It’s Time for Spring Renewal.

The eclipse will start around 12 am, eastern time and continue until 4:15 am.  For some, tonight’s sleep can be restless despite being so tired.  It is best to eat lightly and allow ourselves to exhale.  The energy will begin to lighten up in the next few days. Mars will still be aspecting Mercury and the Sun until the 5th of May giving a need to continue to exercise patience for a few more days. Even with the Mars aspects the energy is finally moving forward in a more positive direction.

Venus is now in the sign of Pisces – his sign of exaltation.  Mars is aspecting the sign of Pisces which is good for creative expression. The month of May is good for creative projects and favors the Spring ritual of sprucing up gardens as well as projects and purchases which brighten up our home base.  

May is going to be quieter and the world will be experiencing a lessening of surprises and shocking events. It is a good month to relax and renew in anticipation of the big transit changes which start in June.   


Solar Eclipse

We are now seven days from the solar eclipse which will take place April 29th around midnight and will continue until 4:15 a.m., eastern daylight time.  There will not be the same level of publicity as received by the lunar eclipse, and the energy will be quieter for this one.

The solar eclipse takes place during a New Moon when the Sun and Moon are conjunct  – – it is the darkest night of each monthly lunar cycle.  The New Moon is generally a time of lower energy which can feel both emotionally and physically draining.  During a solar eclipse, emotions can feel heavy and people can view life through the prism of darkness and even despair.  As with all eclipse energy, it is important to remember that the emotions are heightened by the nature of the illusionary nodal points; nothing is really as awful as the nature of the eclipse energy will have us believe.

Fortunately, the energy of the solar eclipse is low enough that restraint will be easier to achieve simply because the majority of us are just tired.  Although the energy is low-keyed, it does not mean that highly volatile people will be able to use restraint nor does it mean that the world will be more cooperative – –  it just means that for many of us while our thoughts may be filled with fiery frustration, negative foreboding or personal resentments we will not have the energy to do much except brood on those thoughts.

The good news is that this is the last eclipse taking place in Aries/Libra, and the solar eclipse does represent a time when we can release and heal from the past.  This week is a good time for quiet contemplation, rest and healing modalities.  It is a time to begin to plan for the next cycle which will bring about new challenges as the slower planets change transit positions in the very near future.

We are all in human bodies and all have emotional baggage.  We are all living through a time which will be written about in future history books — it makes little sense to deny the challenges, the fears and the emotions that come about as a result of the stressful times in which we live. The solar eclipse will make us aware of these deep feelings and is our opportunity to understand these emotions so that they don’t have to come back to haunt us like ghosts of our past or enemies of our future. 

The times will not magically change after the eclipse finishes.  However, the energy will be lighter and our minds will not be as burdened as they are right now. An important key is to use restraint for a few more days so as not to react foolishly on our emotions and create an unnecessary mess in our lives.  Use this week for extra sleep or some other indulgence –there is nothing wrong with giving ourselves some well deserved comfort.  We have all earned a bit of a vacation even if the vacation seems to be taking place in a cloudy location. 

Mars and the Sun

Mars and the Sun are in opposition until 4/14/2014 when the Sun moves into Aries – the opposition is exact on 4/8/2014. This opposition takes place in the signs of Pisces and Virgo.  Mars and the Sun are not inimical to one another but both of these planets are fiery and can be combative. 

Pisces houses the Sun and is a softer and more compassionate influence while Virgo, which houses Mars, can be technical and favors life based on intellectual details.  It is interesting that both signs are concerned with health matters with Pisces being the sign of hospitals and Virgo being the sign of health itself.  Pisces is the sign of compassion and Virgo is the sign of retail sales – the argument over the health care law doesn’t stand a chance of quieting down or falling off the media radar anytime soon.

In many ways the Sun and Mars dancing together can dance to the tune of umbrage and here in America there is no lack of umbrage so the volume is high at this moment. The Sun is the ego and for the next few weeks we are all going to encounter people coming from egoist emotions.  It can be a time during which personal relationships suffer from poor communication as individuals try to find understanding for their own bruised egos and instead meet up with the current energy of Mars which is more inclined to prove its point through debating every detail of the past and present.  It will not be easy to find peaceful resolution at this time. Mars is retrograde and, for some, the frustration can be coming from events that should have been left in the past – conscious discernment is the best attitude to take when encountering these types of frictions in relationships. 

Once the Sun moves into Aries on the 14th the degrees of Mercury in Pisces will then oppose Mars.  Mercury and Mars are inimical to each other and Mercury is debilitated in the sign of Pisces.  The energy will not be as fierce but can be more confusing for the six days of this opposition – Mercury moves into Aries on the 20th of April. Mercury is a planet of communication but in emotional and idealistic Pisces his style of communication can be overwhelmed by the forceful Mars in the detail orientated sign of Virgo.  It is best to not engage with the anger during those six days or so. 

These energies are taking place along with the eclipse energy and it is most important, due to the high level of aggressive behavior, to keep the nervous system healthy and to remind yourself that May is not that far away.  The showers of April may be storm-like but the flowers of May are on the horizon.