A Special New Moon


The New Moon taking place on January 27th is a unique and hopeful start to a new lunar month. The   Moon and Sun will be exactly conjunct in the sign of CAPRICORN at 7:00 pm Eastern Standard Time and is the moment that ends the last lunar month and starts the beginning of the next lunar month.

The New Moon is always a time best used for introspection and healing on the mental, emotional and energetic levels.  This particular New Moon is significant because the entire cycle is accompanied by two major planetary changes which take place within the New Moon cycle itself.  As many are aware, it is also the Chinese New Year!

We live in times of change within just about every aspect of society, and many individuals are also being pushed to change their viewpoint and consciousness.  Unless one is a person who relishes change, the average human ego resists change and that resistance can cause one to live in fear, anger, and even depression. I would never deny the severity of the problem in the White House, but I also don’t believe that we have to live in misery and fear because of it.  Fear was one of the tools used by those in power to stage their 2016 coup.  When we choose to view all of life through a negative lens,  we miss all kinds of opportunities to feel joy, forget to be grateful for what we do have that is good and, most of all, we become victims of life.

This New Moon is taking place along with Saturn leaving Scorpio (26th) and Venus entering Pisces (27th) which gives a positive power to the birth of this lunar month.  (In many ways, despite the battle we may have ahead of us, it astrologically marks the end of the dark time which gave us the current occupant of the White House.) This a truly good New Moon for cleansing, healing and walking into the future with courage and hope; we can and should participate!

Just as one doesn’t have to see the oxygen in order to utilize its properties, one does not have to see the energetics of the chakra system within each of us in order for their properties to affect us.  Scientists have learned to measure oxygen, and healers can also measure the dynamics of the chakra system along with all of the nadis and meridian points connected to the primary chakras.  Whenever one goes to a holistic healer, it is this energy that is used to help restore balance to the body.  Even though many of today’s yoga systems avoid teaching the principles of yoga, the postures and pranayamas are based on the effects they will have on the energetic system of the human body.

Planetary rays are connected to the chakras as well, and this New Moon is presenting us with an opportunity to balance out the chakras which are the invisible midwives to our physical existence. The Moon and the Sun share rulership of the Ajna Chakra which is also known as the Sixth Chakra or Third Eye. There are two petals associated with the Ajna Chakra and each is assigned to one of the petals.  The Moon represents the mind, and the Sun represents the soul.  When the Ajna is strongly balanced and an individual is not operating from the level of the ego, the intuition will work in conjunction with both the soul and universal mind.  Some people are born with this inherent ability, and some will come to it through meditation and the courage to be truly self-aware.

Saturn is assigned rulership over the Muladhara or 1st chakra located at the base of the spine. This chakra is concerned with security, longevity of the physical life, structure, and control.  If this chakra is not balanced it creates blocks which can manifest in deep fear resulting in a poverty, poor health, chaos, and lack of self-control.  A strong 1st chakra without any guiding principles can result in greed, lack of empathy, power-lust and, ultimately, bitter meanness.

Venus is the ruler of the Anahata or 4th chakra which is located in the center of the chest area.  This chakra is the balance point of the upper/spiritual chakras and the lower/mundane chakras.  We are all spiritual beings experiencing life in a physical body and can’t go through life operating via the energy of just the physically concerned chakras or the spiritually concerned chakras – a meeting of the chakras in the heart center results in a life well-lived. (A good visual representation of this principle can be found in the Star of David.) The Anahata is the seat of our capacity for love, compassion and expansion.

The beauty of this New Moon is the opportunity it affords us to work on strengthening and balancing these three planets and their energy centers.  Saturn in the sign of Sagittarius, as the planet of the people, will be working with us to push back against the powerful ruled by Sagittarius who have abused their power for so long – Saturn will be in Sagittarius for two and a half years. Venus, as the planet of love and compassion, is going to go retrograde which means he will be in Pisces, his sign of exaltation, for four months and he will give us the opportunity to heal and balance.  We can work with this New Moon energy to give a push to the energetics of these planets and chakras to heal, hope, and tune into the higher frequencies of the Ajna chakra.

Techniques for the New Moon

If possible try to be working with this energy around the time of the exact conjunction but, if that is not possible, this energy can be worked with throughout the weekend.

Eating lightly is always recommended for the New Moon.

The Moon is the mind, and contemplating the events of Saturn in Scorpio is worthwhile.  What has been learned through the denial of desires for the past two and half years?  What is needed to feel truly secure?  Have there been people who acted in betrayal?  Can they be forgiven? Has a person who passed on been truly mourned?  How have dreams and aspirations changed?  Has spirituality or consciousness changed?

Contemplate your writings and, if drawn to a ritual, the writings can be burned even over the kitchen sink.  Chant the seed sound for the 6th chakra – Om/Aum.

