the nose for a count of 5, hold for a count of 5 and exhale for a count of 5. This will keep the nervous system strong and give you an opportunity for quiet time – Rahu is involved in this tension filled time and Rahu always exaggerates – nothing is quite as awful as it seems.

Mars and the Moon

The Moon is now with Mars which amps up the possibility of fires and accidents. Here on the East Coast many will be holding their July 4th festivities tomorrow – however, the conjunction will be closest on the 5th from about 1 pm until early in the morning of the 6th. Therefore, use the Mars and Moon conjunction for laughter and fun-filled activities – we all need the break – but, do not take any foolish chances or ignore common sense safety rules because the energy for accidents is with us for most of the July 4th weekend.

Planets On The Move

Astrologically, July is going to be a unique month for all human beings residing on planet Earth. Planets will be weakened and strengthened by being at the very end and also at the very beginning of signs as they switch their constellations in their ongoing journey through the solar system. As a result, there will be days when, like a hot summer day, it feels as if the air itself has stopped moving, to be followed by a strong thunderstorm which often breaks a summer weather pattern.

Mercury has resumed forward motion but, as of July 2nd, is still not at a full degree of Gemini so while the cloudiness of Mercury retrograde has subsided, we may not feel as if our minds or nervous systems are working at full capacity. Jupiter is now gaining strength in his exalted placement of Cancer – he will act as a positive influence and work to keep our minds elevated especially if we choose to work with positive mind. Jupiter’s influence will support hope, plans for the future, and the inner truth of our spirit. For those with strong placements in the signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, Jupiter’s current transit will be especially positive.

The big news of this month is that the nodal points are changing signs on July 13th as they move from their eighteen month stay in the signs of Libra and Aries. Once they move, they will reside in Virgo and Pisces for eighteen months. The nodal points are indicators of our personal karmas and operate on levels of emotion and subconscious impulses. For most people, the issues of the house placements of Rahu and Ketu will become prominent during the transit.

In the old texts, Rahu was described as a demon who wanted the power of the gods by drinking the “amrit” or beverage of the gods. Rahu was considered to be consumed by his desire for the “amrit.” In individual charts, Rahu is often the planetary force behind addictions as well as obsessions and is often an influence in mental illness. Rahu is happy in the sign of Virgo which is the sign of health matters. I expect to see changes in health care especially with regard to mental illness and addiction treatment.

Ketu always resides in the opposite sign from Rahu which, for this transit, means the sign of Pisces. Ketu is different from Rahu and, whereas Rahu operates through desire and is attached to the material aspects of the mundane world, Ketu is more concerned with the “outer worldly” and a Ketu person often will be a spiritual person. Ketu does well in the spiritual sign of Pisces, and spiritual seekers will appreciate Ketu’s affinity for meditation and other spiritual practices. Pisces has an affinity for music and other creative activities, and we should see new innovations in music and other arts. Both Rahu and Ketu share an affinity towards technology and, in these two signs, we may witness advancements in scientific technology. The movement away from the Libra/Aries axis will relieve us of the difficult conjunction of Rahu and Saturn as well as moving us away from the headstrong energy of Aries. This transit, in the bigger picture, will be an improvement for all of us.

Individually, the houses which are ruled by Virgo and Pisces will be active for the next eighteen months. For instance, if someone has the sign of Virgo on their second house, matters of money, communication, and family will become more important now and the focus will naturally move to those areas of life because Rahu will constantly focus the mind on those areas. Ketu in the sign of Pisces will present the challenge of not leaving behind spirituality or compassion in the quest for money. This same focus will be apparent in whatever house the nodal points fall. Those with planets in Virgo and Pisces can expect the next eighteen months to be active ones – both in gains as well as opportunities for growth.

As Rahu moves into the sign of Virgo, the planet Mars will be moving from Virgo to Libra and will result in a conjunction of these two malefic influences. Mars, as has been the case since 2008, has been a major player in our country,and the time period of July 11th until the 16th will be tense. I suspect there may be a few shocking events around that time. We will all do well to take extra precautions during these days especially with regard to traveling and weather patterns. There is nothing we can do about shocking world events, but we can choose to keep our wits about us during these few days.

Finally, I am still offering the 18% discount until the end of July. The discount or the email question is a good opportunity to find out how the changes are going to affect your own chart.

Happy Fourth of July!