The Bewitching Hours

When I was a kid I would hear my parents refer to the “Bewitching Hours.”  There were five kids in our family and those hours generally referred to a time period during which the arguments, whining and general lack of cooperative were higher than usual.  As a child I generally blamed those time periods on one or more of my siblings – of course, I never thought I was anything but an innocent bystander in the craziness of those time periods.

Once I became an adult I realized that my siblings were not the only ones who participated in the bewitching hours as it seemed to me that not only myself but fellow travelers, bosses, co-workers, shop clerks and my family of creation also had their own bewitching time periods – time periods which seemed to exist simply to try and drive us to the edge of our own peace and endurance.

Of course, as an adult, I began to realize that something was driving these seemingly random time periods in which all hell would seem to break loose for no apparent reason. Always curious about the cycles and rhythms it was natural for me to eventually stumble upon the subject of astrology. 

The opportunity to study Vedic Astrology has been one of the biggest blessings of my life. It’s approach is different in many ways from the more well-known western astrology and one of the differences is the way aspects between planets and signs are calculated for relationship to one another.  Mars is calculated as aspecting the fourth, seventh and eighth sign from itself which brings us to the bewitching hours.  As an energetic influence Mars can be aggressive, argumentative, irrational, funny, athletic and immature.  Mars is often the energy behind battles, accidents, temper tantrums and momentary loss of rational thinking.  Mars would much rather be right than peaceful. 

As we move through this eclipse week because so many planets are in the sign of Aries Mars will have a more of an influence than usual. Not every cycle gives Mars such an influence which is why the “bewitching hours” can seem to be non-existent for long periods of time. The “bewitching hours” will be determined by when the ascendant of the daily chart moves into the sign of Libra and then Scorpio.  These signs will hold influence until May 23rd and the approximate time will be from 6 pm, eastern time, until 10:50 pm, eastern time.  The most stressful will be between 6 pm and 8:25 pm, eastern time (please adjust the time according to your own time zone).

It is not as if we can stop our lives or even avoid people or situations because certain times might be more stressful than others.  But, we can take note of the planetary weather and be prepared for those fussy people in our lives to be even more fussy or we can plan our travel accordingly and most importantly we can choose to not add fuel to any fires we may encounter.  I have found that it is the seventh sign, in this case Libra, which presents the most challenge and if we can avoid adding to the stress the eight sign aspect will not be a big problem.  If we choose to wak straight into the fires of Mars, in most situations, no one will be calm until after 11 pm.  Since Mars rules action as well as laughter those hours are a good time to take a walk, exercise or in a family situation watch a sports event or a funny movie.  Like everything on this planet – it’s all temporary. 




Venus energy as a remedial to this week’s energy!

This week has the potential to be very challenging as it starts with the exact conjunction of Ketu to the Sun followed by Ketu conjuncting Mars and Mercury leading up the the eclipse of May 9th and 10th.  Saturn is also deep in the mix.  Saturn and Ketu having such an influence can cause feelings of negativity and hopelessness for many of us and for those who tend to favor negative mind this week can feel thoroughly without light.

The fact that Venus is in his own sign does give us something to hang onto during this week.  No, this planet will not overcome the heavy nature of this week nor will he be able to gift many of us with whatever we believe will make the bad feelings go away. 

But, as with all planets, Venus is connected energetically to each of us and by using some of the measures known to work with the Venus energy we can lighten or neutralize the negative energy.

Venus is the natural ruler of the Anahatta or Fourth Chakra.  This fourth chakra, also known as the heart center,  is located right in the center of our chest area and is considered the balancing chakra.  Consciously breathing with a focus on the the heart center will help balance and harmonize the emotions.  Some people like to imagine a flower or an emerald green light located in the fourth chakra which is also another way to strenghten the balancing nature of Venus and the fourth chakra.

For those not inclined to meditation or breath work there are other approaches to Venus.  The diamond is considered the primary gem for Venus but white sapphire, clear zircon, clear quartz and white coral are also good stones for Venus energy.  If you have any of those stones this is a good time to clean them and wear or carry them with a conscious intention to bring in the positive energies of Venus.

Venus also responds to fragrance, fine soaps and body creams as well as to music and flowers.  This is a good week to simply find the time for a bit of time for resting or bathing to nice music in a room with fragrance and uplifting music.  Finally, as the keeper of the Shastras,  reading something that is meaningful in truth and uplifting to the mind is another simple activity – just because the times feel bad doesn’t take away the love or the truth. 

May 3, 2013

Tomorrow at 2:00 pm,  eastern time,  Venus leaves Aries and moves into his home sign of Taurus.  This is a bit of an improvement as Venus is happy in Taurus and is away from the malefic influence of Ketu, Mars and the Sun.  However, because we are so close to an eclipse the positive effects of this Venus placement may not be felt as strongly as we would wish.

Venus, in Vedic Astrology, is a more than just a planet of love, beauty and creativity.  Venus is known as the “keeper of the shastras” in the Vedic planetary family. “Shastras” are the sacred texts which contain the spiritual knowledge of the ancient seers and teachers.  These shastras hold the teachings which help us live in harmony and health while walking our journey on earth.  These same teachings also hold knowledge which helps human beings come to the truth of our soul’s self-awareness and consciousness. 

Additionally, Venus is known as the “teacher of the asuras.”  In Vedic lore “asuras” is the word used to describe demons.  That Venus is considered the teacher of these “asuras” gives us a powerful hint that most of these so-called “demons” are actually within ourselves and that we are not victims of these inner demons.  Instead of being victims of outer forces which causes us pain, grief and darkness the ancient Vedic teachers knew thousands of years ago that true peace and happiness can only come by unveiling the ignorance and fear which come from not understanding that in reality we are simply spiritual beings taking a journey in a body.  It is when we come to believe that we are only the body and the only peace we can experience comes through our mundane circumstances that our inner demons cause us suffering.  By knowing the truth we can put many of the demons to rest. 

It is noteworthy that Venus in the western systems of Astrology has been given rulership over love and creative expression because certainly love is the truest expression of our soul while creative expression often indicates a connection with universal energies.  Love and creativity can also be accompanied by great pain through expectations, attachments and egoic desires.  Self or the soul does not experience those types of pain and by taking Venus to a level of understanding the truth of the soul through knowledge it is possible to live a life filled with love but also filled with the peace of truth. 

Venus is now moving away from this particular eclipse and will give us all an opportunity to use higher knowledge to move through the current illusionary state of the eclipse energy into a place of neutrality by knowing our souls are actually beyond the illusions of the pain of the world. 

Welcome to the Annai Center Blog!

It can be difficult to cover the fast movement of the planets in a periodic newsletter so I’ve decided to publish a blog which will give a greater opportunity to write more frequently.

We are currently 8 days away from the Solar Eclipse of May 10th. At the moment Ketu, the south node of the Moon, is obscuring the personalities of the Sun, Mars, Venus and Mercury all in the sign of Aries. It can seems as if the only energy available is impatient and sulky. At the other end of the eclipse pattern lies Libra with the outrageous and impulsive Rahu in battle with the constant and slow-moving Saturn. If it seems as if peace, neutrality and optimism has left the planet try to remember it is a momentary planetary dance and that eclipses are known for magnifying the illusion.