Rahu’s Rocky Path.

“Rahu’s names include Swarbhanu, Minister of the Asuras (demons), the Half-Bodied, the Every-Angry, Persecutor of the Luminaries, the Horrible, King of Seizers, the Terrifies, the Powerful, the Fanged, Bloddy-Eyed, Indolence and the Big-Bellied.” (THE GREATNESS OF SATURN, Robert Svoboda). 

“Rahu creates smoke, has a dark body, resides in forests and engenders fear; he is airy (vata) in constitution.  (Parashari 3:30)

“Rahu and Ketu are the two points of disturbance on the path of the Earth and the Moon and the Sun. Thus Rahu and Ketu are the two points on the ecliptic 180 degrees apart and in whose vicinity disturbed conditions prevail. They represent the cross-roads on the fields of force of the earth and the Moon.”(RAHU AND KETU Manik Chand Jain)

In astronomical terms they are the points on the ecliptic which mark the bi-yearly eclipses.

The above are a few quotes describing the North Node of the Moon which Jyotish refers to as Rahu. In Vedic Astrology great importance is attached to both the North and South Nodes of the Moon (South Node is called Ketu) in a birth chart. Even though they are not physical planets, their sign and house placements in a chart can indicate karmas, ancestral qualities, obstacles, mental quirks as well as talents, consciousness and spirituality.

At this point in time, Rahu is an important influence in America because of the system known as the “Vimshotari Dasa.” The “Vimshotari Dasa” is a system in Vedic Astrology which determines when a planet will have a strong influence on a birth chart throughout life. The entire sequence is one hundred and twenty years long, and each planet will have an assigned number of years when he will play a primary role in life. As of now, the majority of people will not live long enough to experience the entire sequence of planets.

Nations, companies, and other entities also have birth charts, and the Vimshotari Dasa will play out in those charts as well. Because nations, companies, and other institutions can last longer than one hundred and twenty years, they will often go through the entire sequence and will then go on to start the sequence over again

The most accepted chart of the United States (7/4/1776) is two hundred and forty-four years old and, according to that chart, the US is currently in its third cycle of Rahu’s dasa. Each Rahu dasa lasts eighteen years and will certainly bring about change and surprise during the eighteen years. The chart calculated, based on the historical date of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, had Rahu as the active dasa ruler. The nature of the planetary dasa ruler active on the birth date will often be a strong influence throughout the life of the chart native; in this case, the native is the United States of America and the active influence is Rahu.

Rahu, being the first influence of America’s dasa sequence, shows up in the personality and mores of America in many ways. Simple observation easily shows the ongoing influence of Rahu in the United States. Rahu indicates freedom, rebellion, innovation, impulse, entertainment, pleasure, drugs, mental illness, and uncontrolled impulses. It is assigned as the significator of politicians, actors, trust fund babies, wealth, medicines/drugs, slavery, glitz, deception, and the occult.  The determination to be free led to a group of individual states coming together to break free from a king, but the individuality of the states themselves has caused much ongoing trouble for this country as different states had different interpretations for freedom and individuality.

Rahu is always counterbalanced by the influence of the South Node, Ketu.   Ketu is a major influence in poverty and denial as well as having an affinity with science, music, spirituality, and separation. The placements of these two influences take place in the second and eighth houses which represent two of the three financial houses. The fact that the United States laid its financial foundation on the work of slaves, the sale of slaves, and the theft of land from its indigenous peoples is indicated by the influence of the shadowy eclipse points in the money houses of the chart. This  has created a difficult karma for this country.  Some of the karma can be seen by the unrelenting periods of financial recession along with the resulting poverty which is a result of the recessions. Rahu and Ketu play a role in the oil industry, and we see on a daily basis the karmic results on the environment caused by our reliance on fossil fuels. Additionally, as we move through the third round of Rahu ,it is apparent that this country has to “finally” address the issue of systemic racism. 

The United States entered into its third round of Rahu influence in the fall of 2015. Rahu, as a powerful eclipse energy, was responsible for the election of Trump – a man born right on an eclipse. Most of our lives have been upended by his ineptitude, and the constant drama of a dangerous con man has left most of us exhausted and unsettled. In the birth chart of the United States, Rahu and Ketu are involved in the houses related to death, and we are on track toward a quarter of a million deaths caused by a virus. Trump’s ego and malignant nature led him and his cronies to deny the science (Ketu) which could have saved lives and avoided the economic destruction most of the country is experiencing.

The first round of Rahu saw the United States emerging from being subjects of the King of England thus fulfilling the promise of Rahu’s affinity for freedom and rebellion. The second dasa of Rahu ushered in what historians refer to as a “progressive era” for America. The dates for this era vary, but the time period from 1895 – 1913 are the most common dates. The second period of Rahu takes place from 1895 – 1913. (We have only rectified charts for the US which indicate that the Rahu dates could be off by a few months.) The accepted dates for the “progressive era” are an approximation as, obviously, in order for the era to start in 1895 people would have had to be motivated and organizing before 1895.

“Throughout the time period of the last Rahu dasa it turns out that many Americans feared that their historic traditions of responsible democratic government and free enterprise were being destroyed by corporate monopolies along with too much big business influence in government. It was an era marked by gains in labor. Because of the inequities those protesting the conditions of the average worker became allied with a growing body of ministers, priests, and rabbis—proponents of what was called the Social Gospel—who struggled to arouse the social concerns and consciences of their parishioners.” “Finally, journalists called “muckrakers” probed into all the dark corners of American life and carried their message of reform through mass-circulation newspapers and magazines.”  (Robert M. La Follette, 1906. Courtesy of the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.)