Energize the 1st chakra through some gentle exercise.  Picture a red tube of light going from the base of the spine into the earth and affirm that you do not need the fear and that it is only the ego which is threatened.  Start a journal of affirmations and positive plans. Chant the seed sound for the 1st chakra – Lam.(Lahm)

The 4th chakra can be energized by visualizing the Star of David or a deep green emerald or a lotus right in the center of the chest.  Focus on love for others and self along with a sense of compassion for others. Chant the seed sound for the 4th chakra – Yam (Yahm).

Chakras respond nicely to sound, visuals, and fragrance.  Bring flowers into the room for your New Moon ritual, burn some incense or other scent and choose uplifting music.  If you do not want to work with the chakras or other techniques, just sit quietly and breathe deeply along with the music and flowers, and enjoy some quiet time.

I would like to remind everyone that Vedic, Hindu, and Eastern Astrologers use sidereal placements or the “observable planetary placements,” and the placement will not match those of western astrologers or what is in magazines and newspapers.

There are many systems of chakra interpretation.  The one I use is based on the combination of Vedic Astrology and the ancient teachings of yoga.  This does not indicate that other systems are incorrect; it is simply what I choose according to my own education and practice.

*Thank you Atma Amita for editing this especially on such short notice. All of the commas thank you for including them in this.








The Lunar New Year and Saturn

Welcome to the first blog of 2017!  Many of us were more than happy to see 2016 pass into history but also looked towards 2017 with trepidation.  It’s here and we survived the cross over and will survive 2017 as well.

As I stated in my last blog, the “astronomical” New  Year is December 20/21 during the solstice when the Sun begins to increase its light.  January 1st was an arbitrary date, most likely chosen as the New Year due to the ending of the Solstice/Christmas season; it is not based on any astrological/astronomical timing.

Other traditions around the world choose the beginning of the New Year according to lunar cycles, and this year the Chinese New Year is, depending on the time zone, January 27th. It will usher in the year of the Rooster, a symbol of hard work, resourcefulness and courage – qualities that will be appreciated during the year 2017. January 27th represents the first New Moon of 2017 which takes place with the Sun and Moon exactly conjunct in the hard-working sign of CAPRICORN.

January 26th is the date of a big astrological change which is Saturn’s movement into the sign of SAGITTARIUS after his two and half year residence in the sign of SCORPIO.  (There will be a four month period from June 20 – October 25 when Saturn will slip back into Scorpio and give us all a “final exam” on what we learned while he was in Scorpio.) On a basic level this means that those who have strong planets in Sagittarius, Gemini, Aquarius, Virgo will be under the tutelage of Saturn – Sagittarius and Gemini will be receiving the strongest influence.  Those who were born between December 16 to January 15 (Sagittarius), June 16 to July 17 (Gemini), February 15 to March 15 (Aquarius) and September 17 to October 17 (Virgo)  will have their Suns in signs which will be affected by this Saturn transit.  However, those with their Ascendants, Moons or other significant placements in these signs will be attracting Saturn’s close attention as well.  Our friends with strong influences in Scorpio, Taurus and — on a lesser level — Capricorn and Leo, can exhale now and look forward to bringing new truth and maturity into their future.  Of course, we all have the influence of each sign somewhere in our charts and Saturn in Sagittarius will be affecting each one of us accordingly.

As we know, Saturn is the great teacher and does so through truth, reality, constriction, challenge and, far too often, loss. He is leaving the intense sign of Scorpio and has shone his special light on the darkest part of human nature along with frustrating many of us in appeasing our desire nature.  Scorpio is also a Mars sign, and Saturn brought out the angry and aggressive side of human nature.  Good-bye is not always hard to say!

Sagittarius is a different energy.  It is symbolized by the centaur and is a fast-moving, courageous, adventurous and forward thinking energy. Since Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, those with harmonious planets in Sagittarius can experience a positive ease as they gallop through life.  It is easy to see how those with planets in Sagittarius, Gemini, Aquarius and Virgo will be in for a time period that feels very restrictive to them.  All four of the signs that are going to be influenced are fast-moving and impatient by nature.  For many with these influences in their charts, it is going to be a challenge to sit in the quiet classroom of Saturn.  I’ve personally seen through clients, as well as the many Scorpio-influenced family members I have, an amazing growth in the past two and half years – they are more content, wiser and peaceful now than they were prior to Saturn’s attention.  I expect the same results for those who are now going to be under this influence.

I know that many are dreading this Friday when the grown-up leaves the White House.  The negative side of the anger and resentment of the Saturn/ Mars/Scorpio energy appears to have left all of us in quite a mess. It seems unfair that a bunch of people who refuse to move out of the lower energies of resentment, desire and ignorance have caused such an upset to our country.  However, it does no good to blame them because there was also a great amount of apathy and lack of civic responsibility along with a corrupt political system on all sides to get us to this point.

Saturn’s transit position always affects the entire planet, and it is interesting to note that Sagittarius is one of the “international/global” signs.  What we are seeing on a local level is also politically relevant for the governments of many nations.  Saturn will shift the order of the entire world as he moves through Sagittarius.

