Planets On The Move

Please be aware that I use sidereal placements (the same placements used by NASA) for the planets which will “not” match what you read about in magazines and newspapers.

Today, July 17th at 10 a.m., eastern time, Venus moved into the sign of Leo and yesterday the Sun moved into the sign of Cancer.  Mercury will begin forward motion on July 20th, at 2:20 p.m., eastern time.  Tomorrow morning at 3:57 the Moon will move into Scorpio which is the sign of debilitation for the Moon. 

This is a week of quick events and a high level of emotion.  Venus in Leo tends towards drama, the Sun in Cancer will bring emotions to the ego and Mercury moving forward will bring details or events that have been delayed into active mode.  The Moon is both the mind and the emotions and while in Scorpio there is a tendency to look at life through a darker prism. The Moon will stay in Scorpio until 5:30 a.m. on the 20th at which point it will move into Sagittarius where it will be aspected by Mars, Jupiter and Mercury.  This is a week during which restraint is necessary because people will be looking to react to everything and anything.

The Sun in Cancer can bring stress to family life and security.  The Sun is not generally unhappy in the sign of Cancer but this year Saturn is aspecting Cancer.  From 7/21 until 8/2 Saturn will be within the degrees of the aspect. The exact aspect takes place on 7/28 and the days leading up to the exact aspect are often the days when the energy is felt the most.

As those who had the Saturn report done know Saturn is the planet that will signify what the ongoing challenges and lessons will be for an approximate two and a half year time period. Saturn always works on the ego and with him now putting his pressure on the Sun the tendency to respond to life through the ego is strong right now.  Lessons of “it’s not fair” are highlighted and with Cancer being the sign involved there are high levels of challenges and ego within family relationships. 

The changes and challenges for everyone are strong right now and it can be even more difficult when those pressures seem to invade our homes and sense of security.  There can be a strong tendency to give up peace in order to be right – the ego loves right – but under this energy the temporary sense of right may please the ego but the long-term consequences of inflicting hurt on loved ones can often override the short term satisfaction of the ego. There is a very short mantra that can be used in order to cool down anger – “Om Shanti” (Shantee). Additionally closing off the right nostril and breathing through the left nostril for a few minutes can often help with restraint against anger.

Sometimes there are simply times when we are not in charge of life and this summer is one of those times.  Life will continue to move too quickly and people will continue to be stressed out and will act accordingly.  We do have the ability to control our reactions and this summer will test us all on that level.  In many ways we are just passengers right now but we always have the choice to be a passenger who does not try to take over the vehicle – eventually the ride comes to an end. 



Gemini Influence Continues

The Moon will be leaving Gemini on June 8th at 6:50 p.m., eastern time at which point he will move into his home sign of Cancer – until that point the Moon is considered void of course which can cause feelings of tiredness as well as feelings of being a “bit out of it.”  Many are feeling an overload of the nervous system since the Moon is still close to the Sun and Mercury retrograde – it’s as if the mind is trying to push forward while the body and the world are not cooperating.  For the rest of the day do what needs to be done and leave the superhero cape locked in the closet.

Gemini has a strong influence on all transportation and communication this weekend’s events of a fuel train crash in Quebec as well as the plane crashes in San Francisco and Alaska are, at least partially, the result of the planetary overload in Gemini. 

The best we can do is take care of our own nervous systems and the content of our thoughts….breathe, breathe, breathe.


Mars The Planet of Independence

On this independence day.  Mars the most independent of all planets,  moves into the sign of Gemini at 3:45 p.m, eastern time,  where he will add his viewpoint to the other three planets currently residing in the dual, nervous and highly intelligent sign of Gemini.

Mars is always ready to move and shake things up but even he takes a few  days to gain strength in a new sign.  The energy of Mars may build a bit more slowly because Mercury is strong  in Gemini and still moving in retrograde motion.  Additionally, the Moon is waning and moving quickly towards the New Moon conjunction with the Sun.  The Moon moves into Gemini at 6:42 a.m. on July 6th and will be exactly conjunct on July 8th at 3:52 a.m., eastern time.

The New Moon energy is always lower and more emotional but with the presence of the Mars, Sun, Mercury and Jupiter all sharing the same constellation it could be more of a challenge to feel restful during the lower energy.  Gemini has an influence on the respiratory and nervous systems. During this particular time it is a good idea to make sure you are taking care of the body.  Of course, Gemini also rules technology, communication, short distance traveling and customer service so there could be more confusion and delays in those areas.

Gemini is also media of all forms and once Mars gains his strength and the Moon starts to wax some of the stories the media is covering will become more active.  One story that should come to a conclusion during this time period with be the current resident of the Moscow airport, Edward Snowden.  Snowden has three planets in Gemini and with Mars being one of them it is most likely that there will be a sudden change in his situation.

We are “not” at the beginning of a slow summer and on this day of independence it is appropriate  that Mars, the planet of independence, is now getting ready to state his case.