A look at the current telephone scandals.

For thousands of years humans have observed the movements of the planets along the constellation belt known as the zodiac.  Astrologers, through observation and study, know that planets and signs tend to affect certain aspects of life.

Currently, the focus is in Gemini as it contains Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and for another day or so the Moon.  Gemini is the sign that rules newspapers, media, technology, telephones, computers and even gossip.  The opposite sign to Gemini is Sagittarius.  Whenever one sign is highlighted the opposite sign gets highlighted as well.  Jupiter is the planet ruling the sign of Sagittarius.  Jupiter is also “one” of the planets which has an influence over the king, leader or government of a country. The current scandal over phone records and internet tracking by the government fits in with the planetary weather report.

The other big planet for government or government ruler is the Sun.  At the moment the Sun is still in Taurus which is the 12th sign to Gemini.  What that indicates is that there are definitely “behind the scenes” actions at play with the June scandal in this year of scandals.  The Sun moves into Gemini on the 15th of June – we can expect more revelations and actions on this very Gemini type of situation.


One thought on “A look at the current telephone scandals.

  1. vosss2013 says:

    Just re-read this post and wonder what June 15-16 (this weekend) will bode for Brian and Anna. She still has not replied to any of my e-mails which is understandable of course.


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