The mystical teaching behind the symbol of the centaur is that one of the basic impulses of Sagittarius is to move human beings further from the heavier/mundane nature of an animal toward the light that is supposed to symbolize the human being.  That light is the indicator of our soul/divine nature and, on many levels, the influences of materialism, desire, technology, and ignorance have buried the source of light throughout the world. Sagittarius is one of the signs of rulers and law and, for many centuries, the power wielded by the “powers that be” has been one of selfishness, greed, and corrupt power.  As all of us experience a shifting to a higher plane of energy along with the global economy and connecting technology, it appears a breaking point has been reached.  Scorpio is secrets and Saturn is truth.  The corruption can no longer be hidden from the people.

Jupiter is the ruling planet of Sagittarius and is the significator of rulers, lawyers and politicians.  It would seem that they are also about to be treated to Saturn’s influence.  As lucky as Sagittarius can be, it also brings with it a strong dose of laziness, greed and hubris which has caused many people of power to fall down the ladder it climbed.  Of course, it is not just the powerful who deal with these qualities, and it is important for each of us to watch for these influences in our daily lives as ignoring the truth of Saturn can disrupt our own lives.

Saturn is considered the planet of the “people,” and he has truth and warnings for us as well.  The Sagittarius energy should make all of us feel lighter and more optimistic now that Scorpio is no longer the prominent sign.  It is important for us to not fall into laziness or false optimism.  Saturn will be working with us to bring our leaders into line and to cleanse out the filth of our political system, but Saturn demands work, focus, and steadfastness.  If the people want a system based on more fairness and higher moral values, it will be the people who will have to vote, write letters, stage peaceful protests, and get involved in local elections.  Most importantly, it will be up to the people to remember that in this time of new energy and global community, we all have to remind ourselves that unity is important and the work ahead is not just for our own benefit but for the benefit of all.

Jupiter has been considered the planet of the Republican Party here in the US and Saturn the planet of the Democrats.  It is of note that there was a time when it was the Republican Party which was the forward moving party but over the years they fell prey to the negative side of the Jupiter energy of greed, parochialism, fake morality and hubris.  Saturn can be an interesting player in the next two and half years as he works, like Siva, to light the fires of purification within the GOP and it may be the GOP which we see imploding.

However, Saturn as ruler of the Democratic Party now in the sign of politics, also has something to do with Democrats cleaning up their act.  Ultimately, Saturn and Sagittarius together have the potential to remind Democrats that they are supposed to be actively working towards the future for all people and that their apathy and determination to protect their own positions and security has not been effective in championing the average American citizen.  They need to be much more forward thinking in their approach to governing the people. Sagittarius is more youth-oriented, and it is time to let in some new blood and accept the new 21st century world.

As we close out this cycle, it is imperative to know that no one is going to save us and that it is going to take hard work, determination, courage, unity and patience to work with the opportunities offered by Saturn in Sagittarius.

On a personal level the New Moon is always a good energy for contemplation, silence and rest.  This New Moon is significant and the time around the twenty-seventh is a good time to reflect and perhaps journal on what has been learned about our own desires in the past two and half years.  Do our desires work to elevate us? Do our desires hurt someone else? Are they actually achievable or are they like sand castles in the sky?  Have we seen our own darker sides in the past two years? Have we handled loss with grace, and do we understand what in our own subconscious minds hold us back from worthwhile goals?

We can all work for the highest good through these tumultuous times but we can only be in complete charge of our own thoughts and evolution.  The cycles of the planets give us all opportunities to work with the universe to understand and grow on our own journey towards being.  Let’s all take advantage of this significant New Moon.

Happy Lunar New Year!




Winter Solstice

Tonight is the night of the Winter Solstice which marks the longest night and shortest day of the year. As soon as tomorrow the Sun will begin to move from its lowest point in the Northern Hemisphere and each day will gain a bit more daylight.

For centuries various cultures have observed this day with celebrations of the returning of light.  Solstice is celebrated around the world – the Polish celebrate Gody, in Pakistan they celebrate Chaomos, Guatemala celebrates Santo Tomas and across the world people will be lighting candles and fires in celebration.   Our own culture is known for celebrations throughout the month of December and light is a symbol of the holidays.  Chanukah is known as the Festival of Lights, Christmas is filled with symbolic decorations of lights, Kwanza includes a  Kinara (candle holder) to hold the 7 candles of the season (Mishumaa).

The dates vary as we move through this season but the actual date of when the longest night is known and that date this year is the evening of December 20th.  As we are all part of the universe there is an energetic significance to working with the energy of the Solstice.  It is beneficial to find a few moments to be with this energy and to participate with the millions of people across the planet who will be involved in ceremonies.

There is high level of suffering, stress and fear throughout the world as we end 2016.  A few minutes spent a meditation will help to ease anxiety.  Lighting a candle along with soothing music while mentally celebrating with positive minded people throughout the world will add to a more humane and loving vibration.  It will be a benefit individually and can serve as a prayer for the world.

The Sun in Jyotish represents the soul of human beings.  The soul which is not hampered by the fears and aversions of the ego.  The soul never wishes harm on others and can guide us through the darkest of night – all we have to do is to be mindful of its existence and give it some attention.

