Welcome to the Annai Center Blog!

It can be difficult to cover the fast movement of the planets in a periodic newsletter so I’ve decided to publish a blog which will give a greater opportunity to write more frequently.

We are currently 8 days away from the Solar Eclipse of May 10th. At the moment Ketu, the south node of the Moon, is obscuring the personalities of the Sun, Mars, Venus and Mercury all in the sign of Aries. It can seems as if the only energy available is impatient and sulky. At the other end of the eclipse pattern lies Libra with the outrageous and impulsive Rahu in battle with the constant and slow-moving Saturn. If it seems as if peace, neutrality and optimism has left the planet try to remember it is a momentary planetary dance and that eclipses are known for magnifying the illusion.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Annai Center Blog!

  1. Laura Cerenzio says:

    Great information!

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