More on the Saturn/Rahu Conjunction

In the last post I wrote on how many of us were feeling as if we are just “stuck” in some area of our lives due to the Saturn/Rahu conjunction.  I also mentioned that this is a long-term conjunction due to the slow movement of Saturn and Rahu.  Rahu is the north node of the eclipse points and will stay in a sign for eighteen months while Saturn will stay in a particular sign for approximately two and a half years.  The eclipse points, Rahu and Ketu will leave the Aries/Libra axis on July 13, 2014 and Saturn will leave Libra on 11/1/2014. 

It can seem like we still have a long way to go and we do but there will be various degrees of intensity. At the time of this post (6/30/13) Saturn is retrograde which tends to cause a higher than usual amount of delays. The fact that Saturn and Rahu are approaching their close conjunction in mid-August (exact on 9/15) adds to the intensity.  Another year is a long time but the energy will not be this intense during the entire year – I’m looking at the peak of this energy to take place from mid-August until mid-September.  After that time period the energy will be somewhat lighter.  The planetary positions are much like a weather report and like the weather there can be a difference between a cold day in December and one in February.

Saturn is one of the strongest indicators of karmic situations of all of the planets and often the house placement of Saturn will indicate the areas of life that a person will focus on throughout their lives.  It is those areas of mundane life that will indicate personality and ego traits that tend to thwart our efforts and/or will indicate areas of both responsibilities and abilities.

In addition to the natal placement we all experience periods of time when Saturn will focus on certain situations as indicated by house placement and those situations can be filled with responsibilities, challenges and some really good life lessons. 

This particular Saturn cycle includes the energy of Rahu which will bring in not only delays and responsibilities but also, due to the nature of Rahu, opportunities to break through and change something within ourselves and/or in our lives.

If someone has a Taurus ascendant the current transit is going to take place in that person’s 6th house and will also influence their 8th, 12th and 3rd houses.  Because both Saturn and Rahu are in the 6th house the challenges will be very strong in 6th house matters – work, health and enemies are common attributes of the 6th house. If the person’s situation brings about health concerns Saturn will indicate that the health concern can be  chronic or longer term health problem and Saturn will demand that effort be put into the health problem. Since the 8th house rules insurance one will be dealing with health insurance companies. If the person has no health insurance the 12th house of unexpected and unavoidable expenses will come to the forefront or as the 12th is also hospitals one may even end up in the hospital due to the illness. The 3rd house is considered a house of energy and effort an illness would cause the person’s energy levels to be much lower and their efforts at other areas of life can feel blocked by poor health.

The above is on a basic mundane level.  But, Saturn is always a teacher and the higher purpose to the transit may actually be showing the native that it is time to pay attention to what she is doing to keep herself healthy.  Saturn will teach that there are consequences to poor food choices, over-indulgence and lack of physical exercise. What is valuable to this particular transit is that Rahu is involved and Rahu will push all of us towards a different approach.  For instance, suppose a chart with the Taurus ascendant is the chart of someone who has always taken an antibiotic for chronic infections.  Rahu likes a more alternative approach to health care and could lead this person to investigate diet and herbs to increase the strength of the immune system,  yoga to decrease the stress levels that weaken the immune system and herbs or foods that are known to strengthen the part of the body which is more prone to infections. 

The positive side of this conjunction is to look at where the challenges and responsibilities lie and to use the energy of Rahu to do something different because Saturn will generally be trying to show someone how it is their own quirks which brought the frustrating situation in their lives.  Astrology is always a weather map and it is always in our own power to choose to carry an umbrella when rain is in the forecast. 




Feeling Stuck.

For many of us it can seem as if lately the same situations or challenges greet us at some point throughout our day. This happens even after we thought we had made progress or perhaps even settled the issue and for some it can even be issues that were thought to have been settled years ago.

These type of situations may seem more prominent since January of this year when Rahu joined Saturn in the sign of Libra. The transits of these two last can last for as long as eighteen months – this transit will be with us until July of 2014. Rahu will stay in one sign for eighteen months and Saturn for approximately two and half years. Rahu and Saturn will conjunct each other approximately every twelve years or so and these two coming together tend to shake up the world around us and at the same time can play out karmically in our lives.

While they come together every twelve years it is rare for them to come together in the sign of Libra. Rahu is considered to be air-like in nature and Libra being an air sign is not a particularly negative placement for Rahu. Libra is also Saturn’s exaltation sign and the changes and challenges brought about by Saturn’s, every twenty-eight year journey through Libra, has the potential to bring about improvements. The improvements only come with honesty, hard work and patience – Saturn knows no other way of operating. What we are observing around us may seem totally chaotic but once these transits are over some of the changes will prove to be beneficial.