We can take a few moments to close off the left nostril and breath only through the right nostril as that will stimulate the” pingala nadi” which is the energetic solar channel running through our spines.  We can write down our fears and aversions and offer them to the fire of the Sun.  We can do physical yoga or simply dance to music.  No matter what we choose to do we can do this knowing that the Sun, which represents light, is gaining in strength and that we can gain strength as well.

The Sanskrit word for the Sun is “Surya” (Sooree-ya) and for those who like to chant “Om Surya” can easily be chanted as a Solstice celebration.  Those who have experience with the Gayatri Mantra can chant it as the Gayatri is considered one of the best Solstice mantras. It is a long mantra which can be downloaded if you do not know it or have a copy of it.  Krishna Das fans can listen to Shri Ram Jaya Ram (Ram is a word for Sun).  Any technique can be chosen as long as the goal is to add to positive energy and allow the strength of joy to into our lives.

I hope that you can take advantage of this night of the Solstice and let the energy carry you through the Holiday Season and into the New Year!


Kindness Is Stronger Than Anger

Anger is loud and outwardly active which seems to have an immediate effect on others. The awful effects of anger does not, despite outward appearances, render it stronger than kindness.

It only takes a bit of observation to see that even if angry people seem to win and have gained all of the toys life has to offer their faces are often ravaged and devoid of any peace or true happiness. Doctors keep many of them alive for a long time but it is often only with the help of medications and various surgical procedures because while they are busy accumulating power, things and living with the analgesic action anger has on their emotional pain their bodies, without the intervention of modern medicine, are rotting.

We will not observe the same in the faces or bodies of people who know that kindness is actually the stronger force.  A kind person’s face will often show the signs of suffering turned into compassion. The faces of kind people will exhibit the peace that comes from not living a life filled with animosity towards their fellow human beings. There will be no fear etched on their faces because they do not live a life believing that everyone wants to take something from them or prevent them from possessing what they believe is theirs by entitlement.  Kind people, of course, suffer but they know that we all suffer and, while their’s might be unique to their circumstances, in the end it is a shared suffering on this journey of life.  This alone makes it easier for compassion to be present in their lives. They are not afraid to smile at a stranger, stand up for the less fortunate or cry for the suffering of others. Angry people are too afraid to exhibit kindness because it will open their own hearts to buried emotion and they would rather destroy someone else than to face their own emotions.

Kindness does not make anyone weaker. It does not, despite the current belief, mean we have move to the shadows and let the angry bullies dominate.  Kindness in adversity is strong and, just like a forest ravaged by an angry fire, in the end the seeds of kindness will renew the soil which appears to have no life. Even if at this time it appears that kindness is a losing strategy it is important to remind ourselves that if we are strong enough to open our hearts to kindness we are strong enough to stand up to anger because in the final analysis anger is an act of emotional fear.  It is a good time to bring the truth of kindness out of the shadows and stand strong against the anger of weakness.



Venus Enters Capricorn

Venus just entered the sign of Capricorn (12/2/2016) a friend’s sign. He will be well-placed until 5/31 when he enters Aries for one month and then he will enter his own sign of Taurus on 6/29 and then moves into Gemini (another friend’s sign) on 7/25 and will stay there until 8/20 when he moves into the sign of Cancer.

The constellation path of Venus for approximately the next seven months is well-needed good news.  He, of course, will not take away all of the bumps in what is promising to be a difficult journey we are taking together during 2017.

Many people know Venus as the “planet of love” and that is one of his qualities. Venus, in Vedic Astrology, is known for much more than love and even the love for which he is known is not the love of Valentine cards and sexual desire – it is the love which is the opposite of fear and/or hatred.  As we move through this time period and watch the old forms of spirituality fade we are often left with love being the only proof we have of a higher source of being.  That is the love which Venus rules.

Venus is also known as the keeper of the “shastras” which are the books and teachings left for us by wisdom teachers throughout the history of mankind.  Venus, as the keeper of the shastras, is also known as the teacher of the “asuras” – the mythological beings who can be used to explain the negative traits of humanity or even as those who infused human beings with the qualities of fear, hatred, violence, greed, etc.  The planet Venus has to be stronger than a Valentine card to be in charge of taking on the asuras and protecting our wisdom teachings.  Venus is known for being a cloudy and storm filled planet which means that while his placement is favorable for the next seven months or so that does not mean that we are entering a sun-filled rose garden. But it does mean that we have the higher teachings as we push towards love instead of fear-filled hatred on our side – despite the storms which are surrounding us.

Venus, on a physical level, rules the circulation system of the human body and all of the problems and attributes that our physical circulation involves.  On the level of yoga Venus is the planet which rules the fourth chakra (Anahatta) which is the chakra that balances the lower three charkas with the higher three chakras.  The lower three chakras are generally concerned with our physical existence while the upper three chakras play a role in our spiritual understanding and energy. Since we are spirit encased in a physical form true health and harmony comes by balance of the lower and higher chakras in the fourth chakra.  The fourth chakra resides in the center of our chests and is considered to be of the air element which when balanced will give greater compassion along with expanded awareness and peacefulness.