“Despite initial differences among urban reformers, by the early 1900s the vast majority of them were fighting for and winning much the same objectives—more equitable taxation of railroad and corporate property, tenement house reform, better schools, and expanded social services for the poor. Even big-city machines like Tammany Hall became increasingly sensitive to the social and economic needs of their constituents.” (Geo. R. Lawrence Co./Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. (LC-USZ62-52728-9)

Teddy Roosevelt was President from 1901-1909. His first term was due to the assassination of McKinley who had proven to be too friendly to big business.  When Roosevelt assumed office, he was more inclined toward a progressive agenda. One of the first actions Roosevelt took was to activate the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890 which had lain dormant because both President Cleveland and President McKinley refused to sign it into action. 

“Beginning in 1902 with a suit to dissolve a northwestern railroad monopoly, Roosevelt moved next against the so-called Beef Trust, then against the oil, tobacco, and other monopolies. In every case the Supreme Court supported the administration, going so far in the oil and tobacco decisions of 1911 as to reverse its 1895 decision. In addition, in 1903 Roosevelt persuaded a reluctant Congress to establish a Bureau of Corporations with sweeping power to investigate business practices.”

“Meanwhile, almost from his accession to the presidency, Roosevelt had been carrying on a crusade, often independent of Congress, to conserve the nation’s fast-dwindling natural resources and to make them available for exploitation under rigorous national supervision. He withdrew from the public domain some 148,000,000 acres of forest lands, 80,000,000 acres of mineral lands, and 1,500,000 acres of water-power sites. Moreover, adoption of the National Reclamation Act of 1902 made possible the beginning of an ambitious federal program of irrigation and hydroelectric development in the West.” Geo. R. Lawrence Co./Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. (LC-USZ62-52728-9)

It is easy to see similarities among the dasas of Rahu.  McKinley, like Trump, campaigned as a progressive populist, but he was not. Once he was killed and Roosevelt became President, he proved to be the populist progressive that the people needed., Today, we are pushing back against another man who campaigned as a populist but who has ruled not only as a friend of business but as a friend to dictators who seems determined to bring down democracy.

The purpose of this article is not to proclaim the defeat of Trump (though I do believe he will be soundly defeated in November), but to show that it is the destiny of America to experience the ups and downs of having the influence of a strong Rahu in a chart.

Our first experience of the Rahu dasa resulted in a bold experiment in democracy which threw off the yoke of the monarch of world’s biggest empire. We went through the second dasa fighting against oligarchs acting like unelected monarchs and planted the seeds of a nation in which regular workers had the rights to a decent and free life.  We are currently in our third Rahu cycle and are once again having to push back against the desires of the uber rich to bring down democracy to satisfy their greed for money and power. This cycle is not just for the white working people because it is the right time for all people –  regardless of color, gender, sexuality, and religious beliefs –  to be able to live their lives protected by the just laws of this country.

It is time for America to take another step towards fulfilling its ideals.  We can do this because we have the innovation and creativity of Rahu on our side and, as long as we don’t let ourselves be fooled by the smoke and mirrors of those like Trump, we will prevail as we move in the direction of the ideals set out two hundred and forty-four years ago by the founders of a small nation seeking freedom.


June 20th Eclipse

The Solar Eclipse will begin around 11:45 p.m., edt and end around 5;31 a.m., edt on June 20 and June 21, 2020.

Eclipses can be times of surprises and heightened emotions along with too much drama.  On a personal level if there are fears and/or issues stored in the subconscious mind eclipses can be a good time to release those emotions and drop some old burdens as plans are made to move forward on our life’s journey.

Because this eclipse is a solar eclipse (Moon and Sun conjunct) physical energy can be lower and it can be important to allow ourselves to take a break and rest.  If there is emotional upheaval try not to attack or blame others instead just sit with it and be gentle with yourself.

This is an interesting eclipse because Mercury is retrograde in Gemini (the sign of the eclipse). This can add confusion to the thought process, miscommunications and patience will be required for dealing with customer service and technical issues.  During every eclipse it can be important to not be gullible and believe whatever is said but this eclipse requires extra vigilance because of the Mercury retrograde. The eclipse is taking place in Gemini the sign of the lungs and I do expect the Covid numbers to rise and I do expect some to lie about those numbers along with others who will believe no precautions are necessary.  It is a good time to be cautious and use common sense.

Mercury is not the only planet in retrograde as Jupiter, Venus and Saturn are retrograding as well.  Retrograding planets are simply closer to earth which is why in some locations all four planets can be seen during the night.

Retrograde planets are slightly stronger at the time of retrograde than at other times.  While the energy of the eclipse adds its own energy which can be confusing the retrogrades are also offering their energies for us at this time.  What is important is that the retrogrades are all “positive” in this cycle.  Saturn is positive because he is in his own sign and slowing down the craziness while favoring truth and common sense.  Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are all first rate benefics and I think are offering some planetary protection to this turbulence of this century’s roaring twenties.

One sign of the protection being offered is that the cause of the systemic racism and killing of our fellow Americans because of skin color has managed, at long last, to gain the support and understanding of the majority of Americans.  Given the fact that there was some looting and the press, as usual, made a big deal of it the looters and anarchists did not win the day.  The benefic planets in their strength helped to bring out the higher sides of most of the people.  If, the retrograde planet had been Mars along with a poorly placed retrograde Saturn the situation could easily have devolved into something much more difficult.

On a personal level it can be helpful to remember for the next couple of weeks (final eclipse on 7/5) that the benefics are still supporting us.  As Venus is the ruler of the heart center simply chanting “yam” (yahm) while imagining a deep green light surrounding the heart can calm and elevate us.  Mercury is the ruler of the throat and the nervous system and chanting “ham” (hahm) can be helpful.  Seeing the throat surrounded by an emerald green ligh is helpful as is spending time in nature.  Jupiter is the ruler of the powerful 2nd chakra.  The 2nd chakra rules desires and is an important chakra to the American psyche.  The Buddha taught that desire is the first cause of suffering.  If you find yourself impatient for a desire outcome or for something you can’t have try chanting “vam” (vahm) and seeing the area of the 2nd chakra surrounding in an orange color.  Saturn rules the first chakra and responds to “lam” (lahm) and seeing the color red surround the chakra itself.

