Eclipse, Mercury and Mars, Mars, Mars

For those who are looking at the promised “light at the end of the tunnel,” this moment in time might be disappointing.  It seems that we are over the worst of the pandemic and we do have a grown-up in the White House, but if we look at the world without objectivity, it can seem as if life is worse, not better.

Since I don’t reside in LaLa Land, I would never tell you that “happy days are here again” because, as we open up our country, it seems as if we’ve opened up the doors to new levels of bad behavior. “The former guy” will not go away and, being a master at promoting himself, he has a sizable number of people believing that the election was stolen from him.  If we add to this a level of grief from over 500,000 Covid deaths as well as an epidemic of crazed misinformation, on some level 2020 almost felt better.  It is certainly more peaceful baking banana bread than coming out into a world where it seems as if everyone is fighting with words, fists, or guns.

Much of what we are experiencing is a wake-up call since the light has been turned on to the multiple problems of our modern society.  In many ways, humanity did not handle the shift from an agricultural society to an industrial one with foresight or wisdom.  We are now at the turning point of another social shift, and the problems from the first industrial change still have to be tackled.  The racism, the classism, the thirst for money, the disregard for the planet, and the control of the capitalist titans all have to be addressed. It is understandable that the world feels unstable and fraught with fear. If we are to learn the lesson of the need for unity within the village of humanity, it seems that it is being done by shared suffering.  Even those at the top of the heap cannot truly claim happiness because if they could, people like Rupert Murdoch would not look as if they are immersed in suffering instead of enjoyment of their ill-gotten fruits.

Life on planet earth has always been a challenge and, for whatever reason, winning the challenge comes from learning who we are within… for it is there that our happiness resides. I would not be so crazy as to state that I understand why it is like this on earth, but I do know that with determination and practice the place within that is essentially perfect can be reached…  but not purchased.  For me, it is the practice of mantra and the teachings of systems like the Vedic philosophy that bring me home to the sanity of the “self.”  It is always my responsibility to bring myself back after I’ve forgotten and allowed myself to get caught up in the external world.

Two of the most helpful guides on the path are the timing and movements of the planets. We are going through a tougher patch right now and, unfortunately, the planets misbehaving is in synch with the reopening of our society. “Salt to wounds?”

Many of us know that we are in the eclipse season with the final eclipse of this cycle happening on June 10.  This is the “solar” eclipse which means it is timed with the New Moon when there is no light at all being reflected off the Moon.  The solar eclipse is one of lower energy and discouragement.  This eclipse is accompanied by Mercury being retrograde and going back to the sign of Taurus where he will, once again, be in the sign of the eclipses. It will take effort and determination to maintain objective thought and not give in to enhanced emotive thoughts. It can be done by each one of us. The best we can do, when dealing with those who give in to their emotions, is not offer a reaction while at the same time keeping a compassionate outlook.

It takes Mars eighteen months to move through the entire Zodiac and, during his journey, the most difficult time can be when he moves through Gemini and Cancer.  As to be expected (given all that is happening right now) of course, Mars is visiting Gemini and Cancer.  He is currently in Gemini (4/14 – 6/2) and Gemini, in my opinion, is a sign which does not withstand the energy of our fiery and aggressive friend Mars.  This position is tough on the nervous system and is a sign that likes to weight options before coming to a decision. The basic energy of Mars is to make decisions without much thought, Part of the anger we are seeing right now comes from Mars upsetting one of our intellectual signs.  Mars is working toward impulsive actions and, for those who are forcing actions based on stressed out nervous systems and fear, the results are exactly as we see them playing our right now. Gemini is a sign of communication and has a strong affinity with the media. It would be helpful if our media would not add fuel to the fires of Mars, but restraint is not something being utilized much at this time.

On June 2 Mars moves into Cancer which, after the eclipse of June 10, might bring down the temperature a bit; Mars, however, is not particularly well-placed in Cancer as it is in its sign of debilitation.  Along with the hot temperatures of the July sun, I think we will witness an increase in the vitriol and divisions within our country. There will be craziness, and people with mental health instability will figure in the mix., The good thing is that Mars in Cancer can be low in energy, so some crazy plans will not be brought to action. Cancer is the sign of the family and I suspect that during the six-week period of June 2 through July 14, we might see families experiencing more emotional words and actions., Of course, some of these emotions need to be expressed, but there will be some that can erupt in a painful way. As always with Mars, physical activity, comedic movies, and good food will appease his energy.

Personally, I always plan something to celebrate when Mars leaves Cancer and enters into Leo because there is always a feeling of relief.  As much as we’ve all been anticipating this summer of opening up our society again, we would be better off enjoying small things like the better weather (for those who actually like hot weather), the removal of masks, and the gathering of friends. The anticipation should be kept in check because the planets are not celebrating.  There should be a feeling of relief after July 14, and that would be a good time to plan some sort of gathering or vacation because the planets will be better.

In the meantime, it is important to remember that eclipse energy always exaggerates situations and some of that exaggeration includes lying or, as we call it today, “misinformation.”  Try not to give in to the emotive words and false fears.  Humanity has been through worse, and I expect we will get through this as well.

These energies test all of us.  Breathe, chant, sing, dance, and remember to love with compassion.  No matter what is going on around us, we always have control of our own thoughts, and there are plenty of tools to help all of us.  If that includes seeking professional help for an out-of-balance nervous system or disordered physical neuropathways, get help.

It is said that souls choose to incarnate to earth because of the beauty and laughter. It is also taught that divinity is proven only by the ability to love.  The most important action we can all take is to rise above the misery for the moments of beauty, laughter and love no matter what the outer world is showing us.