Third and Final Eclipse for Spring of 2013

Saturday morning around 12:15 am, eastern daylight time, will be the last of the three eclipses for the spring of this year.

The first one took place on April 25th and as promised the world has appeared crazier than the usual normal crazy of these historical times. 

This eclipse is the “lunar” eclipse which means that it is happening at the time of the full Moon.  Emotions may be higher than usual and since the Moon is in its sign of debilitation, Scorpio, there could be anger, frustration and emotional miscalculations. Given the tragedy in OK, the on-going scandals and just the every day pressure we have all experienced it is not surprising that emotions will be running high during this eclipse.  Fortunately, the eclipse itself is happening during late evening into early morning depending on the time-zone of your location.

Scorpio can be a deeply intense energy as well as a creative and healing.  It is best to not act on the emotions but to try and use the energy for healing from some of the shocks and disappointments of the past four weeks. 

The opposite sign of Scorpio is Taurus which has an influence on banking, taxes and finances in general – there could be some news in the next few months regarding Taurus matters.  However, neither Scorpio or Taurus are nervous signs, and this eclipse can help us all to push past our fears if we use the energy in a healing manner.  For those into the energetics of the chakras this eclipse will affect both the 2nd and 5th chakras – desires, sexuality and communication are highlighted.  The use of sound, breath and color can be helpful in making the best use of this eclipse. 

Best of all is the fact that June looks more positive and we can all exhale as we move beyond the “Spring of Eclipses.


2 thoughts on “Third and Final Eclipse for Spring of 2013

  1. Laura Cerenzio says:

    “Crazier than the usual normal crazy”….. I think I’ll always remember this wonderful line. I wish I could wear this post as a sort of sandwich sign so I could share the information and help prevent people going any more crazy than they already have. May I post this on Facebook??

  2. annaicenter says:

    Sometimes I wonder what “normal crazy” will even look like a few years down the road….after all, what is today “normal crazy” would have been inconceivable a few decades back. I am always so grateful for the knowledge of the planets – at least we are able to know when the crazy will go up a notch or two – at the end of 2014 America will be done with its Mars dasa and perhaps the “normal crazy” will, at least, be less harmful to others.

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