It is important to remember that Venus is the teacher of the “asuras” and is not the wimp that so many believe is a quality of compassion.  Learning, growing and standing up for truth are all part of the lessons of Venus and it is important that all of the action be taken with the calm and rational energy of both Venus and a balanced fourth chakra.

A simple and powerful way to work with the positive side of Venus for the next seven months is through a mindful approach to the energy (circulation) of the fourth chakra. Every chakra has what is known as a “bija” or “seed” sound which will activate the positive energy of each chakra.  The sound for the fourth is “yam” (it is said not like the vegetable but with a soft “a” – so soft that it almost sounds as if there is a soft “h” attached to it “yahm”).  One can sit down to meditate for a few minutes and chant yam silently or aloud with a focus on the center of the chest.  Visualizing an emerald green light in the center of the chest and placing the hands directly over the chest will also work to enhance the balance and harmony of the heart-centered fourth chakra.

Finally, the Sun and Saturn will be dancing together until the 15th of December which is a rather negative and fearful energy.  However, for most of us the Holiday season should actually turn out to be more enjoyable than we anticipate and certainly we can start working with the new Venus energy to ensure that we end the year on a more positive note.

This article was not edited by my good friend Laura Cerenzio – all grammatical errors are mine :-).   






Truth and The New Moon


The current New Moon cycle is taking place in Scorpio along with the great planet Saturn.  The New Moon happens approximately every twenty-eight days and simply marks the time in the lunar cycle when the Moon is conjunct the Sun.  It is both an ending and a beginning as it ends the cycle of the last Moon/Sun conjunction and begins the cycle of the current Moon/Sun conjunction.  On an energetic level, it marks the time of the lowest level of prana and is therefore a “natural” time to reflect, rest, and work on inner healing.  Once the moon is past the exact degrees of the Sun, it moves into the waxing phase and the pranic energy begins to build again.

The “exact” conjunction of the Moon and Sun will take place on 11/29 at approximately 7 AM, Eastern Standard Time.  However, the Moon will not leave “Scorpio” until 11/30 at approximately 4:30 P.M, Eastern Standard Time which will give us all extra time to utilize the last New Moon being influenced by the energy of the planet Saturn as it will be approximately twenty-eight years before Saturn is in Scorpio again.  Keeping in mind the nature of Saturn as the great karmic teacher and Scorpio as the sign which delves into the hidden nature of the subconscious mind, the lessons of this configuration cannot be underestimated.  While, for some, the most noticeable feelings may be fatigue, discouragement, or resentment, by looking a bit deeper they can discover that the theme of the thoughts and emotions have a familiar pattern.  Those thoughts, issues, and emotions should be those that have been strongly present for the past two years and may actually represent one’s own shadow.  If one respects Saturn’s nature as the “truth bringer,” this is an opportunity to clear out some emotional and mental garbage within ourselves which tends to prevent us from experiencing harmony and balance in our lives.

I came across a wonderful quote which gives a perspective on dealing with truth and seems appropriate for this New Moon:  “The great enemy of truth is very often not the lie – deliberate, contrived, and dishonest – but the myth-persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic.  Belief in myths allows the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.”  (John F. Kennedy)

 Here in America, we are all dealing with the results of a shocking and even frightening presidential election.  Donald Trump ran a campaign in which he lied almost every time he opened his mouth.  His opponent is a life-long politician who, as is the nature of the business of politics, too often spoke within the scope of trying to appeal to segments of the population with what she considered the “right” words.  She was saddled with some poor decisions along with a decades-long smear campaign by her political opponents.

In the end, enough people chose the myth of Donald Trump – they chose to believe that Donald did not release his taxes not because he was hiding something, but because he was taking a stand against the government and was actually on the same page as the angry voter who believes in the right-wing myth of the evil government.  Does the fault lie with the liar or with those people who prefer myth over the discomfort of thought?

On a more individual basis, all of us have had Saturn parked somewhere in our charts, and we can be sure that there has been a recurrent theme in our lives for the past two years.  This New Moon is an opportunity to truly reflect on why a certain area of our lives seems to be bothersome at this time in our lives.

Perhaps the best way for me to illustrate this is to get more personal than I usually get in these blogs.  Scorpio is the ruler of my sixth house of work and health.  These two issues have been under the glance of Saturn for two years now and have caused me to make some changes.  I deal with an auto-immune illness and, at one point during this cycle, I had to admit that the illness was becoming stronger and that some change had to be made if I wanted to be able to complete my own bucket list.  In order to make the necessary change, I needed to first accept that part of the truth of the situation was that my lifestyle was a detriment to my health and that all of my choices for my illness were helping me to perhaps maintain, but I was not actually becoming any healthier.  I was living in the most densely populated community in America and one of the most expensive.  The pollution of the area was making me nearly house-bound, and the expense was not worth the living conditions.  After long thought and deliberation, I closed down life in that location and ended up here in Quebec.  It is not my final location, but I am able to leave the house and benefit from the cool, clean air.  My physical energy is returning, and I feel that I am no longer just maintaining the status quo.  The two big items on my bucket list are now within reach.