On a personal level these two cosmic bodies meeting is interesting because one can bring in new situations and karma while the other seems focused on the old and appears to be fighting the new. Rahu is known for change which often comes with surprises. Saturn is the planetary force that focuses on karmic lessons and responsibilities. Saturn operates through patience, effort and truth. Rahu is often just the opposite as one of the influences of addiction, illusion and irresponsibility. The result of this conjunction can be frustration as one tries to get rid of the responsibilities or burdens that appear to be preventing one from experiencing a happier or more peaceful life.

This particular conjunction can be frustrating as the challenges seem to be stronger than usual. It can be confusing as one begins to see life through the new eyes of Rahu but the mundane events seem to be mired in mud. Of course, the purpose is to force inner growth and personal empowerment. As we approach the exact conjunction the situations that cause the most frustration can become even more intense. What is guaranteed is that the houses affected in the natal chart will represent the areas of life that is most affected. Knowing which houses are affected can be important as the people, events and attitudes of those houses will be the ones that call for the most attention and effort.

The signs affected are Aries/Libra for Rahu and Saturn. Due to Saturn’s influence Sagittarius and Cancer are also highlighted. Please note that these are the signs as calculated by the sidereal zodiac – this information will not appear on articles using the tropical zodiac or in the newspapers and magazines as different signs will be used.

There are times in life when it is best to give up control and try to observe life with a level of detachment – this is one of those times. Jupiter which is currently in the sign of Gemini is aspecting this conjunction and does give a decent amount of positive energy to the sign of Libra – when this conjunction is over there may be more to celebrate than we can even imagine now. All planets are good for something and all experiences are opportunities for growth especially the rare Rahu/Saturn conjunction.

If you are reading this and have no idea what this conjunction is affecting in your life please note that I offer a short email consultation that can be used to fill you in on how this one conjunction is affecting your life.

Mercury Retrograde

This morning (6/24) at 9 a.m., eastern time, Mercury went retrograde and will remain retrograde until July 21 at 2:20 p.m., eastern time.

Mercury retrograde happens three times a year and news of his retrograde motion will often cause a negative reaction from people. While it is true that communication, computers, short distance travel, contracts and educational matters can be more challenging and/or negatively impacted by Mercury being in apparent retrograde motion any planetary movement or configuration that happens so often must have a positive as well as negative side.

This particular retrograde will take place completely in the sign of Gemini which is one of the home signs for Mercury. Mercury being in the sign of Gemini gives us a longer than usual time period spent with Mercury not being unhappy and therefore causing greater amounts of confusion. At this time the Sun and Jupiter are in Gemini with Mars scheduled to enter Gemini on July 5th. Gemini is a fast-moving and high-strung energy which has a strong influence over the media, gossip, travel and impulsive decisions. The past few weeks have certainly been filled with fast-moving and somewhat chaotic events taking place at a rapid rate. This fast pace can be directly attributed to the nature of Gemini as can the stress you might be feeling.

I tend to view Mercury retrogrades as a time-out for all of us on planet earth. While we may not like the delays and mishaps of Mercury retrograde this particular retrograde period can prove to be a mini vacation for our minds and nervous systems. Delays can be viewed as found time in which to breathe, read or listen to music. People not wanting to communicate can become moments of silence and Mercury retrogrades are one of the most powerful times in which to meditate and simply breathe.

One of the attributes of the connection between Vedic Astrology and Yoga is an understanding of how the planets affect the unseen energetics of our bodies. Gemini and Mercury both benefit greatly from simple breath work. One of the easiest ways to utilize the time-out of Mercury retrograde is through breath work and meditation – a simple meditation is below:

The “pinky” is considered the Mercury finger and in order to balance the Mercury energy gently press the thumb pad onto the pinky pad with the hands facing upward, close your eyes and gently begin to breathe through the nose, hold the breath, gently exhale through the nose – all times should be equal – if the inhale lasts 5 seconds, the hold and exhale should be 5 seconds as well. Try to do this for 11 minutes but for no less that 5 minutes – focus on the count to settle the mind and allow yourself to just be quiet and stress-free for those moments.

The Correct Way to do Sitali Breath

The above post regarding the fire in Gemini contained a breath technique.  Written in haste the technique was not written properly. 

The correct technique:

To perform Sitali, sit comfortably in any meditative posture.

 Allow the tongue to draw out and comfortably fold it up from the sides to form a tube.

Slowly inhale bringing the air through the tongue and feel the lungs expand completely.

After the full inhalation, withdraw and relax the tongue. Close the mouth and then slowly exhale through the nose.

Adding fire to the mix

On June 14th at 7:26 p.m, eastern time the Sun will move into Gemini and adding his fiery energy to the conjunction of Jupiter, Mercury and Venus.  Additionally, the Moon is currently in Leo and being aspected by Mars – the aspect will be exact on the 15th at 8:26 a.m., eastern time.

The short version of the planetary weather is that the energy is fiery and possibly aggressive right now.  Once the Moon moves into Virgo on Sunday the 16th at 10:18 a.m. the energy will be less fiery.