These practices are not like “The Secret” and don’t promise you that you’ll get whatever you want but if done sincerely they do promise a more peaceful existence during these turbulent times.

Now in History

Many astrologers are interested in history and it makes perfect sense for astrologers to look at history through the vision offered by the patterns of the planets.  As we move through these extraordinary times it can be helpful to look for planets dancing to similar music at other times in history.

As we deal with Covid 19 a look back at the Spanish flu pandemic of 1917/1918 seemed like a good place to start.  History does not repeat in a manner which is exactly the same as other times but there are often similarities worth investigating.  What shows up during the time period of the Spanish flu are conjunctions of the slower moving planets as well as the positions of the eclipse points known as Rahu and Ketu.

In Jyotish the study of the luminous planets is considered to be the most relevant especially with regard to a person’s birth or natal chart.  Luminous planets are those which are close enough to our sun to reflect the light of the sun. The Luminous planets end with Saturn which happens to be the slowest moving of the luminous planets as he take approximately 28 years to traverse the entire zodiac.

The nodal points are considered to be non-luminous as are Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. In Jyotish the eclipse points of Rahu and Ketu are always considered important.  Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are considered in an individual chart if they are in significant patterns within a natal chart.  However, their transits can be very important to the current events of a particular time period. Pluto, the slowest moving of all, is considered a generational marker.  For example, in family charts it is often noticed that when the children have Pluto in different signs there can be a difference in tastes, values and experiences between the children who do not share the same position of Pluto even though they share DNA as well as family dynamics.  The majority of “boomers” had Pluto in the sign of Cancer but around 1959 Pluto moved into Leo and that ushered in the generation which became the “yuppies” and they were  different from “hippies.” The difference in values between these two generations would play a role in many of the shifts that would happen towards the end of the 20th century when “it’s not personal, it’s just business” replaced “give peace a chance.”

Pluto moves both slowly and erratically through the zodiac and is most important when he changes signs and forms conjunctions with other signs.  One of the most important conjunctions is the one made with Saturn.  This conjunction happens 3 times each century.  The first of the Saturn/Pluto conjunctions of the 20th century occurred on 11/1/1914.

The time period 1914 gave us World War 1 as well as the Armenia genocide, the Russian Revolution and the collapse of the Austrian/Hungarian empire.  It was a time of power shifts throughout the world.  Due to retrograde motion Saturn and Pluto would remain in the same sign until 1917.

By 1917 the eclipse points moved into Gemini and Sagittarius which would add another dimension to a world being rocked by changes as by 1917 the world was being besieged by the Spanish Flu which would ultimately kill 50 million people during 1917 and 1918.

The first of the Saturn/Pluto conjunctions of the 21st century was on 1/12/2020 along with the eclipse points being in Gemini/Sagittarius.  While we are not, in my opinion, heading into a world war there are shifts in power happening on a global level along with changes such as Brexit which will mark global life for this generation.    Here in America we are witnessing shifts in our own politics as Speaker Pelosi is showing the leadership we don’t have in the White House. There are efforts o reshape the Supreme Court for decades and nationwide protests taking place in America to push for a take-down of the white supremacist control over our police departments, courts and prison systems.  It is certainly not a time for comfort and ease in the status quo.

Equally relevant is the fact that the eclipse points in the sign of Gemini are the same now as they were during the Spanish Flu of 1917.  Gemini signifies the lungs and as we all know Covid 19 attacks the lungs as did the Spanish Flu. Rahu is known for unexpected and fast-moving actions which explain, in part, the rapid spread of Covid 19.  Rahu is also known for irresponsibility, rebellion against tradition and a strong individual desire nature.  Rahu is a strong influence in Trump’s chart and his refusal to take the reports of Covid 19 seriously along with his disdain for science and his concern for only himself caused what could have been a manageable illness into a flu-blown pandemic.  This pandemic is going to add to the shifts already happening due to the Saturn/Pluto conjunction and life will see a new normal once the waters settle.

The Saturn/Pluto conjunction affects everyone on the planet as do the eclipse points.  What’s important here is not to give into the fear or the negative projections of the fear-mongering media and opportunistic politicians.  Change is always a part of life and while the eclipses bring sudden events Saturn is always bringing truth to us.  Right now, there are many truths being shown to all of us.  This time represents opportunities for growth, community, compassion and a shift in values.

One of the benefits from being able to look back at history is too see the progress that has been made. Medical science will ensure that 50 million people do not die from Covid 19. While there are strong-men who would like to squash the protests but they are not succeeding in doing that and we will see America open up for business again.  Hopefully, it will re-open with an eye towards greater equality, gratitude and the compassion that many communities are re-discovering during this crisis.

The summer will continue the trend we have experienced so far this year – challenge, change and unrest. There is much talk about a 2nd wave of Covid 19 and I think we will see some of that throughout the summer months.  However, on 9/19 Rahu and Ketu will move out of Gemini/Sagittarius into Taurus/Scorpio.  These are better placements for a disease which started out by ravaging the lungs and easily spread through the air.  It is good to know that the worst of the pandemic is most likely behind us.

Politics is a different story and different posting.  Trump is an eclipse birth and when the nodal points move they will move right onto his natal eclipse points.  This election is going to be filled with twists and turns which we will discuss at another time.

In the meantime do not allow yourself to fall into the throes of fear especially during this eclipse season which contains 3 eclipses – 6/5, 6/20 and 7/5.  No, we are not sailing on the smooth waters of a man- made lake but are taking a dip in the waves of the ocean.  Do not think you can control your life but know the power of non-reaction, prayer and historical perspective. Human beings are a race of creative survivors and we will survive this current storm.

