The Ride Continues

We are less than two days from the Lunar Eclipse of 10/18/2013 which starts at 5:53 p.m. and ends at 9:48 p.m., eastern time.  Tomorrow morning (10/17) at 2:53 a.m., the Sun moves into Libra, his sign of debilitation, as a prelude to the eclipse itself. Additionally, the Moon will be aspecting Mars in the sign of Leo until 10/18/13. 

This planetary pattern indicates that the energy levels will be high and many will be feeling stressed out and nervous. There appears to be no rest for the weary and even when there is a bit of down-time restfulness may not be an easy state of body and mind to achieve.   Mercury will join in the madcap party by going retrograde on the 22nd and the normal confusion brought about by eclipses will, believe it or not, go up a notch or two. 

Much of the action is taking place in the sign of Libra – which is the sign of politics and law.  Washington D.C. will continue to be a place of contention and confusion.  Saturn is still strong in the sign of Libra and will hopefully; like the old wise man manage to bring us to some level of common sense.  Interestingly, the elections of 2010 took place during an eclipse and brought to D.C. the very people causing such an uproar today.  It could be that this eclipse may help to break the spell they brought with them.

This is, of course, a time to take extra steps towards stress reduction by working on the balance of body, mind and spirit.  Perhaps the most helpful attitude one can have is to not pay close attention to thoughts of fear especially with regard towards thoughts of mundane insecurity.  Eclipses ALWAYS operate through exaggeration and even illusion – much of what is feared will not come to pass in quite the way our emotions tell us during eclipse energy thoughts.

In some ways I think of the past five years or so as a comparison to an amusement park ride that I wish I was not on but know that I have no choice but to stay put until the ride is over.  It is best to just be a passenger at this moment in time. 




6 thoughts on “The Ride Continues

  1. Atma says:

    Well, this passenger is going to buckle her seat belt and keep breathing. Thanks for the great heads-up!

  2. Whiteguru says:

    Thanks for reminding us that the last election took place during an eclipse. I had forgotten that important mundane event. I had been taught that the effect of eclipses only lasted six months. Do you think that particular eclipse in 2010 caused an affliction to the elected houses?

  3. annaicenter says:

    Hi Whiteguru: The eclipse of 2010 was heavily influenced by Mars and the sign of Scorpio. I think that eclipse caused a great amount of affliction to the country. I think that this eclipse is an opportunity via the exalted Saturn involvement to correct the course of action. I see it as a universal synchronization. Interestingly, Ted Cruz and both of the Koch Brothers have planets which are taking a direct hit.

  4. Regina says:

    batten down the hatches and buckle up….amusement park is a great analogy…Self-care so important at this time to remain in spiritual alignment….grateful for your insights….be well…

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