The issue of work and truth is a bit more challenging because it is in that area that I can run into the issue of people preferring myth over truth.  Like many astrologers of my generation, I came across astrology via the Western or Tropical system of calculation and studied it for years.  I moved away from that system of astrology because, like the English language, there were just too many exceptions to the rules, and it was getting too messy for my mind.  I had and still have great respect for the psychological aspects that Western astrology brought into this most ancient of all sciences.  It is the psychology and humanity that makes the Western system unique, and a great debt is owed to people like Dane Rudyar, Stephen Forrestor, and Robert Hand since today many Eastern astrologers have been able to add another layer to their own work.

Because of the respect that I have for the work done by Western astrologers, I followed the path of many Eastern astrologers and simply left the differences between the positions in the two zodiacs in the background.  Western astrologers are often able to be accurate because they are very open to the discovery of new planets, stars, asteroids, etc., and the intuitive blending continues to make their work valuable.  However, Saturn is truth and facts and, for the past two years, I’ve been nagged very much about the differences in the calculations of the two zodiacs.  Today, anyone can go up to the NASA website, or any other astronomical site, and see with their own eyes that the Sun on November 21st is in Scorpio, not Sagittarius, and they certainly can see that Saturn is in Scorpio.  Modern science has also been stunned to discover that people born during certain times of the year tend to share specific qualities – the same qualities that astrology has been talking about for thousands of years – but these same scientists will usually add to their conclusions a comment about how these studies in no way give credence to the quackery of astrology.

As someone who has spent most of her life being disparaged for my “space cadet” beliefs and also has clients who keep me a secret in their lives, Saturn being in Scorpio has been telling me that I don’t have to be rude or militant, but that I do need to stand up for the truth.  The truth is that there is nothing imaginative or intuitive about the placement of the planets along the zodiacal path.  The truth is that there is much to be said for the principles of astrology, but if the majority continue to put the planets in positions that were correct over two thousand years ago, astrology does not have a viable position in the world of fact because anyone who knows the positions are wrong will simply stay with the “it’s a ‘bogus’ system” mindset.  The truth is that I cannot honestly blame them for believing that.

I am not going to start a movement about this issue, but for those who read this blog, you will notice I am going to be more insistent about the “true” positions of the planets.  Those who happen to follow my Twitter or see my Facebook postings might notice a somewhat snarky comment at times – it is just me doing my best to follow Truth.

Not everyone, of course, has their sixth house ruled by Scorpio and each of us may have a different Saturn truth depending upon the house placement. If someone has Scorpio ruling the seventh house of relationships – both personal and professional – there may be a shift in their attitude towards relationships or in the people with whom they are in relationship. There are twelve houses which gives us quite a variety of issues in which truth is being discovered.

As you read about the New Moon in Sagittarius and compare it to your own New Moon experience, keep in mind that Sagittarius is a forward-moving, positive, and naturally buoyant energy – if you don’t feel that type of an energy flow, don’t believe it’s because Saturn is in Sagittarius; what you are experiencing is the nature of Scorpio.  Use this energy to delve deeper into your shadow and allow yourself to dump some of the garbage.  Finally, in approximately two years perhaps we will be discussing the results of Saturn’s truth in the positive sign of Sagittarius and we will hopefully find that we have  rediscovered the forward-thinking and more idealistic side of America and ourselves.


What We Share

One of the modern scientific breakthroughs is what’s constantly being discovered through advancements in DNA. On the level of curing disease, the study of DNA is going to make possible more cures and the prevention of illness through working with the human genes. The information that has become available is also showing human beings’ connections with one another that no one would have even thought possible less than one hundred years ago. There are very few people who would have thought that, through the study of DNA, there are people living in Greece who have genetic connections to Native Americans. One of the ironies of the excitement that some of us find for the proof that “we are all connected” is that we are witnessing global separation causing deep divisions. On a basic level, the human ego seems to have a need to be separate, different, and unique in order to feel special and validated.

However, like it or not, we are not each an island of our own, and we share more than we would like to share. Something we all share is the “planetary weather,” and none of us get to escape it. Transits are simply where, on the constellation belt, current planets reside; today’s transits will be the natal birth chart of a baby born today and, as that baby goes through life, the subsequent transits will have an effect on his/her natal chart.

The faster-moving planets tend to affect us on a short-term basis, and the effect can be as small as Mercury being in a position wherein traffic moves quickly without any incidents and helps make for an easy commute. In other words, the faster-moving planets can be observed as a smaller weather pattern within a season. It may be a balmy forty degree day in February in the north, but it is still winter and days in the teens and single digits are still possible. The slower-moving planets can be looked at as if they are the season itself.