Kala Sarpa Yoga

In the teachings of Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) planetary combinations are called “yogas” because “yoga” means “union” as in union of the body, mind and spirit.  When planets come together in a yoga their unified energy creates a new combination that is different from the qualities of a planet standing alone. In this respect it is like, for instance, flour which has independent qualities but will become something different when combined with other ingredients” which to make a cake batter.

There is a combination known as “Kala Sarpa Yoga” which translates as “serpent of time.”  Kala Sarpa occurs when all of the planets are located between the nodal points known as Rahu and Ketu. The nodal points are the points on the ecliptic path which cause the bi-yearly eclipses of the Sun and Moon.  In western astrology they are known as the north node (Rahu) and the south node (Ketu) and are not given the same level of importance as Jyotish gives to them. Rahu and Ketu, in addition to the somewhat crazy energy of eclipses, are also considered important to the playing out of karma in an individual chart,  These two “upgrahas” – “unseen” points will often indicate talents and qualities brought over from a past life,  they will often indicate the strong influence or dna of a grandparent, losses in life and mental health challenges.   As the points involved in a Kala Sarpa yoga it can indicate that as a “serpent of time” there are important karmas which will play out in a person’s life.  While there will be challenges often involved it can also indicate someone who is here to express specific abilities as in important scientific discoveries or musical compositions.

Since mid-February our planet has been in a Kala Sarpa yoga and this yoga will last until approximately 5/27 when Mercury, still in Gemini, passes the exact degree of Rahu. However, due to Mercury going retrograde on 6/18 he will actually enter the sign of Cancer until 8/17.  The Sun will leave Gemini and enter Cancer on 7/16 at which point we are completely done with Kala Sarpa for a while.

A Kala Sarpa yoga taking place for the entire planet indicates that there are events happening beyond the control of individuals. This is not an infrequent happening and can often tip an election, be responsible for a trend or claim credit for a pandemic.  In 2020 we are dealing with a pandemic which has affected most of our lives on, at least, some level.  Given that Rahu often represents illnesses which are new or of unknown origins and Ketu represents science I suspect that these two have been involved in other pandemics. (I’ve not done the research.)  Both Rahu and Ketu can be significates of formulas I believe that science will come up with some type of formula to alleviate the symptoms and dangers of Covid 19.  I think that a vaccination will take longer than a formula to alleviate the dangers of this virus.

Keeping in mind the deep rooted karmas of this yoga it might not be surprising that Covid 19 became a virus that is out of control.  We have a president who is ruled by the deep and dark recesses of his mind and he chose to ignore the warnings until it was too late.  It is also not a surprise that we have groups of fellow citizens looking to put us all at risk because of their own deeply held and misinformed beliefs in victimization and a deep state.   Ketu and Rahu are not influences of logic or objectivity – they operate in the shadows of our minds or, on a higher level, with the creative aspects of the universal mind.

Anyone who understands the true history of America knows that there has always been a battle between our humanistic ideals and the oligarchy which has looked to rule this country for its own greed and power-laden desires.  Of course, this battle has raged on planet earth for thousands of years but America had the audacity to create itself as an entity which would live by higher ideals. To live in America is to often live in the eye of the storm. 

Covid 19 represents the dirt America has been sweeping under the rug for decades now.  People have bought into the consumerism and work as the reason to live for far too long.  The Kala Sarpa yoga took away the jobs and much of our consumerism to force us to take a deeper look at where we are heading as individuals as well as a society.  We can affect society by acts of kindness, compassion and being active in our political demands for better leadership. 

On a personal level we now, under quarantine, have the time and quiet to look at our own shadows – are we feeling victimized, are we angry or are we so filled with fear that we’ve lost our common sense? Many are in close quarters for 24 hours a day with our “loved” ones.  Are we falling out of love, are we projecting our own issues onto others or are we striving to bring the best ourselves to those we “love?”  These are valid questions which can be looked at, answered and perhaps solved during this time.

It is possible that we will all come out of this wiser and kinder.  For those who are invested in their own self-knowledge and higher consciousness this is a prime time for advancement on that path.  Whatever one’s spiritual beliefs this is a time for surrender to something larger than our individual selves.  The primary remedial for Kala Sarpa is surrender and for those into mantra Siva mantras are recommended.

While this yoga is “completely” finished on July 17th there are times every month when the Moon moves beyond the yoga and on those days it is easier to see more clearly:  4/29-5/11; 5/27-6/7; 6/22-7/5;  The Ascendant changes approximately every 2 hours which gives us “approximately from 12:30pm to 2:30 am when the Ascendant is beyond Kala Sarpa Yoga. 

Mercury Moves Into Pisces

Mercury just slipped in Pisces and he will remain in this nebulous sign until April 24. Pisces is opposite the sign of Virgo which is the sign of health but Pisces is the sign of hospitals. Mercury is debilitated in Pisces which makes sense as Mercury is the planet of the intellect and the neutral mind (among other things). He is unhappy in emotional, dreamy and altruistic Pisces.
I think that we can expect to see even more lies from the White House along with even more confusion. I also think for the next 3 weeks we will see the biggest burden on hospitals due to the high number of patients, confusion and poor communication. They will make it through because Pisces is the sign of sacrifice and no one can argue that our health care workers are sacrificing much these days.
On a more personal level those who enjoy movies, creativity lazing around will not have problems with sheltering at home. However, for those with weak nervous systems, high energy levels and who are prone to see the world through eyes clouded by emotional negativity this position of Mercury can prove to be problematic.
It is important to breathe consciously, turn off the news, eat less sugar and take the right herbs and medicine for anxiety to protect the nervous system and keep negative thoughts at a minimum. We will probably see the “peak” of this virus in places like NY, WA, CA, LA while others states which have not tested or been in denial of the severity will see the numbers get higher and since these states tend to be the states which ignore science their reaction and local media will most likely be more hyperbole than fact. Just remind yourself that Mercury moves quickly and much of what is being said is more illusion than reality.