The energy of the Sun can add to the creative expression of all of those planets in Gemini and might help many to be more proactive and focused. However, it is important to keep in mind that Gemini is not a strong sign in terms of physical strength.  Gemini has a strong impact on the nervous system as well as the lungs and respiratory system – this is a time period during which attention must be paid to physical health.  The Sun now playing a role in Gemini can cause inflammation to the general upswing of nervous energy.  It is important to find down time and use stress reduction techniques.

A wonderful technique from the world of yoga is known as “Sitali Breath.”  It is simple and will calm down the nervous system and work to cool off the internal organs: While sitting in a comfortable posture, purse the lips, stick out the tongue and fold it (some people are unable to fold the tongue and they should just stick it out while trying to keep the lips pursed), once the mouth and tongue are locked in position simply breath in and out through the mouth.  This technique can be done for 3 minutes or 26 times.   

A look at the current telephone scandals.

For thousands of years humans have observed the movements of the planets along the constellation belt known as the zodiac.  Astrologers, through observation and study, know that planets and signs tend to affect certain aspects of life.

Currently, the focus is in Gemini as it contains Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and for another day or so the Moon.  Gemini is the sign that rules newspapers, media, technology, telephones, computers and even gossip.  The opposite sign to Gemini is Sagittarius.  Whenever one sign is highlighted the opposite sign gets highlighted as well.  Jupiter is the planet ruling the sign of Sagittarius.  Jupiter is also “one” of the planets which has an influence over the king, leader or government of a country. The current scandal over phone records and internet tracking by the government fits in with the planetary weather report.

The other big planet for government or government ruler is the Sun.  At the moment the Sun is still in Taurus which is the 12th sign to Gemini.  What that indicates is that there are definitely “behind the scenes” actions at play with the June scandal in this year of scandals.  The Sun moves into Gemini on the 15th of June – we can expect more revelations and actions on this very Gemini type of situation.

Moon is in Aries

The Moon is the fastest moving of all the planets and will stay in one sign for approximately two and half days.  The quick movement of the Moon can be challenging to those who are sensitive to energetic fluctuations and for people who have a higher level of an emotional approach to life. 

Every planet has specific areas over which it rules. The Moon is considered to be one of the influences over the general population, as well as the mind, emotions, nurturing, the stomach, health,  mothers/motherhood, bodily fluids and the ability or inability to master the emotional mind. 

In terms of the transits the effect of the Moon in each sign will depend upon one’s individual chart and he moves quickly so the effects can quick and sometimes certain positions will not even be very noticeable.  It is in terms of the Moon’s effect on the general population that the Moon is often felt most strongly.  Those who work in hospitals and law enforcement have long noted that when the Moon is full their jobs are often more challenging.  Because the New Moon is not observable not many take notice of the effects of the New Moon but astrologers know that the New Moon is often a time of heightened stress.

At the moment (6/5/13) the Moon is in Aries being opposed by Saturn and moving towards his exact conjunction with Ketu which occurs at 8:30 p.m. tonight.  Aries is a fiery and aggressive sign and often when the Moon is in Aries we can notice a general impatience or shortness of temper in our dealings with others.  Because of the influence of Ketu and Saturn people can be feeling discouraged and negative right now.

The Moon will enter Taurus on June 6th at 11:35 a.m., eastern time.  Taurus is one of the best placements for the Moon and will often bring about a more positive outlook.  This lunar cycle does happen to be the New Moon cycle and given the influence of Mars and the Sun on the Moon we may not experience an outburst of positive mind.

In Vedic Astrology the New Moon is considered the birth of the next lunar cycle as the Moon hits the darkest time of the month but it also begins its waxing phase as soon as it passes the exact conjunction with the Sun.  From an energetic perspective the New Moon is generally the lowest point of each month and often we will feel tired and lacking in enthusiasm. 

We always have a choice in how to approach these shifts in the planetary energies and the New Moon does have its purpose.  It is the time of each lunar month when, by working with the energy, we have the opportunity to rest, heal and spend some time in contemplation as we let go of the past month’s events and lay the groundwork for the next cycle. Given the amount of stressful energies and events I suspect most of us can use a break – the low energy of the New Moon cycle can be that mental and emotional break.

The New Moon is exact on 6/8 at 10:35 a.m., eastern time.  Fortunately, it is on Saturday and for many Saturday is not a day in which one is forced to deal with traffic, grouchy bosses or stressed out coworkers.  Saturday can give the opportunity for some quiet and relaxing time if one plans ahead.  It is a perfect time for yoga/meditation, if that is preferred, but time with a good book, relaxing music, a massage or a bit of time spent in nature will go a long way towards using the healing energy of the New Moon. 

The Moon moves into Gemini at 12:15 a.m. on 6/9 and will join in with the grouping of Venus, Mercury and Jupiter in Gemini.  For many of us Sunday will feel much lighter and more positive. 

Please note:  The information given on this blog is a general overview which can be altered by the personal placements of one’s individual chart.