While each of us has certain planets, signs, and house placements which are prominent in our own individual charts, that doesn’t mean that any chart is absent of any planet, sign, or house indicators. The transits of the slower-moving planets will obviously affect those charts which have a natal chart position which happens to fall into the target zone of a slower-moving planet, but each of us will be affected in some way by the slower-moving planets.

For almost two and a half years, all of us have been experiencing the effects of Saturn in Scorpio and, given that Mars slowed down due to retrograde motion, we also went through approximately eight months of Mars being stationed in Scorpio. I know very few people who have experienced an easy time, especially for the majority of 2016.

Those who have their Sun signs in either Scorpio or Taurus would be the easiest people to see as those targeted directly by this Saturn transit because the Sun sign is indicated by one’s birthday, and everyone knows his or her birthday. Please be aware that the dates are different in the sidereal or astronomical system. The Sun is “actually” in Taurus from May 14th until June 19th and in Scorpio from November 16th to December 15th. If you have friends or family members born on those days, you should know that they’ve had challenges in the past two and a half years. Additionally, anyone who has his Moon or Ascendant or other strong planetary placements in these two signs has also experienced the special attention of Saturn. However, both Saturn and Scorpio have certain issues and qualities which are unique to them, and we all have both placed somewhere in our charts. The transits are something we all share and, on some level, we’ve been challenged or affected in some way by the qualities of both Saturn and Scorpio. I would like to give a brief overview of the nature of both Saturn and Scorpio and have chosen to use the words of David Frawley from his wonderful book Astrology of the Seers for their clarity.

“Scorpio is the negative sign of Mars, Fixed Water, the sexual organs of the Cosmic Man, a scorpion. It shows a need for balance and stability on a deeper or psychic level.

“Scorpio is a very profound and mysterious sign. As the negative or physical side of Mars, Scorpio people are often soldiers, policemen, or athletes. They like to use their martial force on a physical level and can be prone to the use of force.” When mentally developed, they have a good capacity for research and inquiry and may become chemists or surgeons. More evolved Scorpio types like to explore the depths of the mind and may have an interest in the occult and Yoga(Tantra).

“Scorpios can be very intelligent and perceptive but are cautious, hesitant to reveal what they really think, or to expose themselves. They are usually passionate and can be very attached sexually. When unevolved, they are prone to vice, perversity, or the underworld side of life. They have an active subconscious and must keep their emotions clear and pure, free of envy and attachment or they can get stuck on an emotional level; yet by this sensitivity they may develop a philosophical disposition and profound insight that the other types rarely attain. They can be caught in their solar plexus and the accumulation of personal power. They need to surrender to the heart. The higher side of Scorpio is symbolized by the eagle, the profundity of vision and transcendent need to subdue the serpent.

“Saturn is traditionally the most difficult of the major planets, the legendary king of the malefic. He has been feared throughout the centuries as the great God of Death – the significator of death, disease, poverty, separation, ugliness and perversity. Saturn brings limitation and obstruction, hindrance in self-expression and in self-manifestation, which may become oppression and adversity. (As Jupiter is the great affirmer, Saturn is the great negator. As Jupiter is the God of joy, he is the God of sorrow. As Jupiter is the optimist, he is the pessimist. As Jupiter shows the joy inherent in all life, Saturn reveals all life as misery.

“Saturn is the significator of disease, old age and death – the great enemies of humans which overcome all life bound by time. As the most distant in orbit of the major planets, he is the major influence we all must face in the end.

“Though the power of Saturn to limit or destroy what it influences should not be underestimated, its positive values must be considered as well. Destruction is the necessary counterpart for creation, as decay and death are required for new life and growth.

“Our great fear of Saturn has measured the degree of our attachment to the material world and our inability to face the ultimate issues of our existence. Saturn shows us the limitation of this realm, which is the necessary but painful lesson we must learn to find our way into the unlimited.

“Saturn causes poverty, deprivation and want. He keeps us in bondage or servitude, under the domination of others, and under the rule of external forces. Yet Saturn also causes us to retain what we possess. Saturn indicates property, land, and fixed assets. Those who obtain wealth through a well-disposed Saturn may become misers and will carefully hold on to what has, with such difficulty, been acquired.

“In the lower sense, Saturn is a selfish planet; in fact, we could say that Saturn is the planet of selfishness. It indicates our most deep-seated and obstinate ego drives towards self-protection. Saturn is our survival instinct, which becomes our need to maintain our separate existence, and is more basic and stronger even than our sexual drive (1st chakra). Furthermore, as the planet of the ego, Saturn is also the planet of fear upon which the ego is based (1st chakra). Only Jupiter has the power to really subdue or to balance out his influence. As Jupiter elevates Saturn, Saturn gives Jupiter a greater detachment and more objective perception.