Moon in Cancer – April 2, 3, 2020

The Moon is considered the most important planet in Vedic Astrology. He is the primary indicator of the mind, the emotions, some of our karma, the ability to give/receive love and our innate emotional stability. Earth is 70% water and without the gravitational pull of the Moon the planet would be completely covered in water. In a natal chart the Moon can be equally important – I’ve seen charts with strong Moons assist people to succeed despite horrific challenges and charts with weak or malefic Moons render even the luckiest of people almost incapable of mental peace or balance.
Whenever planets cluster in a sign the Moon’s placement will be important because he will highlight the cluster. Currently we have Mars, Jupiter, Saturn as well as Pluto all conjunct in Capricorn. These are the slowest moving planets which tend to bring world-wide and long term events into our lives. Many of us are being positive about this self-quarantine and doing our best to move through each day without feeling sorry for ourselves or becoming inert.
Today the Moon is in the sign of Cancer. This is one of his best signs as he is the ruler of Cancer. The Moon in Cancer will generally turn one’s attention to matters of family, love, food and laughter. During this lunar cycle the Moon is activating the cluster in Capricorn. For some the calmness of being house-bound may disappear as the mind begins to focus on the many downsides of this crisis. Cancer is always concerned with security and without determination to be in charge of our own thoughts and emotions some can experience anxiety or anger or agitated restlessness.
It doesn’t have to be this way if we keep in mind that by Saturday the Moon will have moved onto to Leo and some of the disturbing thoughts will move to the background. However, if we choose to go negative in our words and actions the effects can last far longer. It is a good time to observe our own thoughts – what triggers the fear, what actions of our loved ones bring up anger, why are we so restless that we can not find any inner peace?
1-3 pm, eastern time on the 2nd and 3rd along with 2-4 am, eastern time will be the times when we can feel the energies the strongest. Remember to breathe consciously (alternative nostril breath is good), stay busy, enjoy healthy food and perhaps turn off the news and find a funny movie during this short time period. The strongest energy will be today – tomorrow should be lighter.

New Moon Update

Moon just entered Pisces and will be exactly conjunct the Sun at 3:45 a.m., e.d.t. – which is the moment when the New Moon will be exact.
The New Moon in the sign of hospitals (Pisces) and exactly opposite the sign of health (Virgo) indicates that for the next lunar month the focus will be squarely on Covid 19. The numbers will be higher because testing is “finally” available, though not easily available, to everyone.
The fact that this New Moon is taking place in the health signs can indicate that the people might begin the process of demanding more from the government and will understand that it is up to the people to not allow those like djt to be in charge in the future.
The New Moon is an energy of research and I think we will see the medical researchers focused on ways to handle this via medication. It is also possible that we can see the front lines of health care workers begin to push back against an incompetent government and a large, selfish portion of the population putting us at further risk.
Additionally, Mars just slipped into the sign of Capricorn and is conjunct Saturn. Jupiter will join this pairing on the 25th. I do not expect people to go silently into the night. Saturn the truth bringer has pulled back the curtain on the fools running our government but Mars will demand action be taken.
While we are all self-quarantined the New Moon energy does help us to rest and we should take advantage of this energy because it’s about to get interesting!

Covid19 and the Nodal Points

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written a blog. I had gotten ill and slowed down quite a bit as I recovered.  In the meantime, I started posting quick updates on Facebook on the Annai Center page in order to try and keep people informed during these crazy times. I had been planning another topic for my first blog of 2020 but, as COVID 19 took over our lives, I decided to change the topic and look into the virus via the planets.

Whenever I look at a current event via astrological influences, I first look back into time to find similarities to the current issue.  The most similar event is the influenza pandemic of 1918. As soon as I ran the chart, what jumped out were the nodal points of Rahu and Ketu. The nodal points are the location on the ecliptic path which indicate what constellation will host our bi-annual eclipses.

Eclipses indicate karma and deep emotions and are always filled with surprises.  The USA chart has a Sagittarius rising sign, and heightened activity in either Sagittarius or Gemini does indicate surprises and important challenges and changes for America.

Currently, Rahu is in Gemini, and Ketu is in SagittariusDuring the 1918 pandemic, Ketu (south node) was in the sign of Gemini while Rahu (north node) was in Sagittarius.   Astrology teaches us that the opposite constellations are always energetically connected much like a playground see-saw is connected.  The same plank of wood has seats on each end and, as some of us may have learned as children in the playground, it is impossible to play on a see-saw without someone occupying the opposite seat.

The sign of Gemini is one of the indicators of pneumonia or any type of respiratory illness.  Gemini is an air sign which indicates an airborne quality to the spreading of the virus, and it also influences the hands. Rahu is an influence of unknown illnesses as well as rapid surprise and is also an indicator of anxiety; additionally, it has a strong influence on media messaging.  Sagittarius is a sign of global influence,   government leadership, and international travel. Since Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion, when this sign is strong it can expand whatever events have transpired under its influence.  In my opinion, the fact that Ketu is in Sagittarius is helpful because it will lend energy to the self-quarantining being recommended by the health care experts.   Ketu is very much an influence of restraint and isolation.  This will help counter the influence of Rahu in Gemini which has added to the air-borne contamination as well as to the fake-news and panic.

What is different from 1918 is that, with Ketu being in Gemini, many more people died as a result of pneumonia since Ketu is a life-denier.  Rahu being in Sagittarius indicates that those in charge were clueless about prevention, so the disease spread out of control much more quickly.  Of course, with the advances of medical science we have no reason to expect 50 million people to die or that America’s life expectancy level will decrease by 12 years which is what happened in 1918.   Rahu can also cause sloppy actions and over-confidence which is the last thing we need from our political and medical leaders.  In 1918 (another time when the oligarchs ruled), those in charge had a belief that the lower classes brought about their own life circumstances, and they did not do much to alleviate the problem until the flu started affecting the upper class as well.

Jyotish generally recognizes only the planets that can be seen except for the upagrahas (shadowy) of the nodal points known as Rahu and Ketu.  However, even thousands of years ago, they did know about the outer planets; generally, they were considered important only if they were bolstered in one’s natal chart by the other planets as in a close conjunction.  The outer planets of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are considered in terms of affecting the whole in transits. I’ve noticed in particular that Pluto can mark entire generations because Pluto moves so slowly.  Pluto is known for having a deep, somewhat dark, and profound effect when he is in strength with other planets.

In 1918, Pluto was conjunct the nodal points when the influenza began.  At the end of 2019 when COVID 19 first appeared in China, Pluto was conjunct the nodal points and was involved in the eclipses of January, 2020 as well as being conjunct Saturn.  This time because Saturn is the planet of truth his involvement in the pattern showed the truth of the poor leadership in our country as well as the truths of where, we as a society, can do better.  As awful as this is, it does seem to fit a pattern of something we’ve been through before.  We survived then, and we’ll survive this.

I’m not going to spend too much time on Pluto because he is the topic of the article that I am working on right now.  However, he has left Sagittarius and is now again with the planet Saturn but in the much more stable sign of Capricorn.  This energy shows the rose-colored glasses that have had to be removed from the eyes of many people.  Pluto tends to change things in a radical manner, and perhaps we are going to see people no longer believing that if we just get rid of government life will be good. Perhaps people will think carefully before they elect a trust-fund guy who had a habit of declaring bankruptcy and spent most of his life as a con artist who learned how to turn his con into a reality television show.  Saturn will hold our feet to the fire until we accept truth and facts.  Progress can be made, but only if we are objective, truthful, and willing to do the work.

What we all want to know is:  when does life go back to normal?  There are three eclipses in June and July (6/5, 6/20, 7/5),  and I suspect that we might see a spike in cases or a situation in which people who had recovered getting  sick again.  I also think that since Ketu and Rahu are both involved in formulas,” we might see a rapid development of a vaccine.  On September 19th the nodal points move to Taurus and Scorpio.  The nodal points are better placed in Taurus and Scorpio which could indicate a lessening of the crisis.  Taurus and Scorpio rule the houses of health and research in the chart of the United States and indicate that the situation is not completely over, but we can turn a corner. These placements also indicate that there could be some rapid advance in medicine for COVID 19.

In addition to the development of formulas, the nodal points being in the sixth and twelfth house also indicates changes for health policies.  After the pandemic of 1918, centralized and socialized medicine became the goal for many countries.  While Europe moved in the direction of socialized medicine, the United States went in the direction of private health insurance.  However, even the United States realized that there needed to be some sort of public health system.  Prior to 1918, health professionals had little to no influence on the policies of any country. That changed after the influenza of 1918 took 50 million lives.  I suspect that we will see positive and concrete changes in our country’s health policies.

There are always silver linings to any situation.  Historians tell us that World War I ended because of the influenza.  There is so much chaos, disconnection, and selfishness in today’s modern world that it is not possible to think that we do not need to make social changes.  This crisis shows all of us how connected we really are, and it is my hope that we take this understanding and push toward more humane policies which include everyone, not just those at the top of the heap.  A while ago someone said to me that “the health and well-being industries are the next big thing.” Let’s hope that attitude filters down to others besides those who can afford to fly to Bali for a dose of health and well-being.

As always, I trust the wisdom and the energy of the planets, and the planets themselves are giving us a wake-up call here.  We need to be aware of how bad 1918 was and be grateful that we have better medicines and some responsible leaders who are taking the right actions to slow the curve. Some of us may actually discover that down time can be a good thing and that this crisis might actually cause changes for the better.   While we take care of our physical bodies, let us all pay attention to one another and project for wellness for each and every person.



Planetary Influences for September ’19

Congratulations to all of us who survived the spring and summer of what amounted to a massive traffic jam of planets. This planetary traffic jam can be likened to a one on a busy urban bridge in the middle of the summer surrounded by diesel –fueled tractor trailers.

As the planets begin to disperse, we still have the journey in front of us, and we might be feeling tired, discouraged, and looking for the energy to move forward. What is left is a big conjunction in fiery Leo and, as of this writing, we still have the Sun, Mercury, Mars and Venus hanging out together. Venus has passed the point of close conjunction, but the Sun, Mercury, Mars are still combust as if they are all fighting with one another to be first to hit the clearest lane on the highway. By the 8th of September Mercury, Venus and the Sun will have moved beyond Mars’ degree in Leo. By the 11th, Mercury and Venus will be in Virgo and by the 17th, the Sun will also be in Virgo. At that point Mars will be all by himself in Leo. These movements will bring lighter energy, and it will be nice to let Mars play alone for a while.

The energy of the fall will be lighter and, hopefully, we will be able to recognize and take advantage of a better personal flow in our lives. We can certainly look forward to Jupiter coming home to his own sign of Sagittarius on 11/4/19. Jupiter is not badly placed in Scorpio, and he has certainly brought positive things to those who have strong placements of planets in Scorpio. Scorpio (being an intense sign which has an association with the subconscious mind) has the ability to get very dark in perception and attitude, and I think that Jupiter being in this sign has served the planet by protecting it from going even darker in emotional actions. Going into Sagittarius will allow Jupiter to give the boons for which he is known. Most likely he will not be completely free until Saturn moves into Capricorn on 1/24/2020.