“Saturn is in many respects not only the lowest of the planets but also the highest. Its lesson is the most difficult but the most rewarding. Saturn is the grandfather spirit and law giver, our guiding ancestor. Saturn is the yogi in meditation. He can give complete detachment and independence. A well-placed Saturn is thus necessary for the spiritual life. In fact, it is necessary for creating anything of enduring values in any domain of life. Saturn gives the concentration, the sense of detail, the discipline and seriousness necessary to win the great challenges of life. A strong Saturn protects the life.” (David Frawley, Astrology of the Seers)

It is easy to see that we have not been under the easiest of energy once Saturn took up residence in the sign of Scorpio. In many ways, we have had the two most intense and difficult energies in astrology join forces and, to add insult to injury, a dose of the fiery and aggressive Mars decided to join the party for eight months. If you are tired, discouraged, confused, or just angry, it is understandable since this has not been an easy part of our earthbound journey. It has been, of course, harder on some depending upon the disposition of their individual charts but, because of the fact that the entire planet shares the transits, very few people have not been affected.

Every planet is good for something, every sign has its positive attributes, and every house gives us an opportunity for growth. I have seen individuals who have been stuck in the morass of misunderstood emotions rise like the phoenix as the truth of Saturn lit up the natural ability of Scorpio to reveal the subconscious mind. I’ve seen people confront their own habits truthfully and allow the Scorpio power of regeneration to heal their bodies through sound health care and changed habits. I’ve seen people finally discover their true passions and move forward professionally. We’ve seen societies moving forward with an understanding of the civil rights of gay people, and we’ve seen some parts of America actually acknowledging our broken justice system. It’s been the truth of Saturn glancing at and paying attention to the underbelly of individuals and society. It’s been painful, it’s been rough, and we see where the work needs to be done collectively and individually.

On January 27th of 2017, Saturn will move out of Scorpio into Sagittarius which will give us a reason to exhale. Saturn will move along in forward motion in Sagittarius until, as is Saturn’s path, he starts his retrograde motion. The retrograde will be in the sign of Sagittarius until June 22 when he reenters Scorpio for a final visit until October 26th. While in the sign of Scorpio he will resume forward motion on August 24th. In some ways, we will all be experiencing the opportunity to revisit what we’ve learned and, for those who have managed to avoid learning or transforming, the period from June 22 until October 26th is a chance to do something about taking responsibility for the ability to achieve self-knowledge, transformation, and inner peace. It will be fourteen years before Saturn enters the sign of Taurus, at which point the ability to focus on our emotions, desires, and transformation falls under the mastery of the Saturn energy. Regardless of what each of us does individually, we are seeing the beginning of the lessening of the intensity of Saturn in Scorpio.

“Only Jupiter has the power to really subdue or to balance out his influence.As Jupiter elevates Saturn, Saturn gives Jupiter a great detachment and more objective perception.”

Sagittarius is Jupiter’s sign,and what we will all share as Saturn moves into Jupiter’s domain is a more positive energy which includes movement, generosity, grace and, most importantly, the return of hope and an easier pathway to goodwill. There is always continuity to the planetary movements and, just as we enter the darkness of Scorpio to explore the underbelly, we come out of the underbelly hopefully with more knowledge and the desire to fix what was found on the underbelly. Jupiter will be there to assist. The choice is, as always, up to us.

In my work, I am always seeking not only to look at what the planets have to say, but also to assist in offering tools to help in the quest for better self-knowledge and a healthier, stronger body and mind. As those who’ve known me for a while know, I often will recommend yoga, mantra, meditation, or pranayama.

Life can sometimes have a wonderful synchronicity and, just as I am finishing up the intense energy of the Saturn in Scorpio and I’m getting ready to give my usual advice to heal and balance through yoga, I find the perfect book to recommend to everyone to assist in their own process.

The Yoga Toolbox by Jan (Durga) Ahlund, available at: http://www.babajiskriyayoga.net might be the single best yoga manual I’ve seen. The author, a fellow teacher trainee back in the 1990s, is someone I’ve known for years. We shared an intense training in the old “gurukul” style of one-on-one training with a single teacher. This was not a twenty-eight day intensive – – it took eighteen months of four classes per week along with special workshops and required sadhanas and studies to get a Level One certificate and years to move to Levels Two and Three. Durga went through the same system, moved on to became a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist, and then developed and teaches the Yoga Teachers Training Course worldwide for the Babaji’s Kriya Yoga Organization.

Durga is known for her mastery and love of the physical positions of yoga – she was better at the postures than our own teacher – and she found sacredness and healing to the postures that I never was able to achieve. If truth be known, I would do the postures just waiting for them to be over so I could meditate or chant afterwards.

As I moved on to Jyotish, she moved on to a deeper study through Babaji’s Kriya Yoga and many trips to India. The result of all of her work is this book which, in a masterful way, manages to meld the ancient teachings with the words and understanding of the 21st century. The clear explanation of the yogic principles behind the postures, along with the physical and mental benefits of the postures, makes this a book for now. Durga’s understanding of Hatha Yoga allows her to clearly explain how to do each posture she recommends along with ample photographs to add to the instruction.

It is a perfect book for those who are determined to take better control over their body, mind, and spirit.

I would like to thank my good friend Laura Cerenzio (Atma Amita) for editing this blog.