Saturn, as usual, is always the biggest player in the transit journey of the planets. (Transits are the current positions of the planets and interact with our birth chart planets.) It takes approximately three years for Saturn to move through a sign and, during that time period, he will often slow down the progress of the affairs of the house placements and frustrate those who try to push Saturn to give what he doesn’t want to give or to move him faster than he wants to move. Saturn will shed light on the darker side of one’s self and life because Saturn is the truth-bringer. Saturn is also one of the keepers of the karma we brought into our lives to work on this lifetime. Karma, despite what some of today’s teachers are proclaiming, does exist but not as a punishment (that’s a western world concept) for past transgressions. Karma indicates action/work – in other words it indicates that we can work through whatever it is that blinds us to our true identities as unlimited souls. It is karma which brings us back to a physical form, and no other planet shows us the way better than Saturn. Once we are focused on the truth of “being,” Saturn can become a big source of comforting strength.

Saturn does not do particularly well in Sagittarius because Sagittarius, among other things, is about expansion, freedom and prosperity. Additionally, this cycle of Saturn also includes a very close conjunction to Ketu, the South Node of the Moon, and Ketu is known for his own tendency to align with karma. Ketu is an energy that operates through negation and can be very challenging when it comes to ease of mundane life. These two in combination can feel like one is walking through a dark tunnel in which the light has to come from within. They’ve been closely conjunct for a few months and could play a role in why even with the messy planetary summer, we’ve had many do not feel the lightening of the energy around us. Saturn will move into direct motion on 9/17 whereby he will “once again” conjunct Ketu from 9/23-9/30; by 10/14 Saturn will be three degrees past Ketu and on his way to moving into his greatly improved position in Capricorn. Saturn and Ketu operating together will help facilitate neutrality and objective thinking. Try to rise above emotions and be an observer of the actions of others without taking everything so personally.

While it is reasonable for all of us to focus on what our individual planets and karmas indicate, we are always part of a greater whole and the greater whole also deals with karma. Saturn in Sagittarius is currently in the first house or ascendant of the chart of the United States. Saturn and Ketu being closely conjoined in the ascendant of the chart of the US brings about the issue of our country’s own karmic challenges. We are dealing with the racism upon which a great part of America’s prosperity was founded as well as the truth of the fact that, unlike the lore of America being founded for religious freedom, it was always about money and the expansion of empires. Every freedom achieved by the people has had to be fought for – from allowing the common man to vote, to women being able to vote, to removing the legal mandate that gave black people only 3/5 of a human being designation along with stealing this land from those who were here before the Europeans. This is a large number of “original sins” and, in many ways, these anti-human policies have only worsened over the years as we became a world-wide power via war and our corporate structure. Saturn and Ketu are presently showing us all that we’ve become so out of balance that the top-heavy energy is too much for us to function in a healthy manner anymore. Thus, it seems that we no longer even have a functional government.

However, we also had some enlightened people write our original goals and constitution, and the fight to live up to those ideals will continue. Saturn was in Sagittarius (Sagittarius is considered the sign of the oligarchy and the Republican party.) for the crash of the economy in 1929, and it was under a republican/corporate administration that the Great Depression occurred. The economy began to recover once Saturn moved into Capricorn (Capricorn is considered the party of the Democrats and the people.) and began to restore a balance which favored people. Today’s fighters for America are much more savvy and forthright than those in the early 20th century, and I expect that when we restore balance this time, it will be a stronger balance than what was restored for white male Americans the last time. No matter how dark it seems now, we should not underestimate the power of Saturn’s sojourn through his own sign of Capricorn.

On a personal level, once Saturn has moved beyond Ketu in October and Jupiter moves into Sagittarius, we should be better able to see a light at the end of the tunnel. In the meantime, with some focus and detachment, we can also see the light within us which will light up that tunnel.

***Due to the historical significance of this time period I am currently working on an article based on the historical and mundane results of prior placements of Saturn in Capricorn.  It will be published in the near future.

Hot Summer Times

Between now and August 9th, we are going to experience the Lunar and Solar Eclipse cycle, Mercury retrograde, and Mars being in debilitation.  It seems that much of the summer of 2019 will be hot, confusing, and fraught with both personal and worldly challenges.

MERCURY retrograde – 7/7 to 7/31 (Gemini/Cancer)

ECLIPSES – 7/3 and 7/16 (Gemini Sagittarius)

MARS goes into debilitation 6/23 to 8/9 (From Gemini to Cancer)

SATURN retrograde until 9/17 (Sagittarius) closely conjunct Ketu

During times of planetary challenges, there are always opportunities for both personal growth and inner peace if we are prepared and determined to be non-reactive to outer circumstances. The three signs that will see most of the action are Gemini, Cancer, and Sagittarius which are the signs containing the eclipses as well as Mars (until 6/23) and Mercury.  Those who have major placements in these three signs will be under the direct glare of our planetary friends. Major placements would be having the Ascendant, Moon, or Sun in the above-mentioned signs.  However, all of us have these signs somewhere in our charts through house rulership, and the activities indicated by the houses will be heightened this summer.

Mars is currently in the sign of Gemini along with Rahu, the north node of the Moon.  Mars is usually associated with accidents, and Rahu is known for chaos and surprises. Gemini is one of the signs of transportation, weather, and the media which has not been lacking stories of horrific accidents and destructive weather patterns.  I expect weather and accidents to continue be an issue during June and July.

Gemini also rules the nervous system, the intellectual mind, and communication.  Gemini is not known for being a physically strong sign, and having transit Rahu and Mars occupying Gemini can stress out the nervous system while bringing about a higher level of illness related to infections of the lungs and bronchial system.  We are currently experiencing an extra-long flu season along with higher rates of respiratory illnesses. Mars rules the blood as well as infections, which can account for the increase in these illnesses.

Mars can be very hard on the nervous system, which can be our first line of defense in handling the stress in our lives. Far too often, people can’t control their impulses or reactions if the nervous system is challenged. The basic nature of Mars is aggression, anger, and impulsive actions.  Those who have a weakened nervous system are especially vulnerable to the more destructive impulses of Mars.

There will be both a lunar and solar eclipse happening during this time period. Eclipses are known for causing emotions and imagination to become stronger than logic or rational thinking. Mercury is going to be retrograde and involved with the eclipses and the Mars placement.  It can be a challenge to stay detached and emotionally balanced throughout this time period. These configurations are temporary, and losing one’s temper or making foolishly spontaneous decisions can often have a long term negative effect on one’s life and relationships. Allowing our emotions to cause us to curse someone out or impulsively quit a job or end a good relationship (because of the Mars energy) may feel good in the short term, but the long term result can be painful.

Mars will enter Cancer, its sign of debilitation, on June 23 and stay in Cancer until August 9th.  Fortunately, Jupiter will be aspecting the sign of Cancer, offering some level of protection to an unhappy Mars.  Cancer is the sign of home and family which can often be a place of comfort and security.  For those who give in to the lower side of the Mars energy, beware!  Once Mars enters Cancer, there is a possibility that he will bring the results of negative actions taken during the transit of Mars through Gemini right into the home and family.

Travel delays and mistakes are common throughout Mercury retrograde, as well.  This time period is during the eclipses, so it might be hard to distinguish eclipse confusion from Mercury confusion.  As much as is possible, one should avoid new undertakings and complex contracts during this time period.  If traveling, it is important to leave extra time and be prepared for delays.  During most of the retrograde period, Mercury will be placed in Cancer and, while there, he will be with debilitated Mars.  These placements can indicate surprises and poor communication within the home. It is not a time to get unnecessary work done on our homes or to have expectations that teenage children will all of a sudden sprout angel’s wings. It is a time to make sure cars are in good working order, and curfews are enforced.  It is advised to keep meals simple and to choose relaxation over cleaning one’s carpet.  During these weeks, let people be and do not make a big deal over every detail or action that may be annoying to us.

Because the eclipses are taking place in the signs of Gemini and Sagittarius, we can expect that the drama and lies pervading our media will continue, as will the chaos and incompetence of the current administration. I expect during June and July to see more shocking revelations.  Since all of this will be taking place during eclipses and Mercury retrograde, more than a grain of salt should be taken with our information meals.

Given that we can’t control the world around us nor can we escape the influences of the planets on our chakras, energetic bodies, or the mindset of our loved ones, family and community, we are left with finding our own inner balance and harmony as we travel through the temporary influence of June and July.

The basic elements of fire, air, water, and earth permeate our bodies even though these elements are unseen to the naked eye.  Gemini is an air sign, and Sagittarius is a fire sign. Sagittarius, as the opposite sign of Gemini, is influenced by both Mars and Mercury retrograde while the eclipses always affect two signs – in this case Gemini and Sagittarius.  Mars is all fire (pitta) and, when connected to another fire sign and an air sign, the fire can easily become too hot.  Sometimes the simplest and most effective way to handle the energy is through taking care of the physical body.  This time period will respond very well to keeping down our levels of inflammation.  During the summer months, watching inflammation levels is important, and this summer it is really important to be watchful of the foods we eat.  One of the easiest ways to do this is to eat “pitta pacifying” foods:

Apples, Berries, Bananas, Grapes, Papaya, Peaches, Plums, Strawberries

Artichoke, Asparagus, Broccoli, Corn, Cucumber, Celery, Green Beans, Jicama,            Leafy Greens, Mushrooms, Okra, Olives, Peas, Sweet Potatoes

 Apple Juice, Berry Juice, Coconut Milk, Coconut Smoothies, Fig Shake, Goat

 Milk, Mango Juice, Peach Nectar, Pear Juice

 Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Sesame Oil, Walnut Oil.

The air element (Vata) is important to the nervous system, so it is a good idea to work with meditation and the breath in order to keep the air element in balance:

All breathing should be done through the nose only.

Alternative Nostril breathing will quickly bring the mind and thoughts back into balance. Sitting up straight either on a chair with the feet flat on the floor or in meditative posture place the thumb of the right hand on the right nostril and the pinky finger on the left nostril. Close off the right nostril and inhale for four seconds through the left nostril. Hold the breath for two seconds. Release the thumb from the right nostril and exhale for four seconds. Keeping the thumb off of the right nostril immediately inhale for four seconds. Hold for two seconds. Release the pinky from the left nostril and exhale for four seconds. This is one round.  Immediately begin the cycle again by inhaling through the left nostril to continue the breath cycle. Twenty-six repetitions is ideal, but even eleven repetitions will be positive.

Complete breath will calm down frayed nerves and is a good practice before meditation.  Sit as above with the palms facing upwards, touch the thumbs to the index fingers on both hands, close your eyes, and begin long slow breathing through the nose.  If you are not used to doing this breath, inhale for four seconds, hold the breath for four seconds* and exhale for four seconds. *If you have high blood pressure, heart problems, or find that your body is uncomfortable during the hold only hold the breath for a moment.  If you have other concerns, you should speak with your health care provider.


Mudra is the Sanskrit word for seal and most often involves the placement of the fingertips.  These positions work on a subtle level to enhance energetics.  The pinky is assigned to Mercury and holding the tip of the thumb to the tip of the pinky while breathing or even sitting in a traffic jam or business meeting this simple action will signal a calming influence throughout the nervous system.

2019 seems to be flying by and, given the amount of planetary action taking place, I believe the months of June and July will go by quickly.  All of the days throughout this time period will not be challenging which means there is no reason to cower and hide.  There will be good days, as well, and it is important to participate in activities which bring simple fun into our lives, so…. swim, hike, watch funny movies, and take breaks from the daily grind whenever possible.  Just remember to take good care of yourself and those around you during this summer.